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Cyclist Gallery

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Pieper Cycles, 1900. Artist: Berchmans, Emile (1867-1947)
Cycles Phebus, ca 1896. Artist: Gray (Boulanger), Henri (1858-1924)
Blind Cyclists on their way from London to Derby; (the steerer of each machine could see), 1888. Creator: Unknown
A Tour of the Pickwick Cycling Club in France, 1888. Creator: C Angerer & Goschl
Cyclists - Lancashire Fusiliers, 1900. Creator: Gregory & Co
Christmas Delivery. Artist: Frappa, Jose (Joseph) (1854-1904)
Vehicles on the Streets of Tokyo (Tokyo orai kuruma zukushi), 1870
Man Bicycling, 1890s. Creator: Etienne Jules Marey
Don t get the clothes too blue!, 1897. Creator: BW Kilburn
Cycle Race, 1926. Creator: Ernst Kirchner
Falcon, 1896. Creator: Pal (Jean de Paléologue) (1855-1942)
Déesse, 1898. Creator: Pal (Jean de Paléologue) (1855-1942)
Barmouth. Marine Terrace and Esplanade, 1870s. Creator: Francis Bedford
Lady Edwardian Cyclist. Creator: Unknown
Lady Cyclists is Maderia 1898. Creator: Unknown
Group of Edwardian cyclists at Exbury in Hampshire. Creator: Unknown
Coupe de l auto 1909, Guippone in Peugeot. Creator: Unknown
Belgian military cyclists shooting at a German plane, First World War, 1914-1918, (c1920)
Gladiator Cycle Company, 1905. Artist: Massias, Georges (active ca 1900)
Pourvu que j aie un pneu-velo Continental, c
Ancient and Modern, 1908. Artist: Lance Thackeray
Phebus, 1898
Phebus, 1898
Liberator Cycles, ca 1899
Cycles and cars Georges Richard, 1896. Artist: Fernel, Fernand (1872-1934)
Cycles Terrot & Cie, 1905. Artist: Tamagno, Francisco (1851-1923)
Fongers Cycles, 1915. Artist: Schlette, F. G. (active 1900s-1910s)
Crescent Cycles, 1899. Artist: Ramsdell, Frederick Winthrop (1865-1915)
Cycles and cars Georges Richard, 1899. Artist: Grasset, Eugene (1841-1917)
L Etendard Francais Bicycles (Poster). Artist: Cheret, Jules (1836-1932)
Hinde Rijwielen Fabriek Amsterdam, 1896. Artist: Caspel, Johann Georg van (1870-1928)
Cycles Clement, 1898. Artist: Paleologue (Paleologu), Jean de (1855-1942)
Cycles Sirius, 1899. Artist: Gray (Boulanger), Henri (1858-1924)
Ride a Stearns, 1896. Artist: Penfield, Edward (1866-1925)
Manege Petit, 1899. Artist: Barrere, Adrien (1877-1931)
Salon Pedal (Advertising Poster), 1897. Artist: Riquer Inglada, Alejandro de (1856-1920)
Cycles Automobiles Legia, 1898. Artist: Gaudy, Georges (1872-1940)
Delin Cycles Automobiles Moteurs, 1898. Artist: Gaudy, Georges (1872-1940)
Pierre and Marie Curie, French physicists, preparing to go cycling
Cyclist in busy London traffic riding a machine of the Rover safety type, 1895. Artist: Stephen T Dadd
Road Records: S.H. Ferris, 1939
Track Racing Position, 1939
Touring Position, 1939
Road Time Trial Position, 1939
Massed-Start Racing Position, 1939
Cyclists & The Y.H.A. 1939
Horizontal Bicycle, 1939
Italian Velocino Bicycle, 1939
Lady Cyclist Wearing Divided Skirt, 1939

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