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a studio montparnasse c1926 1935 creator
'A Studio in Montparnasse', c1926, (1935). Creator: CRW Nevinson
long john baldry 100 club london 1993 creator
Long John Baldry, 100 Club, London, 1993. Creator: Brian Foskett
lord anson 1829 creator j jenkins
'Lord Anson', (1829). Creator: J Jenkins
suffragette arrested c1910 1947 creator
Suffragette being arrested, c1910, (1947). Creator: Unknown
first class smoking room cunard liner franconia
'First Class Smoking-Room in the Cunard Liner "Franconia", . Creator
at races c1866 1868 1937 creator edgar
'At the Races', c1866-1868, (1937). Creator: Edgar Degas
launch orama orient line 20000 tons c1930
'Launch of the "Orama" (Orient Line), 20,000 Tons', c1930. Creator
auriculas c1802 1821 1948 creator thomas
'Auriculas', c1802-1821, (1948). Creator: Thomas Baxter
picotees c1802 1821 1948 creator thomas
'Picotees', c1802-1821, (1948). Creator: Thomas Baxter
christina rossetti mother frances rossetti 1863
Christina Rossetti and her mother Frances Rossetti, 1863, (1948). Creator: Lewis Carroll
george macdonald daughter lilia scott macdonald
George Macdonald and his daughter Lilia Scott MacDonald, c1863, (1948)
it wont come straight july 1863 1948 creator
'It won't come straight', July 1863, (1948). Creator: Lewis Carroll
beatrice henley c1862 1948 creator lewis
Beatrice Henley, c1862, (1948). Creator: Lewis Carroll
effie gray john everett millais daughters effie mary
Effie Gray, John Everett Millais, and their daughters Effie and Mary, 21 July 1865
horsemen shore 1902 1937 creator paul
'Horsemen on the Shore', 1902, (1937). Creator: Paul Gauguin
bridge hampton court 1874 1937 creator
'Bridge At Hampton Court', 1874, (1937). Creator: Alfred Sisley
the bridge seine argenteuil 1874 1937 creator
'The Bridge Over the Seine at Argenteuil', 1874, (1937). Creator: Claude Monet
in greenhouse 1879 1937 creator edouard
'In the Greenhouse', 1879, (1937). Creator: Edouard Manet
the boat 1874 1937 creator edouard manet
'The Boat', 1874, (1937). Creator: Edouard Manet
the cestello annunciation 1489 1937 creator
'The Cestello Annunciation', 1489, (1937). Creator: Sandro Botticelli
the piper 1866 1937 creator edouard manet
'The Piper', 1866, (1937). Creator: Edouard Manet
the picnic 1863 1937 creator edouard manet
'The Picnic', 1863, (1937). Creator: Edouard Manet
prima ballerina c1876 1937 creator edgar
'Prima Ballerina', c1876, (1937). Creator: Edgar Degas
madonna child saints john 1485 1937 creator
Detail from 'Madonna and Child with both Saints John', 1485, (1937). Creator
madonna enthroned saints 1483 1937 creator
'Madonna Enthroned with Six Saints, 1483, (1937). Creator: Sandro Botticelli
graces primavera c1478 1937 creator sandro
The Three Graces, detail from 'Primavera', c1478, (1937)
adoration magi 1476 1937 creator sandro
'Adoration of the Magi', 1476, (1937). Creator: Sandro Botticelli
the return judith bethulia c1470 1937 creator
'The Return of Judith to Bethulia', c1470, (1937). Creator: Sandro Botticelli
portrait youth c1485 1937 creator sandro
'Portrait of a Youth', c1485, (1937). Creator: Sandro Botticelli
seated peasant woman 1881 1939 creator
'Seated Peasant Woman', 1881, (1939). Creator: Camille Pissarro
chaponval 1880 1939 creator camille
'Chaponval', 1880, (1939). Creator: Camille Pissarro
the orchard 1879 1939 creator camille
'The Orchard', 1879, (1939). Creator: Camille Pissarro
the woodcutter 1878 1939 creator camille
'The Woodcutter', 1878, (1939). Creator: Camille Pissarro
a rescue sea c1930 creator unknown
'A Rescue at Sea', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the entrance village 1872 1939 creator
'The Entrance to a Village', 1872, (1939). Creator: Camille Pissarro
the terra nova famous whaler taken british
'The "Terra Nova", A Famous Whaler That Has Taken Part In Several British
divers plugging leak salvage operations waist deep
'Divers Plugging A Leak During Salvage Operations Waist-Deep In Water On the Lower
a diver euphonium swords german kaiser scuttled
'A Diver With Euphonium and Swords from the German "Kaiser" Scuttled at Scapa'
the olympic white star line sea c1930 creator
'The "Olympic" (White Star Line) At Sea', c1930. Creator: Unknown
for practice only c1930 creator unknown
'For Practice Only', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the arethusa creator unknown
"The "Arethusa", . Creator: Unknown
the harwich zeebrugge train ferry c1930 creator
'The Harwich-Zeebrugge Train Ferry', c1930. Creator: Unknown
a new jersey ferry boat bringing morning business
'A New Jersey Ferry-Boat Bringing Morning Business Crowds Into New York City From
unloading foodships royal albert docks london
'Unloading Foodships at the Royal Albert Docks, London', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the minnewaska atlantic transport line 21
'The Minnewaska (Atlantic Transport Line), (21,998 tons)', c1930. Creator
swimming pool berengaria creator unknown
'Swimming Pool, "Berengaria", . Creator: Unknown
the lavishly decorated main dining saloon leviathan
'The Lavishly Decorated Main Dining Saloon of the "Leviathan".', c1930
palm court lounge majestic c1930 creator
'Palm Court and Lounge in the Majestic', c1930. Creator: Unknown
cutty sark famous old china clipper broke speed
"Cutty Sark," The Famous Old China Clipper Which Broke All Speed Records
part crankshaft mv britannic white star
