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wild hunt odin 1872 creator arbo peter nicolai
The wild Hunt of Odin, 1872. Creator: Arbo, Peter Nicolai (1831-1892)
women embracing 1913 creator schiele egon
Two Women Embracing , 1913. Creator: Schiele, Egon (1890-1918)
standing female nude study beethoven frieze 1901
Standing Female Nude (Study for The Beethoven Frieze), 1901. Creator: Klimt, Gustav
abstract figure left 1923 creator schlemmer
Abstract figure to the left, 1923. Creator: Schlemmer, Oskar (1888-1943)
the battle agincourt 1773 creator william
'The Battle of Agincourt', 1773. Creator: William Walker
moths 19th century creator unknown
Moths, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
dorothea kannengiesser 1525 1526 1943 creator
Dorothea Kannengiesser, 1525-1526, (1943). Creator: Hans Holbein the Younger
map assyria chaldea adjacent countries 1890
'Map of Assyria, Chaldea and Adjacent Countries', 1890. Creator: Unknown
bombay taj gateway c1930 creator unknown
'Bombay - Taj & Gateway', c1930. Creator: Unknown
bridge ponte salvatico creator leonardo
The Bridge ("Ponte salvatico"). Creator: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
virgin child saint anne c1508 creator leonardo
The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, c.1508. Creator: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
leonardo da vinci creator leonardo da vinci
Leonardo da Vinci. Creator: Leonardo Da Vinci, Follower
imam ali ali ibn abi talib sons hasan husayn 1871
Imam Ali (Ali ibn Abi Talib) with his sons Hasan and Husayn, 1871. Creator: Anonymous
virgin child st anne st john baptist 1499 1500
The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist, 1499-1500, (1943). Creator
international cricket match kennington oval
'International Cricket Match at Kennington Oval', late 19th century. Creator
birmingham c1910 creator unknown
'Birmingham', c1910. Creator: Unknown
mount tarawera late 19th early 20th century
'Mount Tarawera', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
napier nz late 19th early 20th century creator
'Napier, N.Z.', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
description plate showing age indicated teeth
'Description of Plate Showing the Age, As Indicated By The Teeth', c1879. Creator
a state carriage horse c1879 creator unknown
'A State Carriage Horse', c1879. Creator: Unknown
mr charles davis huntsman royal buckhounds
'Mr Charles Davis - Huntsman of the Royal Buckhounds', c1860s, (c1879). Creator
a pupil la haute ecole don balthazar infante
'A Pupil of La Haute Ecole - Don Balthazar, Infante of Spain', c1640, (c1879
entire pony hack don carlos c1897 creator
'Entire Pony Hack "Don Carlos", c1897. Creator: Unknown
fuller pilch c1850s creator unknown
'Fuller Pilch', c1850s. Creator: Unknown
agra jumma musjid c1910 creator unknown
'Agra. The Jumma Musjid', c1910. Creator: Unknown
where going pretty maid c1882 creator randolph
'Where are you going, my Pretty Maid', c1882. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
george ii 1773 creator charles grignion
'George II', 1773. Creator: Charles Grignion
combat edmund ironside canute great 1773 creator
'Combat between Edmund Ironside and Canute the Great', 1773
richard i mortally wounded arrow shot bertram
'Richard I mortally wounded by an Arrow shot by Bertram de Gourdon from the Walls
death lord hastings 1773 creator william
'Death of Lord Hastings', 1773. Creator: William Walker
ranji 1897 creator sir leslie matthew ward
'Ranji', 1897. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
the croucher 1901 creator sir leslie matthew
'The Croucher', 1901. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
henry ii 1773 creator charles grignion
'Henry II', 1773. Creator: Charles Grignion
yorkshire cricket 1892 creator sir leslie
