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Au Cafe, c1875. Artist: Edgar Degas
'Misgivings'--His First Visit to the Forge, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of the artist, 1894. Creator: Marcellin-Gilbert Desboutin
Edward IV and Lady Elizabeth Grey, 1464 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
Nelsons First Farewell, 1926.Artist: George William Joy
I say-Youngster, 1900. Creator: Philip William May
Mrs. William H. Macdowell, c. 1880-1882. Creator: Thomas Eakins
Cassandra, 1886-1895 / cast 1895-1904. Creator: Max Klinger
H.W. Longfellow, 2nd plate. Creator: Alphonse Legros
Portrait of Mr. George Bailey, 1855. Creator: Richard Dadd
Egypt - Arabian Beauty, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
His Girl, The Bankers Cheque. Creator: Victor Venner
The Wounded Cavalier, 1855. Artist: William Shakespeare Burton
Crowd outside London Stock Exchange after fall of the Hatry Group, 1929
Spain, 1894. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
O Mistress Mine, Where Are You Roaming?, 1899, (c1915). Artist: Edwin Austin Abbey
Something Like Fear Sprang Up In The Young Ladys Eyes, 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
Good-Bye, And Be Brave, 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
Holborn Viaduct - A Slippery Day, 1891. Artist: William Luker
Cristo En Brazos Del Padre Eterno, (Christ in Arms of the Eternal Father), 1577, (c1934). Artist: El Greco
She Went Straight To Her Uncle, 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
Waiting for the doctor in remote Galway, Ireland, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
Don t burn the dinner, late 19th century
A number of women attend to a poorly man, 19th century.Artist: George Cruikshank
A giant stands in a field as a farmer ploughs, 19th century.Artist: George Cruikshank
Cartoon on a riding theme, 19th century
Crowd at the Mansion House reading the bulletins of the Prince of Waless illness, 1871 (1900)
Sweethearts and Wives, 1882, (1912).Artist: Samuel Waller
The Farewell, 1872. Artist: Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin
In the Garden, 1885. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Girls in Russian dress, c1870s-c1880s. Artist: Andrei Osipovich Karelin
News of king Edwards VIIs illness in London, 1902
Attack against the Emperor of Germany, 1901
George Bernard Shaw, British dramatist, 1923.Artist: C Vandyk Ltd
Womans wrap with crepe hem and silk veil, 1915
Chiromancy: Country girl having her hand read by a fortune teller who sees misfortunes ahead
The Insubordination, 19th century
Descent from the Cross, c1430. Artist: Rogier Van der Weyden
Visiting Day at the Hospital, 1893. Artist: Henry Jules Jean Geoffroy
Distribution of the first official lists of wounded and captured French people, Paris, 25 July 1940
First Aid, 1914-1918. Artist: Etienne Berne-Bellecour
Casualty of the 2nd Boer War, 1899-1902
Strangers, 1883. Artist: Joseph Swain
Seeings Believing, 1883. Artist: Joseph Swain
Mammons Rents!, 1883. Artist: Joseph Swain
Strike Home!, 1872. Artist: Joseph Swain
The Conscience Clause, 1872
Suspense, 1871. Artist: Joseph Swain
Mrs. North and Her Attorney, 1864. Artist: John Tenniel
Master Bull and his Dentist, 1861
Jacques from The Complete Works of Béranger, 1836. Creator
The Fair Penitent. Laetitia in Penitence Finds Relief and Protection From Her Parents, c1811
Scene from Jane Austens Persuasion, 1897. Artist: Hugh Thomson
Gang system of child labour, c1885

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