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Defamation Gallery

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The owner, Mid 1920s
Down with the damned parasites! Cover of the Lapot Satirical Journal, 1924
You are not yet a member of the cooperative - sign up immediately!, 1927-1928
A Martyr of Fanaticism
Valenza Gradenigo before the Inquisition
Milton visiting Galileo when a prisoner of the Inquisition, 1847. Artist: Hart, Solomon Alexander (1806-1881)
Procession of the Holy Office. Artist: Goya, Francisco, de (1746-1828)
Ivan the Terrible. Artist: Lebedev, Klavdi Vasilyevich (1852-1916)
The Inquisition Tribunal. Artist: Goya, Francisco, de (1746-1828)
Saint Dominic Presides over an Auto da Fe, c. 1495. Artist: Berruguete, Pedro (1450-1503)
Convicted by the inquisition, Second Half of the 19th cen.. Artist: Lucas Velazquez, Eugenio (1817-1870)
Convicted by the inquisition, ca 1860. Artist: Lucas Velazquez, Eugenio (1817-1870)
Buy the State Winning Loan for the Strengthening of Peasant Economy, 1928
The Kolkhoz Meeting, Early 1930s
Fools coat. Boyar Druzhina Andreyevich Morozov before Ivan the Terrible, 1885
Poster for the theatre play Flax, 1931. Artist: Kondratov, Fyodor Filippovich (1896-1944)
The Family of the Serednyaks, 1929. Artist: Palmov, Viktor Nikandrovich (1888-1929)
Bernard Delicieux before the Inquisition Tribunal, ca 1881. Artist: Laurens, Jean-Paul (1838-1921)
Galileo Galilei before the Holy Office. Artist: Chereau, Albert (19th century)

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Canvas, Puzzles, Fine Art, Housewares, Mounted, Metal...

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