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Prairie School Skyscraper, Chicago, Illinois, Perspective, 1910
Rosenfeld Building: Spandrel Panel, 1881 / 82. Creator: Adler & Sullivan
Worlds Colombian Exposition 60th Street Entrance, Chicago, Illinois, Plan and Elevation
Worlds Colombian Exposition 64th Street Entrance, Chicago, Illinois, Plan and Elevation
National Park Bank, New York City, New York, Competition Design Drawing, c. 1866
Middletown Bank, New York, Perspective, 1862. Creator: Peter Bonnett Wight
Ottawa Opera House, Ottawa, Illinois, Wall Stencil Design, c. 1875
Dry Dock Savings Bank, New York City, New York, Competition Design Drawing, 1858
Eliphalet W. Blatchford House, Chicago, Illinois, LaSalle Street Elevation
Spandrel Panel from the Gage Building, Chicago, Illinois, 1898-1899
Williamsburg Savings Bank, Brooklyn, New York, Dome Decoration, 1873
Bryan Lathrop House, Chicago, Illinois, Front Elevation and Terrace Plan, 1892
Garrick Theater, Chicago, Illinois, Proscenium Vault Section, 1891-92
Schlesinger and Mayer Company Store, Chicago, Illinois, Baluster, 1898-1899
Cornice section from the Gage Building, Chicago, Illinois, 1898-99
Landscape with Building (top) and Caricature Head Studies (bottom), 1874
Elevator Grille from the Manhattan Building, Chicago, Illinois, 1889-91
Chicago Stock Exchange Building: Kick Plate from Front Entrance, 1894
Marquette Building: Elevator Grille Base, 1893 / 95. Creator: Holabird & Roche
Oliver Building, 159-69 North Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois: Fish Ornament from Facade
Pilaster Capital from the Marshall Field Wholesale Store, Chicago, Illinois, 1885 / 87
House for Mr. S.W. Allerton, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: West Elevation, c. 1884
Presentation Design Drawings, Residence for Dr. Stratford, Chicago, Illinois
Church at Montigny-Sur-Loing, France, Travel Sketch, 1891
Elevator Grille, Fisher Building, 343 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, 1895 / 96
Saint Peters Basilica, Rome, Italy, Interior View, 1878. Creator: Frederick P Dinkelberg
The Plan of Chicago Plate 106, Chicago, Illinois, Presentation Drawing, 1909
Plate 35 from Plan of Chicago 1909: Chicago, and Diagram of Lake Michigan
Potomac Round Point, Washington D.C. Plan Sketch, 1909. Creator: Daniel Burnham
Sears Building, Chicago, Illinois, Elevation of Competition Drawing, c. 1873
Winged Victory Figure, from the Cornice of the Title Guarantee Building, 1898
Land Title and Trust Building with Addition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room: Reconstruction at the Art Institute of Chicago
Window Keystone from a Building at 223 W. Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois, c. 1872
Auditorium Building: Column Capital and Portion of a Frieze, 1887-89
Frieze Section for the Rothschild Building, Chicago, Illinois, 1881
Chicago Stock Exchange Building, Facade Panel, 1894. Creator: Adler & Sullivan
Victor Falkenau House, Chicago, Illinois, Stringcourse Element, 1888-89
Worlds Colombian Exposition Chocolate-Menier Pavilion, Chicago, Plan, Elevation
White Statuary Marble Mantel Design, Elevations and Plan, 1877
Worlds Columbian Exposition Fine Arts Museum, Chicago, Illinois, Perspective, c
Sta. Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy, Travel Sketch, 1891
Lenox Building, Chicago, Illinois, Perspective, 1872. Creator: Carter Drake and Wight
Spandrel Panel from the Saint Nicholas Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, 1892 / 93
The Fair Store: Block with Central Shell Shape from Facade, 1890 / 91, addition 1896-97
Busby Building, 128 West Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois: Window Keystone, c. 1872
Ontario Apartments, Chicago, Illinois, Elevation, 1880. Creator: Treat & Foltz
Raymond, E.G. Store and Flats: Rosette Fragment from Facade, 1884
Ravinia Park Casino Building: Window, 1904 (building demolished in 1986)
Chocolate-Menier Pavilion, Worlds Colombian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois
Chocolate-Menier Pavilion, Worlds Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois
Rathskeller Neubau, Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Two Sections, c. 1887
National Academy of Design Competition, New York, New York, South Elevation, 1861
N. C. Thompson House, Rockford, Illinois, Perspective, 1876. Creator: Peter Bonnett Wight

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