'Yorkshire Cricket', 1892. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
agra jasmine tower c1910 creator unknown
'Agra. The Jasmine Tower', c1910. Creator: Unknown
edward black prince waiting john king france
'Edward the Black Prince waiting on John King of France his Prisoner', 1773
repton oxford somerset 1903 creator sir
'Repton, Oxford & Somerset', 1903. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
agra balcony jasmine tower c1910 creator
'Agra. Balcony of the Jasmine Tower', c1910. Creator: Unknown
the maid orleans receiving sword st catherine 1773
'The Maid of Orleans receiving the Sword of St. Catherine', 1773. Creator
le vieux moulin et leglise old windmill church
'Le vieux Moulin et l'Eglise', (Old Windmill and Church), c1900. Creator
agra dewan i khas showing taj c1910 creator
'Agra. The Dewan-i-Khas Showing the Taj', c1910. Creator: Unknown
hengest horsa meeting king vortigern isle thanet
'Hengest and Horsa meeting King Vortigern, in the Isle of Thanet', 1773. Creator
portrait woman possibly isabella i castile late
Portrait of a woman, possibly Isabella I of Castile, late 15th-early 16th century, (1930)
le dunes et la plage sand dunes beach c1900
'Le Dunes et la Plage', (Sand Dunes and Beach), c1900. Creator: Unknown
agra dewan i khas hall public audience c1910
'Agra. The Dewan-i-Khas or Hall of Public Audience', c1910. Creator: Unknown
lheure des bains bathing time c1900 creator
'L'Heure des Bains', (Bathing Time), c1900. Creator: Unknown
agra interior moti musjid pearl mosque c1910
'Agra. Interior of the Moti Musjid. (Pearl Mosque.)', c1910. Creator: Unknown
sikandra tomb akbar monument roof c1910 creator
'Sikandra. The Tomb of Akbar. Monument on Roof', c1910. Creator: Unknown
and fell playing game catch as catch can
'...and they all fell to playing the game of catch-as-catch-can...', c1885
fathers gone hunting c1880 creator edmund
'Father's gone a hunting', c1880. Creator: Edmund Evans
william conqueror seizing brother odo bishop
'William the Conqueror seizing his Brother Odo, Bishop of Bayeaux & Earl of Kent'
lords cricket ground 19th century creator
'Lord's Cricket Ground', 19th century. Creator: Unknown
agra taj mahal near view c1910 creator
'Agra. The Taj Mahal near view', c1910. Creator: Unknown
some loitered way c1885 1934 creator
'...Some loitered on the way', c1885, (1934). Creator: Randolph Caldecott
henry i 1773 creator charles grignion
'Henry I', 1773. Creator: Charles Grignion
the duke somerset killing lord wenlock 1773
'The Duke of Somerset killing Lord Wenlock', 1773. Creator: William Walker
alfred great making collection laws 1773 creator
'Alfred the Great making a collection of Laws', 1773. Creator: Charles Grignion
athelstan saves fathers life taking leofrid
'Athelstan saves his Father's life by taking Leofrid the Dane Prisoner', 1773
enfants au bain children bathing c1900 creator
'Enfants au Bain', (Children Bathing), c1900. Creator: Unknown
agra khas mahal zenana c1910 creator unknown
'Agra. The Khas Mahal and Zenana', c1910. Creator: Unknown
sikandra gateway tomb akbar c1910 creator
'Sikandra. Gateway of the Tomb of Akbar', c1910. Creator: Unknown
so went garden c1885 1934 creator randolph
'So she went into the garden', c1885, (1934). Creator: Randolph Caldecott
the babes wood c1878 creator randolph
'The Babes in the Wood', c1878. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
alfred disguised character harper viewing danish
'Alfred, disguised in the Character of a Harper, viewing the Danish Camp', 1773
lavenue elisabeth c1900 creator unknown
'L'Avenue Elisabeth', c1900. Creator: Unknown
captain scott writing journal c1911 1928
'Captain Scott Writing Up His Journal', c1911, (1928). Creator: Herbert Ponting
good man islington setting church c1879 creator
