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our village c1890 1936 creator hubert
'Our Village', c1890, (1936). Creator: Hubert von Herkomer
british jockeys 1934 1935 creator unknown
British jockeys, 1934, (1935). Creator: Unknown
novembre 1896 creator eugene samuel grasset
'Novembre', 1896. Creator: Eugene Samuel Grasset
decembre 1896 creator eugene samuel grasset
'Décembre', 1896. Creator: Eugene Samuel Grasset
submission henry iv canossa 1077 1890 creator
'Submission of Henry IV. At Canossa', (1077), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the death roland roncesvalles 778ad 1890
'The Death of Roland at Roncesvalles', (778AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
interview coriolanus wife mother 1890 creator
'Interview Between Coriolanus and His Wife and Mother', 1890. Creator: Unknown
londons new all weather bus 1927 1935 creator
'London's New All-Weather Bus', 1927, (1935). Creator: Unknown
escaped chimpanzee 1930 creator unknown
An escaped chimpanzee, 1930. Creator: Unknown
tragic masked ball 1930 creator unknown
A tragic masked ball, 1930. Creator: Unknown
naval disarmament 1930 creator unknown
Naval disarmament, 1930. Creator: Unknown
loch tay killin 1802 creator unknown
'Loch-tay, from Killin', 1802. Creator: Unknown
death julian apostate 1890 creator unknown
'Death of Julian the Apostate', 1890. Creator: Unknown
versailles 1871 proclaiming king william emperor
'Versailles, 1871: Proclaiming King William Emperor of Germany', 1890. Creator
julian apostate 1890 creator unknown
'Julian the Apostate', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the fountain cybele madrid 1890 creator
'The Fountain of Cybele, Madrid', 1890. Creator: Unknown
view milan 1890 creator unknown
'View in Milan', 1890. Creator: Unknown
cardinal wolsey c1500s 1890 creator
'Cardinal Wolsey', c1500s, (1890). Creator: Unknown
vision cross saxa rubra 1890 creator unknown
'Vision of the Cross at Saxa Rubra', 1890. Creator: Unknown
rome 1890 creator unknown
'Rome', 1890. Creator: Unknown
arch constantine 1890 creator unknown
'Arch of Constantine', 1890. Creator: Unknown
brescia 1890 creator unknown
'Brescia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the column french ravenna erected memory gaston
"The Column of the French," Ravenna, Erected to the Memory of Gaston De Foix'
diocletian 1890 creator unknown
'Diocletian', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the rialto venice 1890 creator unknown
'The Rialto, Venice', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the emperor maximilian surrounded illustrious
'The Emperor Maximilian Surrounded By The Most Illustrious of His Contemporaries
matthias corvinus george podiebrad camp spielberg
'Matthias Corvinus and George Podiebrad in the Camp Before Spielberg', 1890
charlemagne causing saxons baptised weser 782ad
'Charlemagne Causing the Saxons to be Baptised in the Weser', (782AD). 1890
the basilica aachen aix la chapelle 1890 creator
'The Basilica of Aachen, or Aix-La-Chapelle', 1890. Creator: Unknown
equestrian statue charlemagne paris 1890 creator
'Equestrian Statue of Charlemagne, Paris', 1890. Creator: Unknown
entry charles martel paris defeating saracens
'Entry of Charles Martel into Paris, After Defeating the Saracens', (732AD),1890
defeat abdalrahman poitiers 732ad 1890 creator
'Defeat of Abdalrahman at Poitiers', (732AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
zizim dining grand master rhodes 1890 creator
'Zizim Dining with the Grand Master of Rhodes', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the canongate tolbooth edinburgh 1890 creator
'The Canongate Tolbooth, Edinburgh', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the marriage procession anne boleyn 1533 1890
'The Marriage Procession of Anne Boleyn', (1533), 1890. Creator: Unknown
final assault turks first siege vienna 1529 1890
'Final Assault of the Turks in their First Siege of Vienna (1529)', 1890. Creator
eudes duke aquitaine fleeing bordeaux fired
'Eudes, Duke of Aquitaine, Fleeing from Bordeaux, Fired by the Saracens', (732AD)
the kaaba mecca 1890 creator unknown
'The Kaaba, Mecca', 1890. Creator: Unknown
caesarea cappadocia 1890 creator unknown
'Caesarea, in Cappadocia', 1890. Creator: Unknown
george wishart c1530 1540 1890 creator
'George Wishart', c1530-1540, (1890). Creator: Unknown
medina 1890 creator unknown
'Medina', 1890. Creator: Unknown
thomas cromwell earl essex 1890 creator
'Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex', 1890. Creator: Unknown
francis rabelais c1483 1553 c1890 creator
'Francis Rabelais', (c1483-1553), c1890. Creator: Unknown
jiddah 1890 creator unknown
'Jiddah', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the town hall haarlem 1890 creator unknown
'The Town Hall, Haarlem', 1890. Creator: Unknown
john calvin c1540 1560 1890 creator
'John Calvin', c1540-1560, (1890). Creator: Unknown
pilgrims journeying mecca 1890 creator
'Pilgrims Journeying to Mecca', 1890. Creator: Unknown
ulrich zwingli c1500 1530 1890 creator
'Ulrich Zwingli', c1500-1530, (1890). Creator: Unknown
the kaiserberg nuremberg 1890 creator
'The Kaiserberg, Nuremberg', 1890. Creator: Unknown
madrid 1890 creator unknown
'Madrid', 1890. Creator: Unknown
