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Cremation Gallery

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Pottery cremation urn, from a grave at Loveden Hill, Lincolnshire, Anglo-Saxon, 6th-7th century
The Roman Colchester Vase
The Assassination and Funeral of Julius Caesar, 1455 / 60
Magician pointing out a burning head to two youths, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
The Goddess Bhairavi Devi with Shiva, ca. 1630-35. Creator: Attributed to Payag
Cremation Ground at Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi, India, 1860s-70s
Sacrifice of Scaevola, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Burning the dead body of a Lama, c1802. Creator: Unknown
Buddhist Cremation Scene. - A Phoongyi-byan, 1900. Creator: Unknown
Tombs in the Isola Sacra cemetery near Ostia
Tomb in the Isola Sacra cemetery near Ostia
Celtic ceramic cremation urn. Artist: Werner Forman
Funeral of a Roman emperor (Cremation ceremony). Artist: Lanfranco, Giovanni (1582-1647)
The favourite wife of Afzul Khan preparing for the suttee, 1847. Artist: Giles
Ceremony of burning a Hindu widow with the body of her late husband, 1847
Cremation in India, c1890. Artist: Gillot
Burning Ghat, Benares, India, c1925
Crematorium, Pere la Chaise cemetery, Paris, 1888
Celtic Bronze Bowl with Cow and Calf from Halstatt, Austria. Celtic Iron Age. c.6th-8th century BC
Roman Burial (Cremation) in a face urn, Colchester, Essex c125-200
Hut Urn from the Villanova culture
Celtic bronze vessel, 6th century BC
Celtic Axehead, 6th century
Bucket handle from a Late Iron Age cremation burial, Iron Age, c75-c25 BC
Widow of a Brahmin committing suttee on her husbands funeral pyre, India, 1815
Brahmin funeral, India, mid 19th century. Artist: E Beau
Cremation of the Dahomey corpses, Africa, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
Twin beaker from Malta. 21st century BC
Seated fiddle-idol, 21st century BC
Cut-away view of Garinis cremation furnace used in Milan, 1880
Cremation in Calcutta, India, 1882
Cremation of the dead on funeral pyres, Calcutta, India, 1879
Henry Thompson (1820-1904), British surgeon, 1874
Furnace of the type to be installed in the Pere la Chaise crematorium, Paris, 1888
Cremation at the Cremation Society of England, St Johns, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, 1889
Sharps the Word!, 1888
Cremation, 1875. Artist: Joseph Swain

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