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Amundsens Tent at the South Pole, January 1912, (1913). Artist: Henry Bowers
At The South Pole, (Bowers pulls the string), January 1912, (1913). Artist: Henry Bowers
Edward A. Wilson, B.A. M.B. c1910s, (1913). Artist: Emery Walker
The Second Western Party The Day They Were Picked Up By The Ship, 1912, (1913)
Captain Scott on Ski, c1910–1913, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Wilson, Bowers, and Cherry-Garrard on Their Return from Cape Crozier, 1 August 1911, (1913)
The Officers of the Terra Nova, 1912 Voyage, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Camp Under The Wild Range, 20 December 1911, (1913). Artist: Robert Falcon Scott
Bowers, Wilson, and Cherry-Garrard About To Leave For Cafe Crozier, 27 June 1911, (1913)
A.B. Cheetham, (The boatswain of the Terra Nova), c1910–1913, (1913)
Captain L. E. G. Oates by the Stable Door, 30 August 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Members of the Polar Party Having A Meal in Camp, c1911, (1913)
Sledging, 1911, (1913). Artist: Edward Wilson
Furling Sail in the Pack, c1910–1913, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Forde Cooking Seal-Fry on the Blubber Stove at Cape Roberts, c1911, (1913). Artist
Sledge Track Crossing An Adelie Penguins Track, 8 December 1911, (1913)
Lunar Corona, 1911, (1913). Artist: Edward Wilson
The Last Rest (The Grave of Scott, Wilson and Bowers), November 1912, (1913)
One of the Motor Sledges, 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Captain Scott Writing His Diary in the Hut at Cape Evans, c1911, (1914). Creator: Herbert Ponting
Digging to ascertain the depth of snow covering a depot, c1908, (1909)
E. W. Nelson with the Nansen-Petersen Insulated Water-Bottle, c1911, (1913). Artist
F. Debenham, 9 September 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
D. G. Lillie, with Some of the Siliceous Sponges, c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
A Blizzard with Gusts - July 23rd, 1911, (1913). Artist: George Clarke Simpson
A Blizzard - March 12th, 1911, (1913). Artist: George Clarke Simpson
Dr. Simpson in his Laboratory, 21 December 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
C. S. Wright Making Observation with the Transit. 8 August 1911, (1913). Artist
Ice Crystals in Crevasse, June-July 1911, (1913). Artist: Charless Wright
The Top of Mount Suess, Looking South, c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Hansens Grave On Cape Adare, 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
Ice Flowers on Newly Formed Sea Ice, 1912, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
Panorama from Discovery Bluff, c1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
Launch of the Pram, c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
Lieut. Bruce, 1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Southern Party 1912, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
Skua Gulls Fighting Over Some Blubber, 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
The Devils Punch Bowl, an Empty Cwm in the South-West Corner of Granite Harbour, 1912, (1913)
Penguins Promenade, c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
Sketch Map of Mount Erebus showing routes of ascent, c1912, (1913)
Dugdale Glacier, c1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
Granite Hut, Cape Geology, 1911, (1913). Artist: T Griffith Taylor
A Berg Calving from a Glacier at Cape Crozier, c1911, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Growing Ice-Foot, Cape Evans, c1911, (1913). Artist: Frank Debenham
The Summit of Erebus, c1912, (1913). Artist: Tryggve Gran
The Two Kayaks Ashore, c1911, 1913. Artist: G Murray Levick
Campbell Afloat in a Kayak, 1911, (1913). Artist: G Murray Levick
South Fang, Old Crater, c1912, (1913). Artist: Raymond E Priestley

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