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Cut Flower Gallery

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Young Woman Sewing, 1879. Creator: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Bouquet of Roses, Larkspur and Convolvulus, mid to late 18th century. Creator: Louis Marin Bonnet
Peonies. Creator: Tom Artin
Mrs. Ralph Izard (Alice De Lancey, 1746 / 47-1832). Creator: Thomas Gainsborough
Ball Dress & Evening Dress, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Monna Pomona, 1864. Artist: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Portrait of Mrs. Charles L. Hutchinson, 1890. Creator: Jules Elie Delaunay
Lady at Her Toilette, late 1740s. Creator: Pietro Longhi
The Vase of Tulips, c. 1890. Creator: Paul Cezanne
Crewel Wall Hanging, c. 1937. Creator: Isabelle De Strange
Flowers, 1843. Creator: Eugene Delacroix
Flowers in a Delft Jar, 1663. Creator: Alexander Marshal
Mary Little, later Lady Carr, ca. 1765. Creator: Thomas Gainsborough
Caroline Rémy ('Séverine'), c. 1885. Creator: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Peonies, c. 1869. Creator: Berthe Morisot
Portrait of a Dutch lady of the New York Colony, c1765, (1937). Creator: Unknown
Ball Dresses, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Miss Lily Elsie, (1886-1962), c1930. Creator: Unknown
Miss Julia James, (1890-1964, c1930. Creator: Unknown
Miss Lily Hanbury, (1873-1908), c1930. Creator: Unknown
Miss Hilda Trevelyan, (1880-1959), c1930. Creator: Unknown
Miss Carmen Hill, (1883-1952), c1930. Creator: Unknown
Flowers in a Brass Vase, 1887, (1923). Artist: Vincent van Gogh
Bouquet of Pansies, Forget-me-nots, and Daisies (About 1900), c1900, (1946). Artist: Edouard Vuillard
Anne Carre, Countess of Bedford, 1834. Artist: John Cochran
Blouzelind, 18th century, (1912)
William Shakespeare - A Dainty Bloom for the King of Poets, c1925. Artist: Charles Dudley Tennant
Coutances, 1896, (1897). Artist: Charles John Watson
Marguerites, c1900, (1918). Artist: Conrad Kiesel
Malee (Gardener), c1900
Peg Woffington, c1745, (1911). Artist: William Hogarth
A Vase of Flowers, 1896, (1932). Artist: Paul Gauguin
Glass With Cress, c1915. Artist: Heinrich Nauen
Anemones and Wallflowers, c1909. Artist: Gerard Chowne
The Flower Girl, c1903. Artist: Karl Anton
Idealized Portrait of a Courtesan as Flora, c1520. Artist: Bartolommeo Veneto
The Painters Wife, 1760. Artist: Allan Ramsay
Tobacco, c19th century
The Lady Melchett, 1935. Artist: Glyn Warren Philpot
Bowl of Flowers, 1935. Artist: Henri Fantin-Latour
Tobys Pride, c1930. Artist: Edmund Joseph Sullivan
Nature Morte, 19th century. Artist: Edouard Manet
Amber Flowers, c20th century. Artist: George Sheringham
Vase de Fleurs et Pommes, c19th century. Artist: Paul Cezanne
Bar corner of a dining room designed by Jacques Adnet, c1940
The Flower Girl, 1665-70. Artist: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Costume Designs for the Russian Ballet Le Dieu Bleu, c1912. Artist: Leon Bakst
A Space-Saving Flat, 1935

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