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Leda and the Swan
Seated Female Nude with Raised Arm (Gertrude Schiele)
The Devil Presenting St Augustin with the Book of Vices, c1455-1498. Artist: Michael Pacher
Judith, 1901. Artist: Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918)
Travel poster advertising winter sports in Arlberg, Austra, c1910
My Wifes Lovers
Moa, 1911. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
Emperor Charles I of Austria, with his wife Zita, Crown Prince Otto and the three other children
A statue of Hercules and Cerberus
The Death of Saint Clare, c. 1400 / 1410. Creator: Master of Heiligenkreuz
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II, 1912
The Dancer, ca 1916-1918. Artist: Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918)
The Kiss, 1907-1908. Artist: Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918)
Mozart performs for Empress Maria Theresia, 1 October 1762, (1936). Creator: Unknown
Gustav Klimt with a cat, 1911. Creator: Nähr, Moritz (1859-1945)
Das Goldene Dachl, (Golden Roof), c1929. Creator: Unknown
Self-portrait as Saint Sebastian. Poster for Schieles Exhibition at the Arnot Gallery, 1915
Schubert. 1819, (1895). Artist: August Weger
Las Meninas, 1656 (1939). Artist: Diego Velasquez
Edith Schiele in Striped Dress, Seated, 1915. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
Still Life with Books (Schieles Desk), 1914. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
The Ring of the Nibelung (Study), 1871-1872. Artist: Makart, Hans (1840-1884)
Scrolls of the Torah, Torah cover and the Ten Commandments, 1797
Murau, c1908
Murau, c1908
The morning of the Feast of Corpus Christi, 1857
Seated semi-nude with hat and purple stockings, 1910
Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828), Austrian composer. Artist: C Helfert
Portrait of Wally Neuzil, 1912. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
Poster for the First Art Exhibition of the Secession Art Movement, 1898. Artist: Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918)
Farm Garden with Sunflowers, 1905-1906. Artist: Klimt, Gustav (1862-1918)
Reclining Woman, 1917. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
Portrait of Albert VII, Archduke of Austria, ca. 1650. Creators: Jonas Suyderhoef, Pieter Soutman
Portrait of Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria, ca. 1650. ca. 1650. Creators: Jonas Suyderhoef, Pieter Soutman
Triumphal arch erected by the foreign merchants of Vienna for the marriage of Joseph... after 1699
Sieben Gegenden aus Salzburg und Berchtesgaden Geordnet nach den sieben Tagen der Woche, v... 1823
Entrance of the Archduke Ernest to Brussels, January 30, 1594, after 1594. after 1594. Creator: Anon
People celebrating at the coronation of Ferdinand II in Frankfurt, 16th century. 16th century. Creator: Anon
Portrait of Anne of Austria, Queen of France, ca. 1650. Creators: Jacob Louys, Pieter Soutman
Joseph Second, ca. 1778-79. Creator: Jean-Etienne Liotard
Girl in Black Dress with her Legs Spread, 1910. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
Hab.t de l'Autriche from Playing Cards (for Quartets) Costumes des Peuples Étrangers... 1700-1799
Emperor Joseph of Austria, ca. 1860-1865. Creator: Unknown
Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, ca. 1864. Creator: Unknown
Colestin Ganglbauer. Cardinal, and Archbishop of Vienna, 1890. Creator: Unknown
A Tour of the Pickwick Cycling Club in France, 1888. Creator: C Angerer & Goschl
Window View, Salzburg. Creator: Tom Artin
Torrent in Tyrol, n.d. Creator: John Ruskin
Burg-Ring No. 1, Wohnhaus des Simon Ritter von Biederman, 1860s. Creator: Unknown

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