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1953 Jowett Jupiter. Creator: Unknown
Shino-Ware Ewer, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Maison Atelier Victor Horta, 23-25 Rue Americaine, Brussels, Belgium, (1898), c2014-2017
Minute Men Valance, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Mina Greene
Old Colonial Handwoven Bedspread, c. 1940. Creator: Pearl Gibbo
Crock, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Eleanor Gausser
Infants Boots, c. 1937. Creator: Sara Garfinkel
Waistcoat, c. 1937. Creator: Sara Garfinkel
Cape, c. 1936. Creator: Catherine Fowler
Dress, c. 1938. Creator: Catherine Fowler
Eagle and Stars Bedspread, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Marian Curtis Foster
Stoneware Jug, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Daniel Fletcher
Childs Dress, c. 1938. Creator: Sara Garfinkel
Quilt, c. 1939. Creator: Catherine Fowler
Quilt, c. 1938. Creator: Marian Curtis Foster
Bandbox, c. 1939. Creator: Walter Doran
The Lunch, 1787-93. Creator: Louis Marin Bonnet
Stump farmer comes to town on a Saturday morning to bring in cream... Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 1939
Evening Snow on Mount Fuji, Complete View of the Inner and Middle Shrines at Shimo... c. 1833 / 34
The actors Segawa Kikunojo III as the courtesan Kojoro of the Mikuniya and Arashi Sanpachi... 1798
The actor Ichikawa Ebizo as Usui Arataro Sadamitsu in the Shibaraku scene of the play 'Sei... 1796
Shunkan Watching Enviously from Kikai Island as Yasuyori Returns to the Capitol after Bein... 1886
The actor Ichikawa Udanji I as Sugawara no Michizane in the play 'Shinrei Sugawara Jikki, '... 1883
Marigold (Kinsenka) and Rashomon Flowers, from the series 'Collection of Plants for the... 1810s
Cock, Hen, and Rising Sun, from the series 'Seven Bird-and-flower Prints for the Fuyo... c. 1810
The Actor Matsumoto Koshiro IV as the Wealthy Bumpkin from Yamato, Actually Mag... 1794 (Kansei 6)
The actor Ichikawa Danjuro IV as Shinozuka Goro Sadatsuna in the play 'Ume Momiji Date no... 1760
The Actors Ichikawa Yaozo III as Shiragiku, Ichikawa Danjuro V as the puppeteer Dekurokube... 1785
The Actor Nakamura Sukegoro II as Sasano Sangobei in Part Two of the Play Iro Moyo Aoya... c. 1775
The Actor Nakamura Nakazo I as Kudo Suketsune in the Play Edo no Fuji Wakayagi Soga... c. 1789
The Actor Anegawa Daikichi as Ayame no Mae in the play 'Miyo no Hana Yunzei Kagami, 'perfo... 1760
Golden Crested Wren, (Regulus regulus), c1850, (1856)
Oribe-Type Ewer, early 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Horse, 5th-6th century. Creator: Unknown
Partial Figure of a Pregnant Women, c. 1000-300 B.C. Creator: Unknown
Snuff Bottle with Pavilions in a Bamboo Grove and Garden. Creator: Unknown
The Poet Bunya no Yasuhide, from the series Six Immortal Poets (Rokkasen), Japan, c. 1810
Boating parties on the Sumida River, Japan, c. 1808 / 12. Creator: Hokusai
Two women stretching cloth, Japan, c. 1797 / 98. Creator: Hokusai
Cup, Sui dynasty (581-618). Creator: Unknown
Dish, Qing dynasty (1636-1912), Kangxi period (1662-1722), early 18th century
Benevolence (Jin), from the series 'Five Cardinal Virtues', 1767
Fishing in Shallow Water, c. 1767 / 68. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
Dearest, May My Love for Thee be Equaled by Thy Truth to Me (valentine), n.d
Love True (Valentine), c. 1850. Creator: George Kershaw
Forget Me Not (valentine), 1850 / 59. Creator: George Meek
My Life I Dedicate to Thee (Valentine), c. 1840. Creator: George Meek
I am Thine Only Thine (valentine), c. 1840. Creator: George Meek

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