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Carlos Dieppa Building, Ford, Mercury, Lincoln Service, Barranquilla, c1940s
Eternit Asbestos-Cement Roofing Material Factory, Barranquilla, c1940s
Embera Women. Creator: Dorte Verner
Nose Ornament with Lateral Extensions in Suggesting Whiskers, Wings, or Fish Barbels, A.D
Figurine (Tunjo) of a Figure Holding Plants and Cup, Wearing a Crown, A.D. 1000 / 1500
Figurine (Tunjo) of a Standing Figure with Crossed Bands Covering Torso, A.D. 1000 / 1500
Masked Figurine with Boar Headdress, Possibly a Ocarina (Whistle), c. A.D. 1300
Whistle with an Iguana or Saurian Sculpted on its Surface, c. A.D. 1300. Creator: Unknown
Labret in the Form of a Saurian Head with Bifurcated Volute Emerging from Mouth, A.D
Pair of Earrings, A.D. 1000 / 1500. Creator: Unknown
Masked Figurine Holding a Drum, Possibly a Ocarina (Whistle), c. A.D. 1300
Tropical Scenery, Turbo Village, 1871. Creator: John Moran
Tropical Scenery, Cathedral, Cartagena, 1871. Creator: John Moran
Tropical Scenery, Forest Near Turbo, 1871. Creator: John Moran
Tropical Scenery, Native Hut, Turbo, 1871. Creator: John Moran
Flags of the world, 1889. Creator: W & AK Johnston
Map of South America, 1902. Creator: Unknown
Carlos Lleras Restrepo (1908-1994), Colombian politician, he was president from 1966-1970
The liberation army after the victory of Boyaca in 1819, with Simon Bolivar
Map of Spain, 1500, work by the Spanish cartographer and pilot Juan de la Cosa
Allegory with Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Peru (1783-1830)
Eduardo Carranza (1913-1985), Colombian poet, portrait of 1980
A Darien pectoral in the so-called Darien sub-style which occurs in several
Narino gold nose plug
Narino gold nose plug with spiral design
Vessel resting on three phallus-shaped legs
Phallus-shaped vessel
Gold spiral breast ornament thought to be a schematic representation of an owls face
Tairona tumbaga figure-pendant, possibly depicting two noblemen or chiefs, Colombia, 1000-1400
Tairona gold and copper alloy (tumbaga) figure-pendant, Colombia, 1000-1400. Artist
Narino gold nose plug, Colombia, c1000 AD. Artist: Werner Forman
Gold Darien pectoral, Colombia, 900-1200. Artist: Werner Forman
Sinu gold piece in the form of a spoon-billed water bird, Colombia, 1100-1600. Artist
Gold piece in the form of a spoon-billed water bird
Barranquilla (Colombia), c1940s
Central Section of Barranquilla, c1940s
San Roque Church, Barranquilla, c1940s
Carnival. The Carnival Season in Barranquilla is famous along the Caribbean coast, c1940s
The Modern Department Store Casa Vargas Ltda. Barranquilla, c1940s
Nico Building, Owners: P. & M. Matera, Barranquilla, c1940s
Coconut Avenue, Barranquilla, c1940s
Internal Revenue Administration Building of the Department of Atlantico, c1940s
Pielroja cigarette Factory, Colombian Tobacco Co. Inc. Barranquilla, c1940s
Foto Volasco Building, Barranquilla, c1940s
Alfredo Steckerl Building, Barranquilla, c1940s
Public Market, Barranquilla, c1940s
Industria Nacional de Grasas Vegetales S. A. Barranquilla, c1940s
Colombian Navy River Base, Barranquilla, c1940s

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