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Corpse Gallery

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Join the red forces to get a better life, 1921. Artist: Vladimir Mayakovsky
The Laying in the Tomb ( The Deposition / The Entombment ), 1602-16044. Artist: Michelangelo Caravaggio
Chasseurs a Cheval, (light cavalry), 1859. Artist: Auguste Raffet
The Kings Sons Shooting Their Fathers Corpse, ca. 1500. Creator: Matthäus Zasinger
Archbishop Hughes, prepared for burial, 1864 January. Creator: Unknown
The Black Cat, for Edgar Allan Poes “Selected Tales of Mystery, ”1909
The Triumph of Death, c1562. Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Painting, title unknown, mid 19th century. Artist: Jean Pierre Alexandre Antigna
Christs Passion, detail from the altarpiece of St Antony, 16th century
The Entry of Mehmet II into Constantinople, 1876. Artist: Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant
Napoleon on his Deathbed, May 1821. Artist: Horace Vernet
Study for Lucains 'La Pharsale', Canto VI, c. 1766
In All His Glory, June 1894. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Under the Boot, 1915. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Théodore Géricault on His Deathbed, 1824. Creator
The Lamentation, 1500 / 10. Creator: Unknown
The Vision of Ezekiel; a group of corpses and skeletons emerging out of tombs
The vision of Ezekiel, with the dead rising and putting on their flesh
The Entombment. Creator: Valerio Belli
The Entombment, 1525 or after. Creator: Valerio Belli
Apollo and Marsyas and the Judgment of Midas: at right Midas with the ears of an ass
Battlefield with horseman looking over his left shoulder toward stripped corpse on the
Finding the bodies of Saints Peter and Paul, 1645-51. Creator
Finding of the bodies of Saints Peter and Paul, ca. 1647-51
Tobit burying the Dead, ca. 1647-51. Creator: Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
The Vision of Ezekiel, 1554. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi
The Vision of Ezekiel, 1554 (republished 1595). Creator: Giorgio Ghisi
Aftermath of the Flood: human bodies strewn on dry land in the foreground
The Flood destroys life on earth: corpses of humans and animals adrift in the foreground
Lamentation, 1683. Creator: Claude Mellan
Burial Procession of Christ, 1678. Creator: Claude Mellan
Repas de Corps. Epoque Mémorable de 1821, 1821. Creator: Charles Joseph Hullmandel
The lamentation over the dead Christ, ca. 1545-50. Creator: Andrea Schiavone
Adam and Eve at left, as an elderly couple, mourning over the corpse of Abel who lies i
The Goddess Bhairavi Devi with Shiva, ca. 1630-35. Creator: Attributed to Payag
Adam and Eve Mourning the Death of Abel, ca. 1576. Creator: Michiel Coxie
Pietà, 17th century. Creator: Anon
Catacombs, Convento dei Cappucini, Palermo, ca. 1895. Creator: Eugenio Interguglielmi
Sorrows Dry or a Cure for the Heart Ache, 1811. 1811. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
The Deluge towards Its Close, ca. 1813. Creator: Joshua Shaw
The Healing of the Blind Man and the Raising of Lazarus, first half 12th century
Kurukulla Dancing in Her Mountain Grotto... (Perfection of Wisdom), early 12th century
Waiting for Decomposition, 1872. Creator: Frederick William Quartley
A Nights Bag - an Elephant Hunt in Africa, c1930s. Creator: Unknown
The Body of Sethos I Who Lived in the 14th Century B.C. Cairo, Egypt, c1930s. Creator: Unknown
Calm at Eventide: Commander-in-Chief Surveying the Field of Victory, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm with the body of General Douay, 4 August 1870, (1936)
Seni with the body of Wallenstein, 26 February 1634, (1936). Creator: Unknown

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