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Lord Methuen Rallying His Broken Forces at Tweebosch, 1902. Creator: Charles Mills Sheldon
Isandhlwana: The Dash with the Colours, 1879, (c1880)
The Night Charge of the 19th Hussars Near Lydenberg on Nov. 7th 1900, 1901. Creator
Catherine the Great (1729-1796), Empress of Russia, 1937. Artist: Alexander K MacDonald
The Dying Slave, 1513-1515. Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Greek Bronze Statue of Poseidon found in sea near Cape Artemisian, c5th century BC
The actors Sawamura Sojuro II as Satsuma Gengobei and Arashi Ryuzo II as Mawashi-otoko... c. 1795
Bai Sheng (Hakujisso Hakusho), from the series 'One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the... c. 1827 / 30
The Actors Bando Hikosaburo II as Watanabe no Tsuna and Matsumoto Tomijuro as Hakamadare n... 1765
Lu Junyi (Gyokukirin Roshungi), from the series 'One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the... c. 1827 / 30
The actors Nakamura Fukusuke I as Matsugae Matonosuke and Ichikawa Komazo VII as Nikki Dan... 1855
Fletchers Defence of the Redoubt at Tanjore, c1891. Creator: James Grant
The Mishap to the Victorians at Wilmansrust, June 12, 1901, 1902
Statue of William the Conqueror, Falaise, 1890. Creator: Unknown
The March of Shiloh, 1902. Artist: Frank Feller
King Henry II doing penance at the tomb of Thomas a Becket, Canterbury Cathedral
The Roman Colchester Vase
Wrestler, 5th-6th century. Creator: Unknown
Male Figure with Left Arm Raised Seen from the Back, and Fragment of Old Man, 1770 / 75
Seated Man with Raised Arm, n.d. Creator: Henry Stacy Marks
Combat of Two Greeks, c. 1805. Creator: Henry Fuseli
The King of Persias Doctor (plate 19), 1843. Creator: Charles Emile Jacque
Nobleman, n.d. Creator: Philip William May
Study for Cover, 1892. Creator: Philip William May
The Republic Calls Us... plate fifteen from Actualités, 1915
Civil Rehabilitation and Military Execution, December 1897
Man with an Ax, 1893 / 94. Creator: Paul Gauguin
The Actor Nakamura Nakazo I as Ippei (?) in the Play Koi Nyobo Somewake Tazuna (?)... c
The Scalp Lock, Modeled 1898, cast after 1916. Creator: Frederic Remington
The Fire Eater Raised His Arms to the Thunder Bird, c. 1900. Creator: Frederic Remington
Putto with Papal Insignia, 1475 / 1500. Creator: Unknown
Woman Seated in an Armchair, modeled c. 1903 (cast 1919 / 21). Creator: Edgar Degas
Plaque, Nigeria, 16th / 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Female Figure, 1830 / 60. Creator: Unknown
Cigar Store Pocahontas, c. 1939. Creator: Mary E Humes
Cigar Store Figure, c. 1942. Creator: Elizabeth Johnson
Versailles, Bassin du Midi, 1901. Creator: Eugene Atget
Versailles, Le Parc, 1901 / 02. Creator: Eugene Atget
Standing Woman Holding a Scroll. Creator: Unknown
Bacchus Seated on a Barrel between Amor and Music, c. 1590. Creator: Johann Sadeler I
The Falconer (La fauconniere). Creator: Félicien Rops
Samson Slays the Philistines. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
Samson Slays the Philistines, 1548. Creator: Augustin Hirschvogel
Levi, c. 1585. Creator: Johann Sadeler I
Apollo, c. 1510 / 1540. Creator: Unknown
Hercules Fighting with the Hydra of Lernea, 1550. Creator: Heinrich Aldegrever
Hercules and Cerberus, 1550. Creator: Heinrich Aldegrever
The Rustic Couple (The Peasant and his Wife), 1497-1498. Creator: Albrecht Durer

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