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Combat Gallery

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The Battle of San Romano, c1438, (1909). Artist: Paolo Uccello
The Siege of Silistria, (1854), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Battle at the Porte St Denis, 28th July, 1830, Paris. Artist: Hippolyte Lecomte
Brunhild, The Warrior-Queen, Hurls Her Spear at Gunthers Shield, 1882. Creator: Unknown
The Battle of Drumclog, 1679 (19th century).Artist: George Harvey
Heres our mission... Langley Field, Va. 1942. Creator: Alfred T Palmer
Plate 6: the combat, 1635-60. Creator: Jacques Courtois
Plate 5: the wounded chief commander lies on the ground, while the battle goes on at ri... 1635-60
Death of Henry Percy (Harry Hotspur) at the Battle of Shrewsbury, 21 July 1403, (c1860)
Incident at the Battle of Isandlwana, Anglo-Zulu War, 22 January 1879. Artist: Charles Edwin Fripp
Hand-to-Hand Combat Between Mr. Shore and the Goojur, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Terrific combat between Richard Coeur de Lion and Saladin, 1850. Artist: John Leech
Greek Vase Painting, Persian and Hoplite fighting, c5th century BC
Greek Vase, Black-figure Amphora depicting Boxing Scene, c6th century BC
Cavalry combat helmet, Roman Britain, from Witcham Gravel, Ely, Cambridgeshire, 1st century AD
Combat of Two Greeks, c. 1805. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Denarius (Coin) Depicting the God Mars, 103 BCE. Creator: Unknown
Friar Pedro Wrests the Gun from El Maragato, c. 1806. Creator: Francisco Goya
Combat of Naked Men, 1535-55. Creator: Jean Mignon
Freydal, The Book of Jousts and Tournament of Emperor Maximilian I: Combats
Freydal, The Book of Jousts and Tournaments of Emperor Maximilian I: Combats
Taglia Cantoni and Fracasso. Creator: Unknown
A Battle between Oriental Cavalry and Soldiers, 1636. Creator: Johann Wilhelm Baur
Les Fêtes de Rennes. La grande Cavalcade Romaine, 1883 / 1890
The combat of Hector and Achilles, and Achilles dragging the body of Hector around
Combat at the Barrier, 1627. Creator: Jacques Callot
Duel with Swords and Daggers, c. 1622. Creator: Jacques Callot
Taglia Cantoni and Fracasso, c. 1622. Creator: Jacques Callot
Duel with Swords, c. 1622. Creator: Jacques Callot
One of the Infantry Combats, 1616. Creator: Jacques Callot
The Battle, c. 1633. Creator: Jacques Callot
The Cavalry Combat with Pistols, c. 1632 / 1634. Creator: Jacques Callot
Duel with Swords and Daggers, c. 1617. Creator: Jacques Callot
Duel Polemique, 1821. Creator: Eugene Delacroix
Twenty-four riders dueling and forming two columns, from La Gara delle Stagioni, 1652
Two gladiators fighting in front of an arch, 1530-60. Creator: Master of the Die
The Duelliste aux Deux Sabres (The Duelist with Two Sabres), from Varie Figure Gobbi, s
Le Duelliste a L Épée et au Poignard (The Duelist with a Sword and Daggar)
L Hommes Apprêtant a Tirer son Sabre (Man Preparing to Draw his Sword)
Battle between cavalry and infantry in a wood, 16th century. Creator: Hieronymus Hopfer
Combat between Amazons and men in front of architectural arcades
Six Cavalrymen in Combat, from Battle Scenes I, ca. 1590-1630. Creator: Antonio Tempesta
Hercules wearing a lion skin and fighting Achelous, a landscape in the background
Shah Jahan Watching an Elephant Fight, Folio from a Padshahnama, probably 1639
Two Horsemen Shooting at Each Other, 1600-1677. Creator: Heinrich Werdmuller
Soldier with Rifle and Bugle, 1880s-90s. Creator: Unknown
Nata Ragina: Folio from a ragamala series (Garland of Musical Modes), 1714. Creator: Mohamed
The Engagement at Vlakfontein: The Derbyshires Re-Taking their Guns, 1902. Creator: Unknown

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