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The Blue Bird fresco from Knossos, 17th-14th century BC
A gorgon and panthers from the pediment of the temple of Artemis on Corfu
Akkadian inscription on a brick-stamp of baked clay
Minoan Clay Figurine Horse and Rider (Goddess), Terracotta, Arkhanes, Crete, c1400BC-c1100 BC
Detail from the Francois Vase, Peleus and Atalanta with Calydonian Boar Hunt, c6th century BC Artists: Ergotimos
Goats vessel, from the necropolis of Cabecico del Tesoro in Verdolay (Murcia)
Head of the Gorgon Medusa in embossing gold, piece from the royal tomb at Vergina (350 BC)
Corinthian vases decorated with black figures of animals, fantastic creatures and floral motifs
Ajax with the body of Achilles, died when hurt in the heel by an arrow shot by Paris
Gold coins, Visigothic period
Visigothic inscription, from the Germo Basilica in Espiel (Cordoba)
Head of a man wearing a kausia. (King Philip V of Macedon), Third cent. BC
Greeks fight Persians, the Alexander Sarcophagus, Sidon, 4th century BC, (20th century)
Egyptian Limestone Relief with scenes of Fields and Storehouses
Craftsmen at Work, Blacksmiths, Carriage-Maker and one asleep, c1372BC-1354BC
Alexander the Great of Macedon, Hunting detail from Alexander Sarcophagus, late 4th Century BC
Terracotta group of King and Priests, Third Dynasty of Ur, 2100 BC-2000 BC
Terracotta Fertility goddess, Ishtar (Astarte), Old Babylonian, c2000 BC
Terracotta Plague of the Hero, Gilgamesh, Old Babylonian, c2000BC-1600 BC
Detail of Woman on Etrusan Sarcophagus of Larthia Seianti from Chiusi, 6th century BC
Detail of painting on Etruscan Sarcophagus from Tarquinia, late 4th century BC
Etruscan Relief on funerary Urn, Odysseus (Ulysses) bound to mast with Sirens, c4th century BC
Christ, the Good Shepherd, Istanbul, 4th century
Minoan Sacred Dance, Palaikastro, Eastern Crete, Post-Palatial Period, c1400BC- c1100 BC
Terracotta Goddess from shrine at Karphi, Lassithi, Crete, c12th century BC
Clay Chamois Figurine from Vaulted Tomb, Porti Messaras, Crete, c2500BC
Terracotta Bull, Crete, possibly Minoan
Detail from the Francois Vase, Etruscan Tomb Find, c6th century BC. Artists: Ergotimos, Kleitias
Francois Vase found in an Etruscan Tomb, 6th century BC. Artists: Ergotimos, Kleitias
Detail of Celtic Bronze Flagon from Durrnberg near Hallein, Austria, late 5th century BC
Chariot of Diomedes, Detail from the Francois Vase, c6th century BC Artists: Ergotimos, Kleitias
Horse Rider Detail from the Francois Vase, c6th century BC. Artists: Ergotimos, Kleitias
Detail of Zeus and Hera in a chariot with Kaliope from the Francois Vase, c6th century BC Artists: Ergotimos, Kleitias
Jar with design of Owl and Panthers, Corinthian Style, 7th century BC
Mycenaean Zeus Crater, 14th Century BC
Minoan Kamares Style jug, c2000 BC
Octopus Vase from Heraklion Museum, Crete, Minoan c1500 BC
Minoan Katsambas Tomb Jug, c1400 BC
Roman Relief, Ploughing with Oxen, c1st century
Clay Votive Figurine of Man wearing Belt and Dagger, Proto-Palatial Period, 2000BC-1700 BC
Hellenistic Gorgon from a Sarcophagus from Asia Minor (Turkey), 20th century
Hercules with Cerberus from a Sarcophagus in Asia Minor (Hellenstic Period), 20th century
Roman wall painting of servants, 1st century BC
Nabatean Vase
Nabatean Vase
Minoan pot with an octopus motif
Ritual axe-head in the shape of a leopard
Late Minoan burial in a Bath Tub Sarcophagus, 11th century BC
Minoan ivory bull-leaper

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