'Part of the Crankshaft of M.V. "Britannic" (White Star), 27,000 Tons'
boat drill aboard aquitania c1930 creator
'Boat Drill Aboard the "Aquitania".', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the belgenland red star line 27132 tons c1930
'The "Belgenland" (Red Star Line), 27,132 Tons', c1930. Creator
the cunard aurania 14000 tons stocks newcastle on tyne
'The Cunard "Aurania" (14,000 Tons) on the Stocks at Newcastle-On-Tyne'
the white star liner doric construction c1930
'The White Star Liner "Doric" Under Construction', c1930. Creator
messrs harland wolffs drawing office belfast
'Messrs. Harland & Wolff's Drawing Office, Belfast', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the white star liner doric 16484 tons
'The White Star Liner "Doric" (16,484 Tons), . Creator: Unknown
the olympic 46439 tons shown section c1930
'The Olympic (46,439 Tons) Shown in Section', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the minnewaska atlantic transport line 21
'The Minnewaska (Atlantic Transport Line), 21,716 Tons', c1930. Creator: W
cleaning hull majestic dry dock c1930 creator
'Cleaning the Hull of the "Majestic" in Dry Dock', c1930. Creator
boat deck leviathan c1930 creator unknown
'Boat Deck of the "Leviathan".', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the mauretania cunard line 30696 tons c1930
'The "Mauretania" (Cunard Line), 30,696 Tons', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the aquitana cunard line 45647 tons c1930
'The "Aquitana" (Cunard Line), 45,647 Tons', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the royal mail motor liner asturias 22500
'The Royal Mail Motor Liner "Asturias" (22,500 Tons Gross)', c1930
st bartholomew mid late 19th century creator
'St Bartholomew', mid-late 19th century. Creator: Wilhelm Kandler
the mauretania cherbourg c1930 creator
'The "Mauretania" at Cherbourg', c1930. Creator: Unknown
st john mid late 19th century creator
'St. John', mid-late 19th century. Creator: Unknown
st matthias mid late 19th century creator
'St. Matthias', mid-late 19th century. Creator: Wilhelm Kandler
st judas thaddeus mid late 19th century creator
'St. Judas Thaddeus', mid-late 19th century. Creator: Wilhelm Kandler
st simon mid late 19th century creator wilhelm
'St. Simon', mid-late 19th century. Creator: Wilhelm Kandler
william beckford esquire 1798 creator john
'William Beckford Esquire', (1798). Creator: John Chapman
prince jerome napoleon 1874 creator faustin
'Prince Jerome Napoleon', 1874. Creator: Faustin
francoise damboise duchess brittany c1840
'Françoise d'Amboise, Duchess of Brittany', c1840
street scene egypt c1907 creator walter
Street scene, Egypt, c1907. Creator: Walter Tyndale
frontispieces tristram shandy 1808 1827 creator
Frontispieces to Tristram Shandy, 1808, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook
isaac oliver creator unknown
'Isaac Oliver'. Creator: Unknown
muratori 19th century creator dolfino
'Muratori', (19th century). Creator: Dolfino
mr pine 1808 1827 creator thomas cook
'Mr. Pine', 1808, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook
the bathos 1807 1827 creator thomas cook
'The Bathos', 1807, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook
la reine marie antoinette 1783 creator
'La Reine Marie-Antoinette', 1783. Creator: Unknown
a night scene 1809 1827 creator thomas
'A Night Scene', 1809, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook
trade card mary ann hogarths shop 1807 1827
Trade card for Mary and Ann Hogarth's shop, 1807, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook
don diegue c1820s creator godefroy engelmann
'Don Diegue', c1820s. Creator: Godefroy Engelmann
characters caricaturas 1807 1827 creator
'Characters and Caricaturas', 1807, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook
mrs w west desdemona 1818 creator john
'Mrs. W. West as Desdemona', 1818. Creator: John Peter Thompson
happy ascetic 1724 leveridges songs 1727 1809
The Happy Ascetic, 1724, and Leveridge's Songs, 1727, (1809), (1827). Creator
the battle vittoria june 21 1813 19th century
'The Battle of Vittoria, June 21 - 1813', (19th century). Creator: Unknown
the battle boyne july 1st 1690 1785 creator
'The Battle of the Boyne. July 1st 1690', (1785). Creator: John Goldar
chaptal late professor chemistry montpellier
'Chaptal. Late Professor of Chemistry at Montpellier', 19th century. Creator
general john desborough 1820s creator r
'General John Desborough', (1820s). Creator: R Cooper
roman columns 1889 creator w ak johnston
Roman columns, 1889. Creator: W & AK Johnston
scene hamlet 19th century creator unknown
Scene from "Hamlet", 19th century. Creator: Unknown
pope john xvii creator unknown
Pope John XVII. Creator: Unknown
st peters north flank elevation 1889 creator
'St. Peter's - north flank elevation', 1889. Creator: George Aikman
coll corbet regicide 1810 creator unknown
'Coll. Corbet. Regicide', (1810). Creator: Unknown
pope anicetus creator unknown
Pope Anicetus. Creator: Unknown
pope john ix creator unknown
Pope John IX. Creator: Unknown
st pauls south flank elevation 1889 creator
'St. Paul's - south flank elevation', 1889. Creator: W & AK Johnston
sir walter scott 19th century creator unknown
Sir Walter Scott, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
pope leo iii creator unknown
Pope Leo III. Creator: Unknown


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