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5 Jul 2019

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1662 Items

our village c1890 1936 creator hubert
'Our Village', c1890, (1936). Creator: Hubert von Herkomer
british jockeys 1934 1935 creator unknown
British jockeys, 1934, (1935). Creator: Unknown
novembre 1896 creator eugene samuel grasset
'Novembre', 1896. Creator: Eugene Samuel Grasset
decembre 1896 creator eugene samuel grasset
'Décembre', 1896. Creator: Eugene Samuel Grasset
submission henry iv canossa 1077 1890 creator
'Submission of Henry IV. At Canossa', (1077), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the death roland roncesvalles 778ad 1890
'The Death of Roland at Roncesvalles', (778AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
interview coriolanus wife mother 1890 creator
'Interview Between Coriolanus and His Wife and Mother', 1890. Creator: Unknown
londons new all weather bus 1927 1935 creator
'London's New All-Weather Bus', 1927, (1935). Creator: Unknown
escaped chimpanzee 1930 creator unknown
An escaped chimpanzee, 1930. Creator: Unknown
tragic masked ball 1930 creator unknown
A tragic masked ball, 1930. Creator: Unknown
naval disarmament 1930 creator unknown
Naval disarmament, 1930. Creator: Unknown
electric light modern necessity 1920 creator
'Electric Light is a modern necessity', 1920. Creator: Unknown
a dovecote garden dowager marchioness bute st
'A Dovecote - in the garden of Dowager Marchioness of Bute, St. John's Lodge
rustic treatment summer house tree ideal
'Rustic Treatment. - Summer House in a Tree, an ideal Tea House', 1920. Creator
the ideal kitchen ideal home british commercial
'The Ideal Kitchen for the Ideal Home - The British Commercial Gas Association'
great building exhibition olympia 1920 creator
'Great Building Exhibition - Olympia', 1920. Creator: Unknown
baxendales 1920 creator unknown
'Baxendales', 1920. Creator: Unknown
moreton old hall congleton 1920 creator
'Moreton Old Hall, Congleton', 1920. Creator: Unknown
truly rural delightful old sussex cottage amberley
'Truly Rural - A delightful old Sussex Cottage at Amberley', 1920. Creator
king alfred disguise rebuked neat herds wife
'King Alfred in disguise rebuked by the Neat Herd's Wife for letting the Cakes burn'
mammals c1910 creator unknown
'Mammals', c1910. Creator: Unknown
thor electric washing machine chas e beck co
'Thor: Electric Washing Machine - Chas E. Beck & Co. Ltd', 1920. Creator: Unknown
king john signing magna charta june 5 1215 1783
'King John signing Magna Charta, June 5, 1215', 1783. Creator: Unknown
sonora highest class gramophone world 1920
'Sonora - The Highest Class Gramophone in the World', 1920. Creator: Unknown
edward martyr stabbed order step mother elfrida
'Edward the Martyr stabbed by order of his Step Mother, Elfrida, at Corfe Castle'
reptiles c1910 creator unknown
'Reptiles', c1910. Creator: Unknown
insects c1910 creator unknown
'Insects', c1910. Creator: Unknown
birds c1910 creator unknown
'Birds', c1910. Creator: Unknown
palaeontology c1910 creator unknown
'Palaeontology', c1910. Creator: Unknown
ethnology c1910 creator unknown
'Ethnology', c1910. Creator: Unknown
ethnology c1910 creator unknown
'Ethnology', c1910. Creator: Unknown
fishes c1910 creator unknown
'Fishes', c1910. Creator: Unknown
mollusca c1910 creator unknown
'Mollusca', c1910. Creator: Unknown
le grand conde 1621 1686 c1830 creator
'Le Grand Conde', (1621-1686), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech
gretry 1741 1813 c1830 creator francois seraphin
'Gretry', (1741-1813), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech
berthier 1753 1815 c1830 creator francois seraphin
'Berthier', (1753-1815), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech
ferdinand phillippe lis cles hri duc dorleans
'Ferdinand Phillippe. Lis. Cles. Hri. Duc d'Orleans - Prince Royal', (1810-1842)
vauban 1633 1707 c1830 creator francois seraphin
'Vauban', (1633-1707), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech
lady elizabeth grey petitioning edward iv restore
'Lady Elizabeth Grey petitioning Edward IV To restore her lands', (1461), 1783
pope gregory vii 1015 1085 1890 creator
'Pope Gregory VII', (1015-1085), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the rufus stone new forest 1890 creator
'The Rufus Stone in the New Forest', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the tower louis doutremer laon destroyed 1831
'The Tower of Louis D'Outremer at Laon (Destroyed in 1831)', 1890. Creator
incident siege paris defending bridge tower
'Incident in the Siege of Paris: Defending the Bridge and Tower', (845) , 1890
cologne cathedral 1890 creator unknown
'Cologne Cathedral', 1890. Creator: Unknown
siege paris norsemen 845 1890 creator
'Siege of Paris by the Norsemen', (845), 1890. Creator: Unknown
scandinavian vessels ascending river 1890 creator
'Scandinavian Vessels Ascending A River', 1890. Creator: Unknown
gateway certosa pavia 1890 creator unknown
'Gateway of the Certosa, Pavia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
harold battle hastings 1066 1890 creator
'Harold at the Battle of Hastings', (1066), 1890. Creator: Unknown
alfred great disguised harper playing guthrum
'Alfred the Great, Disguised as a Harper, Playing Before Guthrum', (878), 1890
edinburgh castle siege 1573 1890 creator
'Edinburgh Castle, As It Was Before the Siege of 1573', 1890. Creator: Unknown
