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Chivalry Gallery

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Randulph and Hilda dancing in the Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens, (1842), 1903
The Accolade, 1901. Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton
Study for Lucains 'La Pharsale', Canto I, c. 1766
Warrior Saint, 1490 / 1500. Creator: Unknown
St. George, ca. 1435-1503. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Otto, Count of Nassau and his Wife Adelheid van Vianen, 1530-35
Sir T. Fairfax, (1612-1671), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Clothing during the time of 1620-1670, 1903, (1937). Creator: Sophie B Steel
The Field of the Cloth of Gold, 1520, (1890). Creator: Unknown
El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (The Ingenious Nobleman Don Quixote
Vida y hechos del Ingenioso Caballero Don Quijote de la Mancha (Life and facts of
Cover of the work Vida y hechos del Ingenioso Caballero Don Quijote de la Mancha
Engraving in an episode of Don Quixote, in Vida y hechos del Ingenioso Caballero
Engraving in an episode of Don Quixote, in El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha
The gentleman Paris, engraving of the incunable Paris and Viana, edition printed
Five effiigies of knights from Temple Church, London, 1786. Artist: James Basire I
View of royalty kneeling accompanied by an armoured knight, 1796. Artist: A Birrell
Painting of Westminster Abbey with procession of Knights of the Order of the Bath by Canaletto
Robes of the Order of the Garter, 1953
Raines & Porter Ltd. advert, 1919
The Order of the Guelphs, c19th century
A Nobleman and Lady, 1926. Artist: Herbert Norris
An Interior. Late Fifteenth Century, 1926. Artist: Herbert Norris
Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, His Wife and Daughter-In-Law, c1340, (1926). Artist: Herbert Norris
Initiation into the Order of Knighthood, 1905. Artist: HMP
Embroidered front altarpiece of Saint George, from the Palau de la Generalitat, c15th century
Anglers Repast, 1789, (1902). Artist: William Ward
Proession of the Order of the Bath, 1749, (1929). Artist: Canaletto
Margaret and the Robber, 1902. Artist: Patten Wilson
Representations of an Ancient Tournament practised in different parts of England, 1794
The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George, 1941
The Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick, 1941
The Most Noble and Most Ancient Order of the Thistle, 1941
The Most Noble Order of the Garter, 1941
Thirty French knights battle the English, Brittany, France, 1351 (1882-1884). Artist: Deghouy
Chivalry and courtly love: Flemish parade shield, c1400 (1956)
Horseman for the Battle of Cadore, c1525, (1937). Artist: Titian
Prince William son of Henry I, endeavouring to save his sister Matilda after bing shipwrecked, 1792
Queen Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh, 1850. Artist: John Leech
Pierre Terrail de Bayard, French soldier of the 16th century, 1882-1884.Artist: Gerard
My Friend Mr White, c1870-1920.Artist: Jan Van Beers
The Knight, 1466, (1870)
Amorous Scene, c1908. Artist: Charles Guerin
Arrival at the Town Hall, 1805. Artist: Jacques Louis David
Scene from a story of chivalry, c1400
Arthur, 6th century semi-legendary Christian king of the Britons, late 14th century
Eponine et Sabinus, 1802. Artist: Nicolas Andre Monsiau
Native Costume of Sarthe, c1900
Be Careful, vintage French postcard, c1900
The Tournament, 1812. Artist: Pierre Henri Revoil
'Madame Leroux';By Francis Eleanor Trollope;Lady Charlotte walked meditatively up... 1890
Dancing Couple, 1551. Creator: Heinrich Aldegrever
Percival Obtains the Shield of the Beating Heart, 1911
Three knights jousting at a tournament, 1842. Artist: Friedrich Martin von Reibisch
Study of a Knight, by Leonardo De Vinci, 1913. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Vintage French postcard, c1900

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