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City Walls Gallery

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Walkers Pillar, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1860. Artist: R Wallis
Westgate, Canterbury, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Map of the English city of Exeter by John Hooker, 1587. Artist: John Hooker
The Canterbury Pilgrimage, late 15th century, (1843).Artist: Henry Shaw
View of fortified city, 1493
Approach to Ispahan; A Ramble in Persia, 1875. Creator: Armin Vambery
Lucerne, 1909. Artist: JMW Turner
View of Cabul, c1891. Creator: James Grant
View of the Palace of Lahore, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Achilles dragging the body of Hector around the walls of Troy, 1648-50
Plan of Canterbury in the Sixteenth Century, (1943). Creator: Frans Hogenberg
Hatamen Gate, Peking, China, 1898. Creator: Christian Wilhelm Allers
Baghdad in the Days of Mansur, 1915. Creator: Edmund Sandars
Citadel and Palace of the Ancient Kings of Bulgaria at Tirnova, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Triumphal Entry of Richard I. and Philip Augustus Into Acre, (1191), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel, 1926
Map of Florence, 15th century
On the Walls, Cologne, 1833. Creator: Samuel Prout
Women Walking by a Moat, 1780s. Creator: Katsukawa Shuncho
Krishnas Marriage to Kalinda, from a copy of the Bhagavat Purana, c. 1775
The Main Gate, New Yoshiwara, c. 1745. Creator: Torii Kiyotada
Fall of the Walls of Jericho, from Illustrations of the Bible, 1834. Creator: John Martin
Phaeton Driving the Chariot of Phoebus, 1475 / 1500. Creator: Unknown
The Tyrolean Valley, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
The Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
Jerusalem, from the Mount of Olives, No.2, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
Jerusalem, from the Mount of Olives, No.1, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
Jerusalem from the City Wall, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
City Wall and Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
Grasse, 1855. Creator: Charles Nègre
Jerusalem from the Wall of En-Rogel, 1857. Creator: Francis Frith
Emperor Heraclius Denied Entry into Jerusalem, 1460 / 80. Creator: Unknown
Vue Prise de l île de Beghé, àl Ouest, Philoe;Nubie, 1849 / 51
The Baptism of Christ at lower left, within a landscape, 1626-80. 1626-80
Birds Eye View of Rome, 1553. Creator: Giulio de Musi
56. Porte de la Citadelle, au Kaire, 1843. Creator: Joseph Philibert Girault De Prangey
View of Antwerp, 1572-94. Creators: Frans Hogenberg, Simon Novellanus
Nuremberg, 1493. Creators: Michael Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff
60. Porte Kennesrîne, àAlep, 1843. Creator: Hancke
Eastern end of Mount Zion or City of David, 1893. Creator: Henry Hamilton Bennett
Map of Alexandria, 1575. Creators: Frans Hogenberg, Georg Braun
Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola, from Braun and Hogenbergs Civitates Orbis Terrarum
L Allee de Grenadiers, last third 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Walls of a North African City. Creator: Hercules Brabazon Brabazon
The Bearing of the Cross, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Entry Into the Town of Ferrara, 1612. Creator: Jacques Callot
Entry into Ferrara [recto], 1612. Creator: Jacques Callot
Levi, c. 1585. Creator: Johann Sadeler I

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