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Contemplating Gallery

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Two Men Contemplating the Moon, ca. 1825-30. Creator: Caspar David Friedrich
Standing Nude Woman, 1540-56. Creator: Leon Davent
Oh How Beautiful is Gods Nature, n.d. Creator: Johann Heinrich Lips
Goodbye, 1816. Creator: Johann Heinrich Lips
Dies, 1645. Creator: Jeremias Falck
Woman Resting on Stone Bench, n.d. Creator: Henry Stacy Marks
Seated Woman Leaning on Pillows, n.d. Creator: Henry Stacy Marks
Sogyo Hachiman, 10th century. Creator: Unknown
Icon Plaque (Kakebotoke) with Bosatsu, 13th century. Creator: Unknown
A Poet Looking out of his Lakeside Hut, Japan, c. 1820s. Creator: Ikeda Eisen
Ono no Tofu Watching a Leaping Frog, Japan, early 1760s. Creator: Kitao Shigemasa
Saigyo Hoshi gazing at Mt. Fuji, c. 1730s. Creator: Nishimura Shigenaga
Saigyo Hoshi, 1730s. Creator: Okumura Masanobu
Girl at the window, Japan, c. 1804. Creator: Hokusai
Portrait of Lama Tsongkhapa, 18th / 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Painted Banner (Thangka) of Amitayus Buddha Surrounded by One Hundred Buddhas
Study for Vignette in AbbéDinouarts 'Vie du Venerable don Juan de
Seated Woman Resting on her Elbow, n.d. Creator: Henry Stacy Marks
Head of Buddha, 9th century. Creator: Unknown
Head of a Buddhist Deity, Possibly Prajnaparamita, Angkor period
Bust of a Female Deity (Devi), Angkor period, 10th / 11th century. Creator: Unknown
Head of a Male Deity (Deva), Angkor period, 10th / 11th century. Creator: Unknown
The Cloisters, San Lorenzo fuori le mura, 1824. Creator: CW Eckersberg
The Temptation of Saint Jerome, 1541 / 48. Creator: Giorgio Vasari
The Temptation of the Magdalene, c. 1616 / 17. Creator: Jacob Jordaens
Meditation (Seated Woman), c. 1878 / 79. Creator: Adolphe Monticelli
Head of a Bodhisattva, Tang dynasty, first half 8th century. Creator: Unknown
Head of a Luohan, Tang dynasty, ca. 700-750. Creator: Unknown
Head of the disciple Ananda, Northern Qi dynasty, 550-577. Creator: Unknown
Sitting under a Pine, Ming dynasty, 15th-16th century. Creator: Unknown
The Philosopher (Portrait Of Masto Ciccio), 1883 / cast 1919. Creator: Vincenzo Gemito
Study for 'Astronomy', c. 1921. Creator: John Singer Sargent
Philospher (Le philosophe). Creator: Alphonse Legros
Evangeline, 1861. Creator: Christian Schussele
Promenade, n.d. Creator: Eliphalet Frazer Andrews
Philosopher (Le philosophe). Creator: Alphonse Legros
At Natures Mirror, ca. 1880. Creator: Ralph Blakelock
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness, c. 1575 / 1585. Creator: Paolo Veronese
The Penitent Magdalene, 1655-1665. Creator: Nicolas Regnier
The Repentant Magdalen, c. 1635 / 1640. Creator: Georges de la Tour
The Thinker (Le Penseur), model 1880, cast 1901. Creator: Auguste Rodin
The Idle Prentice at Play in the Church Yard (Industry and Idleness, plate 3)
The Idle Prentice at Play in the Churchyard: Industry and Idleness, plate 3
Mary Magdalen Meditating. Creator: Claude Mellan
St. Mary Magdalen Reclining in a Grotto. Creator: Claude Goyrand
Poet with Two Pages on the Banks of the Tatsuta, ca. 1845. Creator: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
Young Woman with a Pipe in Her Hand Gazing at Landscape Painted on a Screen

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