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The New Jerusalem, c1900
Page from the Dresden Codex, Maya manuscript
Napoleon goes aboard the Northumberland for his journey to St Helena, 8 August 1815, (c1850)
Yorkshire Cricket, 1892. Artist: Spy
SS Great Eastern, IK Brunels great steam ship, 1858
Great Eastern on the stocks at Millwall on the Thames, 1857
A Radical Lawyer, 1902. Artist: Spy
The Santos Dumont Air-ship rounding the Eiffel Tower, on October 19th 1901, (c1910)
Dhumavati / Matangi, 1885-90. Creator: Unknown
Shri Sheshanarayana, Vishnu Narayana on Shesha, 1886. Creator: Unknown
The Duchess of York at the time of her wedding, 1923 (1935)
Cattistock, 1899. Artist: CG
The General, 1881. Artist: Spy
The British Navy, 1837-1897, (early 20th century).Artist: TS Crowther
Alfred the Great (849-899), Anglo-Saxon king of Wessex from 871, (c1920)
The Little Father, 1897. Creator: Jean Baptiste Guth
The Look Out, c1890-c1893.Artist: William Christian Symons
Plausible, 1902.Artist: Spy
City Justice, 1880. Artist: Spy
Bobby, 1902. Artist: Spy
12th Lancers, 1889
Lowering the Ensign at Sunset, c1890-c1893.Artist: William Christian Symons
Ancient Greek pottery, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Valentine - Mechanical - scene of barge, troubadours, Temple of Hymen, ca. 1875. ca. 1875. Creator: Anon
Valentine - Mechanical -- four layers, merrymaking, ca. 1875. ca. 1875. Creator: Anon
Valentine - Mechanical, four ovals, flaps, images, ca. 1875. ca. 1875. Creator: Anon
Valentine, ca. 1880. Creator: Anon
Valentine - Mechanical, pull tab bouquet, ca. 1875. ca. 1875. Creator: Anon
Medieval enamel and illuminated manuscripts, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Indian marble inlay, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Ancient Egyptian decoration, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Assyrian decoration, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Chinese painting, (1898). Creator: Unknown
The Crowning of Charlemagne, 800 AD, (19th century)
Scene from Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift, 1911. Artist: AE Jackson
Shri Shri Durga, ca. 1885-95. Creator: Unknown
Kali / Tara, ca. 1885-90. Creator: Calcutta Art Studio
Silk-weaving, Germany, 18th and 19th centuries, (1898). Creator: Unknown
German Renaissance stained glass painting, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Lace weaving and embroidery, France, 17th and 18th century, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Wall painting and ceiling decoration, Germany, early 19th century, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Medieval stone mosaic, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Italian Renaissance ceiling painting, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Russian architectural ornament and wood carving, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Byzantine weaving and embroidery, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Russian manuscript painting, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Medieval illuminated manuscripts, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Sections of the Bayeux Tapestry. Creator: Adolphe Maugendre

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