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Dedication Gallery

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cylinder seal depicting the naked hero, Gilgamesh wrestling with a lion
Student reading bronze plaque in library of Howard University, Washington, D.C. 1942. Creator: Gordon Parks
Dedication (for Lamia), 1885. Creator: Will H. Low
My Life I Dedicate to Thee (Valentine), c. 1840. Creator: George Meek
Dedication (Odes and Sonnets), 1887. Creator: Will H. Low
Valentine, c. 1937. Creator: Ernest A Towers Jr
Amir Khusrau Dedicates His Poem to Sultan Ala al-Din Khalji, page from
Firemans Trumpet, 1936. Creator: Howard H. Sherman
Valentine, c. 1938. Creator: Vincent P. Rosel
Entree Dish with Cover from the Hood Service, London, 1806 / 07. Creator: Paul Storr
Soup Tureen with Cover from the Hood Service, England, 1806 / 07. Creator: Paul Storr
Title page of the 'French Set', 1858. Creator: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Dedication to Don Lorenzo de Medici, c. 1622. Creator: Jacques Callot
Dedication to Don Lorenzo de Medici, c. 1617. Creator: Jacques Callot
St. Gregory;Sts. Romanus & Barulla;Dedication of the Basilicas of SS
The Title Page for 'Douze Eaux Fortes d après Nature', 1858
Engraved Lamp Stand with Cartouches and Medallions, Iran, 16th century. Creator: Unknown
Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto offering their crowns to the arms of Cardinal Borghese
Title plate of Vedute altre prese da i luoghi altre ideate, with title and publicatio
Francesco I d Este Remains Dedicated to the Cause of the War
Frontispiece with Vegetal Medallion and Latin Dedication surrounding a Coat of
Manuscript Leaf with Dedication of a Book to the Virgin, ca. 1400. Creator: Unknown
Algeria, Tiddis, Q. Memmius Rogatus Arch
Algeria, Lambaesis, Inscriptions
A Salvation Army dedication, London, c1903 (1903)
From the Days of Great Dedications - John Foxs Book of Martyrs, 1563, (1946)
Dedicatory page from Shakespeares Sonnets, 1899
Dedication written by William Hogarth, 1745 (1865).Artist: Frederick George Netherclift
Dedication to the English Nation, 1772.Artist: Junius
Draft of Albrecht Durers dedication to Bilibald Pirckheimer, c1523. Artist: Albrecht Durer
Original manuscript of Adam Bede, 23rd March 1859.Artist: George Eliot
The Masque of Queens... 2 February 1609.Artist: Ben Johnson
A Village Bullfight, c1812-1814. Artist: Francisco Goya
Medallion of Alfonso V Aragon, King of Naples and Sicily, 15th century. Artist: Pisanello
Hercules and Cerberus, c1634. Artist: Francisco de Zurbaran
Roman bronze votive Leg, 1st-2nd century
Phoenician inscription, fragment of a marble pedestal, 4th century BC
Second century Roman bronze plaque with a dedication to Feronia
Copper foundation figurine ending in cone and plaque, Telloh, South Iraq, 2494BC-2465BC
Bronze model of a cult place for ceremony of the rising of the sun, c1150 BC
Wallpainting from the tomb of a prince, Valley of the Queens, Luxor, Egypt, c12th century BC
Relief of Rameses III receiving blessing of Amon-Ra, Mortuary Temple, Medinet Habu, 12th centuryBC
Relief of Rameses III and sacred baboons, Mortuary Temple, Medinat Habu, Egypt, c12th century BC
View through the Pylons, Mortuary Temple of Rameses III, Medinat Habu, Luxor, c12th century BC
Mortuary Temple of Rameses III at Medinat Habu, Luxor, Egypt, 20th Dynasty, c12 century BC
Close-up of Hathor headed capitals, Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt, c15th centuryBC
Hathor headed capitals in the Chapel of Hathor, Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt, c15th centuryBC
Painted relief of Tuthmosis III before Horus, Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt, c15th century BC

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