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Ascetic Gallery

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Saint Anthony Preaching to the Fish. Artist: Bocklin, Arnold (1827-1901)
Saint Jerome, ca 1606
The Virgin and Child with Saints Anthony Abbot and George, c. 1440. Artist: Pisanello, Antonio (1395-1455)
Saint Jerome reading in a Landscape, c1480-1485. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
Saint Jerome in his Study, ca 1475. Artist: Antonello da Messina (ca 1430-1479)
Kedar Ragini: Folio from a ragamala series (Garland of Musical Modes), ca. 1690-95
Saint Jerome in his Cell, ca 1608
Saint John the Forerunner with Saint John Climacus and Saint Theodore Stratelates, after 1571
Hindoo Fakir, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Madonna and Child in glory with the saints Anthony of Padua and Francis, 1530
Saint Francis of Assisi (Detail of his oldest portrait), 13th century. Artist: Anonymous
Bathing of the Buddha Festival, Qing dynasty, 1833. Creator: Hua Ziyou
Prince Visiting an Ascetic during a Hunt, 1625 / 50. Creator: Unknown
Stamped Tile with Crouching Ascetics, 4th / 6th century. Creator: Unknown
Saint Jerome kneeling beside a tree with his arms outstretched, 1640-60
Layla and Majnun, Mughal dynasty, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
St. Ignatius; Purification of the Virgin; St. Blaise; St. Isidore
Rama and Lakshman with the sage Vishvamitra, from a Ramayana, ca. 1680-1690
Gosain Kirpal Girji, ca. 1720. Creator: Unknown
A page from a Book of Dreams / Omens, ca. 1720. Creator: Unknown
An Audience with Rom Rishi, ca. 1700-1725. Creator: Unknown
The Temptation of St. Anthony, 1509. Creator: Lucas van Leyden
St. Jerome in his Study, 1521. Creator: Lucas van Leyden
Diogenes, seated before his barrel, reading from a book, a plucked hen standing beh
Nan va Halva (Breads and Sweets), ca. 1690. Creator: Unknown
A Gathering of Holy Men of Different Faiths, ca. 1770-75. Creator: Mir Kalan Khan
The Discredited Ascetic Being Paraded Through the Town on a Donkey... 18th century
Dervish With a Lion, Folio from the Shah Jahan Album, verso: ca. 1630; recto: ca. 1500
The Fox and the Battling Rams Observed by the Ascetic, Folio from a Kalila wa Dimna
The Old Snake Tells the Tale of Biting the Ascetics Son by Mistake, Folio from a Kalila
The Ascetic Witnesses the Woman Trying to Poison the Lover, Folio from a Kalila
The Ascetic and his Guest with the Mouse Steal the Ascetics Food, Folio from a Kalila
Krishna with an Ascetic, ca.1850. Creator: Unknown
Origen, (c184-c253), 1830. Creator: Unknown
St. Chrysostom, (c349-407), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Antisthenes, (c445-365 BC), 1830. Creator: Unknown
A Hermit Praying in the Ruins of a Roman Temple, ca 1760. Artist: Robert, Hubert
Saint Francis in Meditation, c1608-1610
John the Baptist, Angel of the Wilderness, 1560s
Saint Francis Renouncing His Worldly Goods, Between 1424 and 1429
Saint Jerome reading, c. 1650
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Francis, Matthew and John the Baptist, ca 1624
Saint Jerome reading, c. 1490
Saint Jerome, 1537
Saint Martin and a beggar, after 1650
Saint Francis receiving the Stigmata, 1643
Saint John the Baptist in the Desert, ca 1774
Stigmatization of Saint Francis, ca 1510-1515

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