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Chaos Gallery

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The second fight between Harry Paulson and Tom Paddock, 1851 (late 19th or early 20th century).Artist: Pugnis
Victoria Falls: The Leaping Water, pub. 1864. Creator: Thomas Baines (1820-75)
Ludgate Hill, London, 1872
God the Father, Early 17th cen.. Artist: Manetti, Rutilio (1571-1639)
The Two Dogs Palette, Ancient Egyptian, late Predynastic period, c2990 BC. Artist
The Creation. Artist: Russian icon
Study for Vignette in Jean François Marmontels 'Contes Moraux', c. 1765
Frightful Result, n.d. Creator: Catherine Greenaway
An Animal Hospital (plate 20), 1843. Creator: Charles Emile Jacque
Hollands Hollende Koe (Hollands Running Cow), 1690. Creator: Gaspar Bouttats
The Dissolute Household. Creator: Pieter Balten
Litigium removed from the body of Chaos while his mother is thrown into the air, set wi
Skating on the Ladies Skating-Pond in the Central Park, New York, published 1860
The Bullfight, c. 1890 / 1900. Creator: Eugenio Lucas Villamil
The Temptation of Saint Anthony, c. 1550 / 1575. Creator: Anon
Le Feste des Trois Rois.n.d. Creator: Romeyn de Hooghe
Saint John sees the Four Horsemen, from the Apocalyspe.n.d. Creator: Jean Duvet
A man curled up in a chair looks toward another man who approaches him from the left i
The Temptation of St. Anthony.n.d. Creators: Johannes van Doetecum I, Lucas van Doetecum
Aedificare Super Arenam, from Allegories of the Christian Faith, from Christian and P
The Cage of Fools (La gabbia de matti), 1557-63. Creator: Sebastiano di Re
The Pit Door / La Porte du Parterre, November 9, 1784. Creator
The Sack of Troy-Pyrrhus Killing Priam, before 1654. Creator: Pierre Lombart
Peasant Family in a Barn, 1640s. Creator: Unknown
The Chamber of Genius, April 2, 1806. April 2, 1806. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
The Chamber of Genius, April 2, 1812. April 2, 1812. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
Renard Escapes with a Chicken that he Stole from a Clergymans Table, 1650-75
The Harmonic Society, [1810], reissued 1811. [1810], reissued 1811
The Harmonic Society, 1810. 1810. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
The Temptation of Saint Anthony, ca. 1550-60. Creator: Workshop of Herri met de Bles
The Battle of Leipzig, 19 October 1813, (1921). Creator: Unknown
The Coach Overturned, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
The Flash of Lightening: Caught in a Mountain Storm, pub. 1805. Creator: Philip James
The Search for the Will, 1890. Artist: Benjamin Walter Spiers
Going it by steam, (1829?). Artist: Robert Seymour
An unusually large saucepan flew close by it, and very nearly carried it off, 1907
Very Unpleasant Weather or the Old Saying verified Raining Cats, Dogs and Pitchforks, 1835
Fearful quarrels and brutal violence, are the natural consquences of the frequent use of the bottle
The Ghost - A Christmas Frolic - Le Revenant, 1814
Exit Liberte a la Francois! or Buonaparte closing the Farce of Egalite, at St
Taming a Shrew or Petruchios Patent Family Bedstead, Gag & Thumscrews, 1815
The upper part of the obverse of the Two Dogs Palette
God creates heaven and earth from a sphere representing unformed chaos
The Third Day of Creation (From Die Bibel in Bildern), 1852-1860. Artist: Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius (1794-1872)
The Creation. Artist: Bosch, Hieronymus (c. 1450-1516)
The Creation (From: Livre des propietes des choses by Barthelemy l Anglais). Artist: Anonymous
The Creation (From: L Antiquite Judaique by Flavius Josephus). Artist: Anonymous
The Garden of Earthly Delights. (Triptych, reverse: The Creation). Artist: Bosch, Hieronymus (c. 1450-1516)

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