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25th Century Bc Gallery

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Blade, Neolithic period, c. 2500 / 2000 B.C. Creator: Unknown
Cup, Egypt, Early Dynastic Period-Old Kingdom, Dynasty 1-4 (about 3000-2498 BCE)
Vessel, Egypt, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5-8 (about 2494-2160 BCE). Creator: Unknown
Fragment of a Tomb Wall Depicting Donkeys, Egypt, Old Kingdom
Saqqara - Tomb of Ptahotep - Mural Decoration, c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
Stonehenge, 1944. Artist: Frith & Co
The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, Scotland. Artist: Werner Forman
The Ring of Brodgar at moonrise, Orkney, Scotland. Artist: Werner Forman
Detail from the so-called Standard of Ur, side B, Sumerian, early dynastic period, c2500 BC
Wooden statue of Perhernofret, Ancient Egyptian, 5th dynasty, c2450-2300 BC. Artist
Fragment of a relief from the cult temple of Sahure, Ancient Egyptian, 5th dynasty, c2467-2435 BC
Fragment of a relief, Ancient Egyptian, 5th dynasty, c2494-2345 BC. Artist: Werner Forman
Sumerian marble mace head, Iraq, c2400-2000 BC. Artist: Werner Forman
Stonehenge, c1900. Artist: Frith & Co
Khafre, Ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 4th dynasty, 26th-25th century BC (1926). Artist: Winifred Mabel Brunton
Prince Rahotep and His Wife Nofret, Egypt, 4th Dynasty
Statue of Memi and Sabu, 26th-25th century BC
Ancient Egyptian figure of a seated scribe, 25th-24th century BC
Ancient Egyptian stele with hieroglyphics, 27th-25th century BC
Climbing of the Pyramid, Egypt, 1880. Artist: Bh Fiedlen
The Sphinx and Pyramids, Egypt, 1880. Artist: Bh Fiedlen
Pyramids at Giza, Egypt, 19th Century. Artist: Hector Horeau
Dawn at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, c20th century. Artist: CM Dixon
Stonehenge from the west, 25th century BC
Trilithon at Stonehenge, 25th century BC
Trilithon at Stonehenge
Stonehenge, 25th century BC
Stonehenge at sunrise, 25th century BC
Cycladic marble figure, 25th century BC
Head of Sekhemka, chief of the scribes of the fields, 25th century BC
Cycladic harp-player made of marble
Frying pan figure from Syros, 25th century BC
Rhinoceros in a Pakistani steatite seal, 25th century BC
Interior of a Neolithic Passage Grave, 33rd-25th century BC
Trilithons in Stonehenge
Babylonian helmet of Prince Meskalamdur
Akkadian cylinder-seal impression of a hero fighting a lion
Akkadian cylinder-seal impression of Gilgamesh and a Lion
Akkadian cylinder-seal impression
The Flute Player, 25th century BC
Egyptian tomb figure of a woman grinding corn using a saddle quern, c2500 BC
Ur-Nanshe, king of Lagash, Sumeria, c2500 BC
Cycladic figures, 25th century BC
Cycladic male seated figure, 25th century BC
Roman theatre at Aosta, Italy, 25th century BC
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England, 1836
Vessel, Egypt, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5-6 (about 2494-2181 BCE). Creator: Unknown
Wall Fragment from a Tomb Depicting Offering Bearers, Egypt, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6
Head, probably from a bearded male votive statuette, with large eye recesses for inlay

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