algiers sea 1890 creator unknown
'Algiers, from the Sea', 1890. Creator: Unknown
solyman magnificent c1530 1540 1890 creator
'Solyman the Magnificent', c1530-1540, (1890). Creator: Unknown
geneva looking lake 1890 creator unknown
'Geneva, Looking Towards The Lake', 1890. Creator: Unknown
francisco pizarro c1510 1520 1890 creator
'Francisco Pizarro', c1510-1520, (1890). Creator: Unknown
house pizarro cuzco 1890 creator unknown
'House of Pizarro, Cuzco', 1890. Creator: Unknown
reception cortes montezuma 1519 1890 creator
'Reception of Cortes by Montezuma', 1519, (1890). Creator: Unknown
montezuma 15191 1520 1890 creator unknown
'Montezuma', 15191-1520, (1890). Creator: Unknown
the pyramid cholula 1890 creator unknown
'The Pyramid of Cholula', 1890. Creator: Unknown
hernando cortes c1530 1540 1890 creator
'Hernando Cortes', c1530-1540, (1890). Creator: Unknown
facade native palace yucatan 1890 creator
'Facade of Native Palace in Yucatan', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the emperor charles v c1530 1540 1890 creator
'The Emperor Charles V', c1530-1540, (1890). Creator: Unknown
the field cloth gold 1520 1890 creator
'The Field of the Cloth of Gold', 1520, (1890). Creator: Unknown
damascus 1890 creator unknown
'Damascus', 1890. Creator: Unknown
triumph heraclius constantinople 629ad 1890
'Triumph of Heraclius at Constantinople', (629AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
roi faineant royal sluggard merovingian race
'Roi Faineant (Royal Sluggard) of the Merovingian Race', (7th century), 1890
trebizond 1890 creator unknown
'Trebizond', 1890. Creator: Unknown
map kingdom franks charlemagne 1890 creator
'Map of the Kingdom of the Franks Under Charlemagne', 1890. Creator: Unknown
gregory great c540 604 1890 creator
'Gregory the Great', (c540-604), 1890. Creator: Unknown
puerta del sol toledo 1890 creator unknown
'Puerta Del Sol, Toledo', 1890. Creator: Unknown
pope julius ii c1500s 1890 creator unknown
'Pope Julius II', c1500s, (1890). Creator: Unknown
burgos 1890 creator unknown
'Burgos', 1890. Creator: Unknown
arrival mohammed medina 622ad 1890 creator
'Arrival of Mohammed at Medina', (622AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the ramparts nuremberg 1890 creator unknown
'The Ramparts, Nuremberg', 1890. Creator: Unknown
mount arafat near mecca 1890 creator unknown
'Mount Arafat, near Mecca', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the banquet alboin c570ad 1890 creator
'The Last Banquet of Alboin', (c570AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the at meidan ancient hippodrome column
'The "At-Meidan" - Ancient Hippodrome - With Column of Theodosius, Constantinople'
mohammed c570 632 ad 1890 creator unknown
'Mohammed', (c570- 632 AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
luther preaching c1500 1520 1890 creator
'Luther Preaching', c1500-1520, (1890). Creator: Unknown
map england showing anglo saxon kingdoms danish
'Map of England, Showing Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and Danish Districts', (c9th
attila pyre defeat aetius 453ad 1890 creator
'Attila on the Pyre, after His Defeat by Aetius', (453AD), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the ceremony feudal service c9th 10th century
'The Ceremony of Feudal Service', (c9th-10th century), 1890. Creator: Unknown
crusaders march c12th century 1890 creator
'Crusaders on the March',( c12th century), 1890. Creator: Unknown
john wyclif 1320s 1384 1890 creator
'John Wyclif', (1320s-1384), 1890. Creator: Unknown
dante alighieri c1265 1321 1890 creator
'Dante Alighieri', ( c1265 -1321), 1890. Creator: Unknown
the castle hennebon 1890 creator unknown
'The Castle of Hennebon', 1890. Creator: Unknown
the chained library minister church wimborne
'The Chained Library of the Minister Church at Wimborne, in Dorset', c1948
unusual arches wells cathedral meet form st
'Unusual Arches in Wells Cathedral - meet to form a St
kent hops c1948 creator unknown
'Kent Hops', c1948. Creator: Unknown
dantes house florence 1890 creator unknown
'Dante's House, Florence', 1890. Creator: Unknown
church santa croce florence 1890 creator
'Church of Santa Croce, Florence', 1890. Creator: Unknown
twice year bump races place thames oxford c1948
'Twice a year "bump" races take place on the Thames at Oxford', c1948
view florence belvedere 1890 creator unknown
'View of Florence from the Belvedere', 1890. Creator: Unknown
hampton court palace palace kitchen kept
'Hampton Court Palace - part of the palace kitchen which is kept exactly as it was
in westminster cathedral c1948 creator
'In Westminster Cathedral', c1948. Creator: Unknown
londons best known square c1948 creator
'London's Best-Known Square', c1948. Creator: Unknown
one londons best loved statues eros surmounts
'One of London's best-loved statues is that of Eros which surmounts the fountain
william caxton c1422 c1491 1890 creator
'William Caxton', (c1422-c1491), 1890. Creator: Unknown
london landmarks/westminster bridge big ben c1948 creator
'Westminster Bridge and Big Ben', c1948. Creator: Unknown
edinburgh castle kings mews 1825 1890
'Edinburgh Castle, from the King's Mews, 1825', (1890). Creator: Unknown


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