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Ancient Greek polychrome architecture, (1898). Creator: Unknown Featured Image

Ancient Greek polychrome architecture, (1898). Creator: Unknown

Ancient Greek polychrome architecture, (1898). Fig 1: Polychrome cyma (ogee) with lion's head from Selinus. Fig 2: Acroterium [acroterion] from the temple of Nike Apteros. Figs 3-6: Painted cornices from the Propylaea. Athens. Fig 7: Ornament of an antae-capital from the temple of Theseus. Athens. Fig 8: Ornament from a temple at Selinus. Fig 9: Frieze of the temple of Jupiter at Aegina. Fig 10: Cyma-ornament from the Parthenon. Fig 11: Ornament, found at Palazzolo [Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily]. Figs 12 and 13: Meanders. Fig 14: Decoration of cassettes. London. Fig 15: Panel of metopes of baked clay, found at Palazzolo. Fig 16: Panel of cassettes from the Propylaea. Plate 5 from "The Historic Styles of Ornament" translated from the German of H. Dolmetsch. [B.T. Batford, London, 1898]

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The Library, 1903, (1903)

The Library, 1903, (1903)
A Snow Cornice, c1908, (1909) Featured Image

A Snow Cornice, c1908, (1909)

A Snow Cornice, c1908, (1909). Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) made three expeditions to the Antarctic. During the second expedition, 1907-1909, he and three companions established a new record, Farthest South latitude at 88°S, only 97 geographical miles (112 statute miles, or 180 km) from the South Pole, the largest advance to the pole in exploration history. Members of his team also climbed Mount Erebus, the most active volcano in the Antarctic. Shackleton was knighted by King Edward VII for these achievements. He died during his third and last oceanographic and sub-antarctic expedition, aged 47. Illustration from The Heart of the Antarctic, Vol. I, by E. H. Shackleton, C.V.O. [William Heinemann, London, 1909]

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