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12 Feb 2019

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orpheus lute late 19th early 20th century 1914
'Orpheus and His Lute', late 19th-early 20th century, (1914)
carnival trinidad bwi c1940s creator
'Carnival, Trinidad, B.W.I.', c1940s. Creator: Unknown
trinidad tobago map c1940s creator unknown
'Trinidad & Tobago Map', c1940s. Creator: Unknown
mlle marthe regnier role jacqueline la passerelle
'Mlle. Marthe Regnier, role de Jacqueline. - La Passerelle. - Vaudeville', 1904
edwy elgiva mid 19th century creator j
'Edwy and Elgiva', (mid 19th century). Creator: J Rogers
st augustine ethelbert mid 19th century
'St. Augustine Before Ethelbert.', (mid 19th century). Creator: Henry Lemon
archibald campbell first duke argyll early mid
'Archibald Campbell, First Duke of Argyll', (early-mid 19th century). Creator
george monk duke albemarle early mid 19th
'George Monk, Duke of Albemarle', (early-mid 19th century)
lucy percy countess carlisle c1635 1637
'Lucy Percy, Countess of Carlisle', c1635-1637, (early-mid 19th century). Creator
chas edward the pretender flora macdonald
'Chas. Edward (The Pretender) And Flora Macdonald', (mid 19th century). Creator
the death mortimer mid 19th century creator
'The Death of Mortimer.', (mid 19th century). Creator: J Rogers
mary sidney countess pembroke early 19th century
'Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke', (early 19th century)
the massacre druids mid 19th century creator
'The Massacre of the Druids', (mid 19th century). Creator: J Rogers
margaret lancaster mother henry vii
'Margaret of Lancaster. Mother of Henry VII
richard iii earl richmond battle bosworth 1485
'Richard III. and the Earl of Richmond at the Battle of Bosworth', 1485
frances theresa stewart duchess richmond
'Frances Theresa Stewart, Duchess of Richmond', (mid 19th century). Creator
algernon percy earl northumberland c1630s
'Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumberland', c1630s, (early-mid 19th century)
robert banks jenkinson earl liverpool c1820
'Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool', c1820, (mid 19th century). Creator
henry somerset first marquis worcester early mid
'Henry Somerset, First Marquis of Worcester', (early-mid 19th century). Creator
henry wriothesley earl southampton c1610s
'Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton', c1610s, (early-mid 19th century)
thomas howard earl suffolk c1600 early mid
'Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk, c1600, (early-mid 19th century)
edward sackville fourth earl dorset c1630s
'Edward Sackville, Fourth Earl of Dorset', c1630s, (early-mid 19th century)
the imposture holy maid kent 16th century 1796
'The Imposture of the Holy Maid of Kent', 16th century, (1796), (mid 19th
queen mary c1540 early mid 19th century
'Queen Mary', c1540, (early-mid 19th century). Creator: Henry Thomas Ryall
princess charlotte wales c1817 early mid
'Princess Charlotte, of Wales', c1817, (early-mid 19th century)
john first lord somers c1700 early mid 19th
'John, First Lord Somers', c1700, (early-mid 19th century). Creator: WT Mote
sarah jennings duchess marlborough early mid
'Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marlborough', (early-mid 19th century). Creator
george villiers duke buckingham 1620s early mid
'George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham', 1620s, (early-mid 19th century). Creator
margaret tudor queen scotland c1525 early mid
'Margaret Tudor. Queen of Scotland', c1525, (early-mid 19th century). Creator
the queen bridal dress 1840 creator william
'The Queen in her Bridal Dress', 1840. Creator: William Henry Mote
queen jane seymour 1536 early mid 19th century
'Queen Jane Seymour', 1536, (early-mid 19th century). Creator: H Robinson
the rights presented william mary 1689 mid
'The Bill of Rights Presented to William and Mary', 1689, (mid 19th century)
thomas howard duke norfolk c1530s early mid
'Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk', c1530s, (early-mid 19th century). Creator
mary queen scots early mid 19th century
'Mary, Queen of Scots', (early-mid 19th century). Creator: William Thomas Fry
elizabeth cecil countess devonshire c1640
'Elizabeth Cecil, Countess of Devonshire', c1640, (early-mid 19th century)
henry fitzalan earl arundel early mid 19th
'Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel', (early-mid 19th century)
portraits ancient coins mid 19th century
'Portraits from Ancient Coins', (mid 19th century). Creator: Unknown
william fitz maurice petty first marquis lansdowne
'William Fitz-Maurice Petty, First Marquis of Lansdowne', c1766, (early-mid
cardinal pole early mid 19th century creator
'Cardinal Pole', (early-mid 19th century). Creator: Henry Thomas Ryall
alfred liberating family hastings creator
'Alfred Liberating the Family of Hastings.' Creator: Singleton
sir william russell battle zutphen 1586 c1830s
'Sir William Russell at the Battle of Zutphen', 1586, (c1830s). Creator: J Rogers
thomas stanley earl derby early mid 19th century
'Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby', (early-mid 19th century)
the interview charles i children 1649 early mid
'The Interview of Charles I With His Children', 1649, (early-mid 19th century)
sir thomas bodley early mid 19th century
'Sir Thomas Bodley', (early-mid 19th century). Creator: Henry Thomas Ryall
passage east rongbuk glacier c1918 c1939 creator
'Passage of the East Rongbuk Glacier', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
oxygen drill camp c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Oxygen Drill in Camp', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
the first view mount everest c1918 c1939 creator
'The First View of Mount Everest', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
medallion portraits british composers early mid
Medallion portraits of British composers, (early-mid 19th century)
family governor tingri c1918 c1939 creator
'Family of the Governor of Tingri', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
railway station c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Railway Station', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
blanch somerset baroness arundell wardour