great portal crowland abbey 1890 creator
'Great Portal, Crowland Abbey', 1890. Creator: Unknown
interior san apollinare nuovo ravenna 1890
'Interior of San Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna', 1890. Creator: Unknown
east gate great stupa sanchi 1890 creator
'East Gate of the Great Stupa of Sanchi', 1890. Creator: Unknown
landing roger guiscard sicily 1057 1890
'Landing of Roger Guiscard in Sicily', (1057), 1890. Creator: Unknown
shrine edward confessor westminster abbey 1890
'Shrine of Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey', 1890. Creator: Unknown
st sernin toulouse 1890 creator unknown
'St. Sernin, Toulouse', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the cathedral rheims 1890 creator unknown
'The Cathedral, Rheims', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the castle falaise fountain arlette 1890 creator
'The Castle of Falaise and Fountain of Arlette', 1890. Creator: Unknown
king alfred 1890 creator unknown
'King Alfred', 1890. Creator: Unknown
egbert king england 771 775 839 1890 creator
'Egbert, King of England', (771/775- 839), 1890. Creator: Unknown
interior milan cathedral 1890 creator unknown
'Interior of Milan Cathedral', 1890. Creator: Unknown
treves 1890 creator unknown
'Treves', 1890. Creator: Unknown
entrance cave elephanta bombay presidency 1890
'Entrance of Cave at Elephanta (Bombay Presidency)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
statue william conqueror falaise 1890 creator
'Statue of William the Conqueror, Falaise', 1890. Creator: Unknown
defeat saracenic fleet constantinople 717 718
'Defeat of the Saracenic Fleet Before Constantinople', (717-718), 1890. Creator
cologne 1890 creator unknown
'Cologne', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view prague bridge tower 1890 creator
'View in Prague - The bridge Tower', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the bishop ratisbon battle augsburg battle
'The Bishop of Ratisbon at the Battle of Augsburg', Battle of Lechfeld (955)
throne byzantine emperors 1890 creator
'Throne of the Byzantine Emperors', 1890. Creator: Unknown
mosul chief town al jezireh mesopotamia 1890
'Mosul, Chief Town of Al-Jezireh (Mesopotamia)', 1890. Creator: Unknown
louis pious doing penance treatment nephew bernard
'Louis the Pious Doing Penance for Treatment of his Nephew, Bernard', (c818)
lane copt quarter cairo 1890 creator unknown
'Lane in the Copt Quarter, Cairo', 1890. Creator: Unknown
a street fez 1890 creator unknown
'A Street in Fez', 1890. Creator: Unknown
interview john zimisces sviatoslaf 969 ad 1890
'Interview Between John Zimisces and Sviatoslaf', (969 AD), 1890. Creator
baghdad 1890 creator unknown
'Baghdad', 1890. Creator: Unknown
constantinople 1890 creator unknown
'Constantinople', 1890. Creator: Unknown
rubik 1890 creator unknown
'Rubik', 1890. Creator: Unknown
citadel palace ancient kings bulgaria tirnova 1890
'Citadel and Palace of the Ancient Kings of Bulgaria at Tirnova", 1890. Creator
louis charles taking strasburg oath armies
'Louis and Charles Taking "Strasburg Oath" Before Their Armies'
thessalonica 1890 creator unknown
'Thessalonica', 1890. Creator: Unknown
map byzantine empire ninth century 1890 creator
'Map of the Byzantine Empire in the Ninth Century', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view adrianople mosque selim ii 1890 creator
'View in Adrianople - The Mosque of Selim II', 1890. Creator: Unknown
assassination emperor leo v 820 ad 1890
'Assassination of the Emperor Leo V', (820 AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
roman soldiers firing temple jerusalem 1890
'Roman Soldiers Firing the Temple of Jerusalem', 1890. Creator: Unknown
jerusalem time jesus christ showing temple restored
'Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus Christ, Showing the Temple as restored by Herod the Great'
augustus livia 1890 creator unknown
'Augustus and Livia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
villa younger pliny 1890 creator unknown
'Villa of the Younger Pliny', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ruins caesarea 1890 creator unknown
'Ruins of Caesarea', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ruins colosseum palatine 1890 creator
'Ruins of the Colosseum, from the Palatine', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the tower antonia jerusalem 1890 creator
'The Tower of Antonia, Jerusalem', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the arch titus rome 1890 creator unknown
'The Arch of Titus, Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
a roman banquet 1890 creator unknown
'A Roman Banquet', 1890. Creator: Unknown
neros torches burning christians rome 1890
'Nero's Torches - Burning of Christians at Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the entrance roman theatre 1890 creator
'The Entrance of a Roman Theatre', 1890. Creator: Unknown
gladiators saluting emperor joining combat 1890
'Gladiators Saluting The Emperor Before Joining Combat', 1890. Creator: Unknown
a roman bakery creator unknown
'A Roman Bakery, . Creator: Unknown
street scene pompeii 1890 creator unknown
'Street Scene in Pompeii', 1890. Creator: Unknown
augustus 1890 creator unknown
'Augustus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
interview octavian cleopatra 1890 creator
'Interview Between Octavian and Cleopatra', 1890. Creator: Unknown


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