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Backlit Gallery

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Divine Ravello Sunset, Italy. Creator: Viet Chu
Hoi An Beach Sunrise, Vietnam. Creator: Viet Chu
Blue Cactus. Creator: Robert Manno
Snowshine. Creator: Robert Manno
Orange Trees. Creator: Robert Manno
Cacti Set. Creator: Robert Manno
On the Horizon. Creator: Robert Manno
Calm Before the Storm. Creator: Robert Manno
Norham Castle, 1909. Artist: JMW Turner
Landscape with Windmills, 1848. Creator: Charles Emile Jacque
Afterglow, 1893. Creator: George Inness
River Boat, c. 1860. Creator: Charles Francois Daubigny
Souvenir of Italy, 1855 / 60. Creator: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Landscape, c. 1850. Creator: Theodore Rousseau
Bamboos at Baksa, Formosa, c. 1868. Creator: John Thomson
The Dying Chestnut, 1919. Creator: Alfred Stieglitz
Equivalent, 1924. Creator: Alfred Stieglitz
In The Woods, 1889. Creator: Louis Michel Eilshemius
Night Through Forest, 1889. Creator: Louis Michel Eilshemius
Hurlingham, 1879. Creator: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Norham Castle, published 1816. Creator: JMW Turner
June, ca. 1911. Creator: John White Alexander
Plate 10: The Ancient Gallery: a large covered gallery, light entering from the bac
La Galerie Antique, ca. 1763-65. Creator: Hubert Robert
View of Kynsburg over the Weistritz River Valley in Silesia, late 18th-19th century
Landscape with Rising Sun, December 1, 1828, 8: 30 a.m. 1828
The Spot an Angel Deigned to Grace - Loch Katrine, Scotland, c1930s. Creator: Unknown
The Lights of Oslo and the Harbor on a Summer Night, Norway, c1930s. Creator: Unknown
Carnarvon Castle, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Flashing the Signal to Charge by Searchlight, 1915. Creator: Unknown
Rochester, from the Medway, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Ross Island, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Jiddah, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Burgos, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Dunkirk, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Cairo - The Tombs of the Mamelouks, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Morning in Cairo, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Cairo - Evening on the Nile, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Egypt - Eventide in the Desert, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Egypt - Shepherd driving homeward, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Cairo - River Nile, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim - John iv. 20, c1924. Creators: James Clark, Henry A Harper
Cairo - The Tombs of the Califs, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
The mail run to Benghazi was now possible, c1942-1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Taking the Wool to Market, 1923. Creator: Unknown
The Midnight Sun in July over cliffs of Spitzbergen and Arctic Ocean, c1905. Creator: Unknown
Among mountains and chasms of ice - enormous crevasses of Brigsdal glacier, - Norway, c1905
Lake Loen - fed by glaciers on its cloud-capped mountain shores - Norway, c1905

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