'Blanch Somerset, Baroness Arundell of Wardour', (early-mid 19th century)
heavy snow fall near general post office simla
'Heavy Snow-fall near General Post-Office, Simla', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
henry howard earl surrey c1546 early mid
'Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey', c1546, (early-mid 19th century)
simla tara devi c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Simla from Tara Devi', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
the fair maids sippi simla c1918 c1939 creator
'The Fair Maids of Sippi, Simla', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
lodowick stuart duke richmond original van somer
'Lodowick Stuart, Duke of Richmond. From the original of Van Somer, in the collection
annandale en fete simla c1918 c1939 creator
'Annandale en Fete - Simla', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
thomas lord clifford chudleigh 1830s creator
'Thomas, Lord Clifford of Chudleigh', (1830s). Creator: John Henry Robinson
prince rupert c1640 early mid 19th century
'Prince Rupert', c1640, (early-mid 19th century). Creator: J Cochran
medallion portraits british military figures
Medallion portraits of British military figures, (mid 19th century). Creator: Unknown
philip herbert earl pembroke montgomery c1630s
'Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery', c1630s, (early-mid 19th century)
sadder bazaar rawalpindi c1918 c1939 creator
'Sadder Bazaar, Rawalpindi', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
jama masjid rawalpindi c1918 c1939 creator
'Jama Masjid, Rawalpindi', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
jhelum river kashmir c1918 c1939 creator
'Jhelum River, Kashmir', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
jerusalem mosque omar c1918 c1939 creator
'Jerusalem - Mosque of Omar', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
jerusalem tomb absalom c1918 c1939 creator
'Jerusalem - Tomb of Absalom', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
jerusalem church virgin c1918 c1939 creator
'Jerusalem - Church of the Virgin', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
jerusalem church holy sepulchre chapel st
'Jerusalem - Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Chapel of St. Helena', c1918-c1939
jerusalem valley kidron siloam city wall
'Jerusalem - Valley of Kidron, Siloam and City Wall', c1918-c1939. Creator
egypt noontiderest oasis c1918 c1939 creator
'Egypt - Noontiderest in the Oasis', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo mosque kait bey c1918 c1939 creator
'Cairo - The Mosque of Kait Bey', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
egypt native women c1918 c1939 creator
'Egypt - Native Women', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo tombs mamelouks c1918 c1939 creator
'Cairo - The Tombs of the Mamelouks', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
round crescent aden c1918 c1939 creator
'Round the Crescent, Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
the mall ridge simla c1918 c1939 creator
'The Mall and Ridge - Simla', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
a portion sadar bazar rawalpindi taken massy gate
'A Portion of the Sadar Bazar, Rawalpindi - Taken from the Massy Gate'
cairo sphinx c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Cairo - The Sphinx', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
general view 2 aden c1918 c1939 creator
'General View 2, Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
sheik said tomb aden c1918 c1939 creator
'Sheik Said Tomb, Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
main street crater aden c1918 c1939 creator
'Main Street, Crater, Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
egypt village embaba near cairo c1918 c1939
'Egypt - Village Embaba near Cairo', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
steamer point ii aden c1918 c1939 creator
'Steamer Point II. Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
young girl c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Young Girl', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
water cart aden c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Water Cart, Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
ras boradli aden c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Ras Boradli, Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
the landing stage aden c1918 c1939 creator
'The Landing Stage. Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
kantara suez canal c1918 c1939 creator
'Kantara - The Suez Canal', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo prayer near great sphinx c1918 c1939
'Cairo - Prayer near the Great Sphinx', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
ismailia office suez canal co c1918 c1939
'Ismailia - Office of the Suez Canal Co.', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
egypt prayer desert c1918 c1939 creator
'Egypt - The Prayer in the Desert', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
steamer point aden c1918 c1939 creator
'Steamer Point in Aden', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo pyramids girzeh c1918 c1939 creator
'Cairo - The Pyramids of Girzeh', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
ismailia canal c1918 c1939 creator unknown
'Ismailia - The Canal', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo mount mokattam c1918 c1939 creator
'Cairo: Mount of the Mokattam', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
port said entrance canal c1918 c1939 creator
'Port-Said - Entrance of the Canal', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo khalifa tombs c1918 c1939 creator
'Cairo: The Khalifa Tombs', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
port said panoramic view quay c1918 c1939
'Port-Said - Panoramic view of the Quay', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
cairo khalifa tombs c1918 c1939 creator
'Cairo: The Khalifa Tombs', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown
kantara british ship passing suez canal c1918 c1939
'Kantara - British Ship passing the Suez Canal', c1918-c1939. Creator: Unknown


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