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Portraits of Henry VIIIs six wives from 1509, (1932). Artist: Rosalind Thornycroft
The Trial of Queen Catherine, 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Henry Nelson O Neil
View of the ruins of the interior of the Church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen in Saragos
King Henry the Eighth and Anna Bullen, ca. 1728. Creator: William Hogarth
Ducat of Constance of Aragon (1282-1285), Italian, 1282-85. Creator: Unknown
Zaragoza a Pamplona y Barcelona - Puente de Zuera, ca. 1867. Creator: Juan Laurent
Zaragoza, Patio de la Casa Conocida con el Nombre de los Infantes, 1860
Zaragoza: Porta de los Gigantes, 1860. Creator: Charles Clifford
Napoli - Castel Nuovo, Arco D Aragona, c1900. Creator: Unknown
Ramiro II The Monk (1080-1157), king of Aragon (1134-1137), count of Ribagorza and Sobrarbe
Expulsion of the Jews from the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon by Elizabeth I (edict of March 31)
Ramon Berenguer IV (1113-1162), count of Barcelona and prince of Aragon
Jaime I The Conqueror (1208-1276), King of Aragon and Catalunya, miniature of the
Pedro III, The Ceremonious (1319-1387, King of Catalonia (IV of Aragon, II of Valencia )
Ramon Berenguer III El Grande (1082-1131), count of Barcelona and Ramiro II El Monje
Steam Tram from Barcelona to Sarria, circulating by Balmes Street junction with Aragon Street, 1890
Alfonso III The Liberal (1285 - 1291), King of Catalonia and Aragon
Chronic or Llibre del Rey en Pere e dels seus antecessors passats …(Book of the king Peter)
Anonymous of genealogical rolls of the Counts of Barcelona and Kings of Aragon XV century
Martin I El Humano (1356-1410), King of Aragon and Catalonia, with his son Martin The Young
Catalan troops in the campaign of Greece
Jaume Marquilles gives his book to the Counselors of Barcelona in the presence of
Interview in Alcaniz of the King James I the Conqueror (1213 - 1276) with Hugo Forcalquer
War of the Independence, siege of Zaragoza, Augustine of Aragon firing the cannon
The Surrender of Granada, painted from 1879 to 1882
Battle of Muret, 1213, King D. Pedro II of Aragon died in battle, engraving
Reverse of a one-cruzado coin in silver, from the reign of Peter III, The Ceremonious
Execution of judge of Aragon, Juan de Lanuza, by order of King Philip II in 1591
Proclamation for the expulsion of the Moors in the Kingdom of Aragon, published by the Hon
Engagement between the Count of Barcelona Ramon Berenguer IV and Petronilla of Aragon
Death of Roger de Flor and other almogavars at the hands of the Byzantines (1305), drawing, 1920
King Pedro IV of Aragon and his court receiving the emissaries of King Peter I of Castile
Peter II (III of Aragon) in the battle of Panissars (1285), engraving (from a painting
Bulls factory, oil on table (Back: Rifle bulls factory of Josef Mallen in the Sierra
Battle of Muret, 12 / 09 / 1213, King Pedro I of Catalonia and II of Aragon died in battle
Alphonse III The Benign (1327-1336) presiding the courts held in Montblanc, in 1330
The Virgin of the Catholic Kings, oil on panel, 1490
The Conquest of Mallorca
Peter IV (1319-1387), King of Aragon. Artist: Mateu, Jaume (before 1402-after 1452)
James I (1208-1276), King of Aragon. Artist: Mateu, Jaume (before 1402-after 1452)
Alfonso V (1396-1458), King of Aragon. Artist: Mateu, Jaume (before 1402-after 1452)
Alfonso III (1265-1291), King of Aragon. Artist: Mateu, Jaume (before 1402-after 1452)
The Madonna of the Catholic Monarchs, 1491-1493. Artist: Master of Madonna of the Catholic Monarchs
James I (1208-1276), King of Aragon, 19th century. Artist: Martinez Cubells, Salvador (1845-1914)
King James I the Conqueror Gives His Sword to His Son, Pedro, 1881. Artist: Pinazo Camarlench, Ignacio (1849-1916)
The trial of Queen Catherine, 1529 (1905)
Catherine of Aragon, c1515, (1902)
The prince extorts an amnesty from Pedro the Cruel, 1367 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle

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