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Burning Gallery

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The Burning Of Cranmer, 1556, (c1850)
The Florentines Renouncing The Vanities By Order of Savonarola, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Autumn Leaves, 1856, (c1915). Artist: John Everett Millais
Conflagration at Sir C. Prices Wharf, Blackfriars, 1845. Creator: Unknown
Burning the autumn leaves in Norwich, Connecticut, 1940. Creator: Jack Delano
The sacrifice of Elijah, ca. 1653. Creator: Luca Giordano
The drunkenness of Lot, who is asleep on his daughters lap at center, while his other... ca. 1628
Constantia, ca. 1581. Creator: After Maerten de Vos
View of the Attack on Bunkers Hill, with the Burning of Charles Town, June 17, 1775, 1781-1783. Creator: John Lodge
A Celebration, ca. 1675-1719. Creator: Johann Ulrich Kraus
Caricature and hidden silhouette representations of Lafayette and others, 18th cen... 18th century. Creator: Anon
Neros Torches - Burning of Christians at Rome, 1890. Creator: Unknown
A tragic masked ball, 1930. Creator: Unknown
Burning of a Port, ca. 1760-80. Creator: Anne Philiberte Coulet
People Fleeing a Burning City, 16th century. 16th century. Creator: Anon
Possibly: Lumber burner and stacks of the Big Lakes Lumber Company... Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1939
Lumber burner and stacks of the Big Lakes Lumber Company... Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Family work clearing land by burning, near Bonners Ferry, Boundary County, Idaho, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Possibly: Mrs. Arnold and her children before the stump pile, Michigan Hill, Washington, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Close-up of stump pile before burning, Michigan Hill, Thurston County, Western Washington, 1939
After bulldozer has taken out and piled the heavy stumps... Michigan Hill, Thurston County, 1939
Possibly: After bulldozer has taken out and piled the heavy... Michigan Hill, Thurston County
Burning the Farm of a Treacherous Burgher, 1901. Creator: Richard Caton Woodville II
Emperor Charles V with the Fuggers in Augsburg, 1530, (1936). Creator: Unknown
The heroism of the Cossacks, 1915. Creator: Unknown
Alfred in the Neat-Herds Cottage, 1776. Artist: I Hall
Lead chamber for production of sulphuric acid, 1866
Long-Necked Vase with Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearls among Stylized
The Naval Battle of Pungdo in Korea (Chosen Hoto kaisen no zu), Japan, 1894
Courtesan Burning Mosquitoes as Her Guest Arrives, c. 1772 / 73. Creator: Shiba Kokan
Outbreak of Fire Seen from Hisamatsucho (Hisamatsucho nite miru shukka), Japan, 1881
Fierce Naval Battle Off Takushan (Daikosan oki kaigun no gekisen), Japan, 1894
Moon and Smoke (Enchu no tsuki), from the series 'One Hundred Aspects of the Moon
Burning Autumn Maple Leaves, 1765. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
Burning Maple Leaves to Heat Sake, c. 1768. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
Death of Abel, n.d. Creator: Etienne Delaune
Untitled Valentine (Hearts on Fire), c. 1840. Creator: George Meek
Study for Inquisition, Illustration to Columbiad, c. 1806. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Untitled Valentine (Heart on Fire), 1850 / 59. Creator: John Windsor
Bottle-Shaped Vase with Dragon Chasing Flaming Pearl, Korea, Joseon dynasty
Jar with Dragon Chasing Flaming Pearl, Korea, Joseon dynasty(1392-1910), 17th century
Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara) Standing before Flaming Aureole and Holding a Water
La Vie de Jeanne d Arc (The Life of Joan of Arc) (Furnishing Fabric), France, c. 1815
The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence; (reverse) Giving Drink to the Thirsty
Conflagration of the Masonic Hall, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1819
Old Virginia Home, 1864. Creator: David Gilmour Blythe
Aeneas Rescuing Anchises from Burning Troy, 1605 / 20. Creator: Hendrik van Steenwyck II
Phalaris and the Bull of Perillus, 1590 / 1600. Creator: Giovanni Battista Caccini

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