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Imprimerie en Taille Douce, Devéloppement de la Presse: pl. II, 1771 / 1779
Imprimerie en Taille Douce: pl. I, 1771 / 1779. Creator: Unknown
Gravure àl Eau Forte, Machine àBalotter: pl. VI, 1771 / 1779. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of Portrait of Jean le Rond D Alembert (1717-1783)
Portrait of Jean le Rond D Alembert (1717-1783), 1753
The Meeting of Encyclopedistes at Diderots Home, 1859
Souper des philosophes (La sainte cene du patriarche)
D Alembert, 1753. Artist: Maurice-Quentin de La Tour
Paper making, 1751-1777
Racking paper, 1751-1777
Sea fishing, 1751-1777
Sea fishing, herring and sardines, 1751-1777
Salmon fishing, 1751-1777
Salting, washing, packing sardines, 1751-1777
Smelting iron furnace, 1751-1777
Smelting iron furnace, pig iron mould, 1751-1777
Forging mill, furnace, ground moulding, 1751-1777
Fishing hook manufacturing, 1751-1777
Fishing, 1751-1777
Making a fishing net, 1751-1777
Fishing, gillnetting, 1751-1777
Plumbing, 1751-1777
Leather gilders, 1751-1777
Wood gilders, 1751-1777
Confectioners, moulds, 1751-1777
Metal gilders, 1751-1777
Confectioners, oven, 1751-1777
Confectioners, 1751-1777
Iron bell casting, 1751-1777
Artificial florist, 1751-1777
Book binding, 1751-1777
Jean le Rond d Alembert, 18th century French philosopher and mathematician, 1834
Jean le Rond d Alembert, French philosopher and mathematician, late 18th century. Artist: Louis Jacques Cathelin
Needle making workshop, 1751-1780
Pewter-making, c1750s
Cutlery-making, c1750s

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