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Fremantle, 1886.Artist: Julian Ashton
Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, 1886.Artist: Albert Henry Fullwood
Saint Andrew. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
Swiss Re Gherkin, 2009. Creator: Ethel Davies
A Samoan belle, wearing necklaces of teeth and shells, 1902. Artist: Thomas Andrew
The Last Supper, 1803. Artist: Michael Kock
Saint Andrea Corsini dressed as Bishop of Fiesole, holding a crosier and looking... ca
Saint Andrew, 1595-1616. Creator: Jacques Bellange
Martyrdom of St. Andrew. Creator: Carlo Maratti
Saint Andrew standing in profile holding a large cross from a series of Twelve Apo
The Risen Christ between Saint Andrew and Saint Longinus, ca. 1472
Procession in honour of the late General Jackson, at New York, 1845. Creator: Unknown
The Hermitage, the Residence and Burial Place of General Jackson, 1845. Creator: Unknown
The late General Jackson, 1845. Creator: Unknown
Grand Fantastical Parade, New-York, December 2, 1833. Creator: Hassan Straightshanks
General Andrew Jackson, June 1828. Creator: Asher Brown Durand
Christ calling Saint Andrew, who kneels before him on a beach, and Saint Peter
Saint Andrew, ca. 1610. Creator: Workshop of El Greco (Spanish, ca. 1610)
Mrs. Andrew Sigourney, Ca. 1820. Creator: Gilbert Stuart
General Andrew Jackson, ca. 1819. Creator: John Wesley Jarvis
Portrait of a Man, 1828. Creator: Andrew Robertson
Mill Bridge and Waterfall, early-mid 19th century, (1947). Creator: Andrew Hunt
The Monastery and Madras College, 1898. Creator: Unknown
A. Fletcher, (1655-1716), 1830. Creator: Unknown
A. Gifford D.D. (1700-1784), 1830. Creator: Unknown
William Gostling, 1777, (1801). Creator: Francesco Bartolozzi
Doria, (1466-1560), 1830. Creator: Unknown
A portrait of General Andrew Pickens, c1790, (1937). Creator: Unknown
Capture of Andrew Hofer (1810), 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Battle of Stirling Castle, (1297) 1890. Creator: Unknown
The capture of Andreas Hofer, 1809, (1936). Creator: Unknown
Atterbury, c1800. Creator: Andrew Birrell
Jackson Statue, Lafayette Square, Washington DC, USA, c1900. Creator: Unknown
Ballade of a Choice of Ghosts, 1886. Artist: Harry Furniss
The Vocation of St. Peter, sculptural relief, marble, c
Saint Andrew, c. 1324-1325
The Saint Apostle Andrew and Saint Grand Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky, 1650-1660
The Saint Apostle Andrew
Portrait of a Man as Saint Andrew. Artist: Master of the Magdalen Legend (active ca 1483-1527)
Martyrdom of Saint Andrew. Artist: Ribera, Jose, de (1591-1652)
The Saint Apostle Andrew (From the Deesis Range). Artist: Russian icon
The Saint Apostle Andrew (From the Deesis Range), 1497. Artist: Russian icon
The Saint Apostle Andrew, 1645. Artist: Fomin, Terenty (active 1646?1670)
Saint Andrew the Apostle erects a cross on Kiev heights, 1848. Artist: Lomtev, Nikolai Petrovich (1816-1859)
Martyrdom of the Apostles. Left panel. Artist: Lochner, Stephan (ca 1400 / 10-1451)
Othello. Act 4. Scene 2. An Apartment in the Castle. Desdemona & Othello, 1801. Artist: Andrew Michel
Rounding Up A Straggler On A Cattle Run, Australia, 1886. Artist: Frank P Mahony
A Samoan girl, with chaplet of hibiscus flowers, 1902. Artist: Thomas Andrew

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