The good man of Islington setting out to church, c1879. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
duke queensberry dover presenting act union queen
The Duke of Queensberry and Dover presenting the Act of Union to Queen Anne', 1773
richard iii killed bosworth field 1773 creator
'Richard III Killed in Bosworth-Field', 1773. Creator: William Walker
cardinal wolsey resigning great seal dukes norfolk
'Cardinal Wolsey resigning the Great Seal for the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk'
henry ii serving first dish son henrys table 1773
'Henry II serving the first dish to his son Henry's table', 1773. Creator
lavenue lippens c1900 creator unknown
'L'Avenue Lippens', c1900. Creator: Unknown
the thing did find gruntin grindin grindle stone
'...the next thing they did find, Was a gruntin', grindin' grindle-stone
william ii 1773 creator unknown
'William II', 1773. Creator: Unknown
paulinus baptising edwin first christian king
'Paulinus baptising Edwin, the first Christian King of Northumberland, at York'
la place publique et lavenue lippens town
'La Place Publique et l'Avenue Lippens', (Town Square and Avenue Lippens)
plum 1903 creator sir leslie matthew ward
'Plum', 1903. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
sammy 1892 creator stuff
'Sammy', 1892. Creator: Stuff
lady mary bruce exposed public spectacle roxburgh
'Lady Mary Bruce exposed, as a public spectacle at Roxburgh Castle, by order of Edward I'
le grand hotel c1900 creator unknown
'Le Grand Hotel', c1900. Creator: Unknown
agra dewan i am hall public audience c1910
'Agra. The Dewan-i-am, or Hall of Public Audience', c1910. Creator: Unknown
fatehpur sikri pillar dewan i khas c1910 creator
'Fatehpur Sikri. Pillar in the Dewan-i-Khas', c1910. Creator: Unknown
she slumberd pew c1885 1934 creator randolph
'She never slumber'd in her pew', c1885, (1934). Creator: Randolph Caldecott
neighbours dressing good man islingtons bite c1879
Neighbours dressing the good man of Islington's bite, c1879
la place publique town square c1900 creator
'La Place Publique', (Town Square), c1900. Creator: Unknown
the maid garden hanging clothes 1880 creator
'The Maid was in the Garden, Hanging out the Clothes', 1880
the britons submitting claudius 1773 creator
'The Britons submitting to Claudius', 1773. Creator: James Taylor
fatehpur sikri tomb sheik salem christi c1910
'Fatehpur Sikri. Tomb of Sheik Salem Christi', c1910. Creator: Unknown
customer pawn shop c1885 1934 creator randolph
Customer in a pawn shop, c1885, (1934). Creator: Randolph Caldecott
walking mouseys hall c1883 creator randolph
'Walking to Mousey's Hall', c1883. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
odun earl devon taking danish standard 1773
'Odun, Earl of Devon taking the Danish Standard', 1773. Creator: James Taylor
this huntin doesnt pay 1880 creator randolph
"This huntin' doesn't pay", 1880. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
cricket 1877 creator sir leslie matthew ward
'Cricket', 1877. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward
agra balcony jasmine tower showing taj c1910
'Agra. Balcony of the Jasmine Tower, showing the Taj', c1910. Creator: Unknown
bye baby bunting 1882 creator randolph
'Bye, Baby Bunting', 1882. Creator: Randolph Caldecott
henry vi 1773 creator charles grignion
'Henry VI', 1773. Creator: Charles Grignion
charles i demanding members house commons 1773
'Charles I demanding the five members in the House of Commons', 1773. Creator
cromwell dissolving long parliament 1773 creator
'Cromwell dissolving the Long Parliament', 1773. Creator: Charles Grignion
richard duke gloucester accusing queen edward
'Richard Duke of Gloucester accusing the Queen of Edward IV with Witchcraft'


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