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The Annunciation, c1438-1445, (c1900-1920).Artist: Fra Angelico
Introducing Georges Carpentier, 1921. Creator: George Wesley Bellows
His Excellency the President of the Ministerial Council announcing the birth of... 1886. 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Incorporation of the Town of Chelsford, 1888. Creator: Unknown
The Graphic, Front Cover Saturday July 7th. 1888, 1888. Creator: Unknown
The Annunciation, ca. 1485-92. Creator: Sandro Botticelli
Die Meldung, mid-late 19th century, (c1924). Creator: Carl Spitzweg
The Announcement, page from 'A Picture Book of Stage Fans (Ehon butai ogi)'
Delaying the announcement of dawn, c. 1767 / 68. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
The Annunciation, Mantua, 1484 / 1519. Creator: Unknown
Paine Appointed Administrator, Washington D.C. USA, 1969. Creator: NASA
Newspaper Brand Announcements, c. 1942. Creator: Elizabeth Johnson
Annunciation, 1594. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius
The Annunciation, late 15th-early 16th century. Creator: Hans Wechtlin the Elder
The Annunciation. Creator: Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli
The Annunciation, ca. 1480-1500. Creator: Alesso di Benozzo
The Annunciation, ca. 1585. Creator: Peter Candid
Annunciation in an Initial M, ca. 1310-15. Creator: Maestro Daddesco
The Annunciation, ca. 1525. Creator: Joos van Cleve
The Annunciation, ca. 1450. Creator: Petrus Christus
The creation of a new German republic, Reichstag, Berlin, 9 November 1918, (c1920)
The Kaisers proclamation of war against Britain...Berlin, Germany, 4 August 1914, (1933)
The End of the Crimean War: The Proclamation of Peace at Charing Cross, April 1856, (1901)
Proclamation of Queen Victoria at St. Jamess Palace, June 31, 1837, (1901). Creator: Unknown
The Annunciation, 1915. Creator: Unknown
Declaring the Poll at Epping, 1924, (1945). Creator: Unknown
The Annunciation, mid 18th century, (1928). Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Announcement of the Birth of Prince Heir to the authorities, 1907, King Alfonso XIII of Spain
Billposter sticking bills up on a wall, 1815. Artist: John Thomas Smith
Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and the Duke of York upon the announcement of their engagement, 1923. Artist: Vandyk
Edward VIII giving his abdication broadcast to the nation and the Empire, 11th December 1936
We are beaten, o Romans, in a great battle, our army is destroyed, c1912 (1912)
Happiest announcement for five years. The Prime Minister broadcasts the glad news. V.E. Day was her
An extraordinary bulletin by The London Gazette anouncing the death of King George V (1865-1936)
Advert for Cow & Gate Ltd. 1951
Augustus presents the constitution, Lyon, France, 10 BC (1882-1884)
Augustus establishes the centre of government of Gaul in Lyon, 28 BC (1882-1884).Artist: Bertrand
Broadside published on the death of Queen Anne, 1714 (1906)
The Grand Duke Nicholas announcing the treaty of peace, San Stefano, Turkey, 19th century
Town crier, Cambridge, England, 1936. Artist: Donald McLeish
The Nativity and the Annunciation to the Shepherds, early 13th century
The Annunciation, 1413-1419
Bulletin of the Kings medical progress fixed to the palace railings, 1928, (1935)
Billeting, 1883, (1938). Artist: Eugene Fichel
Declaring the result of the poll during the general election, Leeds, West Yorkshire, 1880
Proclamation of George I as King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1714.Artist: W Thomas
Heralds at the Mansion House proclaiming the queen as Empress of India, London, May 1876, (1900)
The King of Prussia Addressing the Berliners, 1848, (1900).Artist: William Barnes Wollen

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