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Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (reverse copy). Creators: Anon, Giulio Bonasone
The Holy Family with Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist who embraces Christ, 1543
Neptune in his Chariot being drawn by seahorses, from the Division of the Universe, 1
The Judgment of Paris, ca. 1550-60. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Neptune and Melanthe, from The Loves of the Gods, ca 1531-76. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Bacchus giving grapes to women, from The Loves of the Gods, 1531-60
The Trojans hauling the wooden horse into Troy, 1545. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Nymphs and Satyrs bathing, 1531-76. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
The wounded soldier Scipio in the centre surrounded by figures, 1531-76
The ancestors of Christ flanking an inscribed tablet, an arched top composition, 1531-76
The combat of Hector and Achilles, and Achilles dragging the body of Hector around
The story of Jason and Medea at the left she carries off her son, in the middle she is
An allegory of the rising sun, a naked man wearing a shroud and accompanied Father Time
The triumph of Cupid and Psyche who are seated on a chariot drawn by two birds rest
Circe drinking from a cup with the companions of Ulysses in a boat at left, a circular
Neptune calming the Tempest Aeolus raised against the Fleet of Aeneas, 1531-76
The Holy Family and the infant John the Baptist, 1531-76. 1531-76
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Joseph at right, the Virgin holds the Christ Child i
The adoration of the shepherds, various figures surrounding the Christ Child in the cen
Saint Cecilia standing in the centre accompanied by Saint Paul, the Magdalene
Pieta, Christ stretched out on a table in a landscape, the Virgin standing behind arms
The entombment of Christ, the crosses on Calvary visble in left background, 1563
The resurrection of Christ, holding a banner in his right hand
Saint Mark writing his gospel, winged lion at the right, 1531-76
Pieta under the Cross of Golgatha, 1547. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Saint Paul Preaching, an oval composition, 1547. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
St Paul overcoming the viper, within an architectural setting, an oval composition, ca
Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist who kneels at the right, 1531-76
The Virgin fainting and being supported in the arms of the holy women, 1531-76
The Trojans pulling the wooden horse into the city, 1545. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
The creation of Eve who emerges from behind Adam, ca. 1530-70. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Cupid in the Elysian Fields tied to a tree in the centre, surrounded my many figures
Flora in the centre passing a wreath to another woman, surrounded by other fig
Pan at the left seated next to a standing nymph, to the right Cupid holding cymbals
Two Terms, a Nymph at left Silvanus at right, ca. 1530-50. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Diana the huntress acompanied by her dogs standing in a niche, 16th century
Sculpted head of Juno, ca 1531-76. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Flayed man with left hand on hip, holding skin in right hand, ca. 1531-76
The birth of Saint John the Baptist set within a classical building
Exterior and interior section of a temple in Rome dedicated to Neptune, 1541
Ornament frieze with winged Centaur, 1531-76. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Man seen from the Back, holding a Skull in his right Hand, 16th century
Man seen from the Front, holding a Rope in his right Hand, 16th century
Cloelia on horseback crossing the Tiber, ca. 1540-60. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Two sea gods accompanied by four nymphs, 1531-76. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Mercury presenting a panpipe to Minerva who stands at left, an oval composition, 1531-76
Bust of Jupiter, ca 1531-76. Creator: Giulio Bonasone
Juno watching Jupiter and Io, from 'The Loves of the Gods', 1531-60

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