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9 Apr 2019

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virgin child saint anne c1508 creator leonardo
The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, c.1508. Creator: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
la salle a manger vernon c 1925 creator bonnard
La Salle à manger, Vernon, c. 1925. Creator: Bonnard, Pierre (1867-1947)
ascent mt blanc crossing bossons glacier
'Ascent of Mt. Blanc - crossing Bossons Glacier - Grands Mulets in distance, Alps'
blue gray gnatcatcher the birds america 1827 1838
The blue-gray gnatcatcher. From "The Birds of America", 1827-1838. Creator
state dining room presidents mansion washington d
'State Dining Room, President's Mansion, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.', c1900
taj mahal agra india 1895 creator unknown
The Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 1895. Creator: Unknown
pyrrhus king epirus c1930 creator unknown
'Pyrrhus, King of Epirus', c1930. Creator: Unknown
dona isabel cobos porcel c1805 1946 creator
'Dona Isabel Cobos De Porcel', c1805, (1946). Creator: Francisco Goya
the melon eaters c1650 1946 creator bartolome
'The Melon Eaters', c1650, (1946). Creator: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
a monarch rail 1930 creator unknown
'A Monarch of the Rail', 1930. Creator: Unknown
cafe receipt 1950 creator unknown
Cafe receipt, 1950. Creator: Unknown
a greathead shield excavating tube tunnel 1930
'A Greathead Shield: Excavating a Tube Tunnel', 1930. Creator: Unknown
a logging railway british coumbia 1930 creator
'A Logging Railway, British Coumbia', 1930. Creator: ENA
electro mechanical signal cabin victoria southern
'Electro-Mechanical Signal Cabin at Victoria, Southern Railway', 1930. Creator
an english ship armada fight c1930 creator
'An English Ship in the Armada Fight', c1930. Creator: Unknown
a tea car london north eastern railway 1930
'A Tea Car, London and North Eastern Railway', 1930. Creator: Alfieri
a queue holiday makers waiting trains waterloo
'A Queue of Holiday-Makers Waiting for Trains at Waterloo Station, London', 1930
a picturesque railway creator underwood
'A Picturesque Railway', Creator: Underwood & Underwood
william churchs steam road carriage running
'William Church's Steam Road Carriage Running Between London and Birmingham'
down sheffield pullman express london north
'Down Sheffield Pullman Express, London and North Eastern Railway', 1930. Creator
a size model stephensons rocket alongside engine
'A full size model of Stephenson's Rocket alongside an engine of the "George
dublin belfast express great northern ireland
'Dublin-Belfast Express, Great Northern of Ireland Railway', 1930. Creator
english ships war boston where tea party took
'English Ships of War at Boston (Where The 'Tea-Party' Took Place) In 1768'
digging washing gold australia 1851 c1930 creator
'Digging and Washing For Gold In Australia In 1851', c1930. Creator: Unknown
a great gothic building cathedral rheims built
'A Great Gothic Building: The Cathedral at Rheims, Built in the 13th and 14th Centuries'
shore lark late 19th century creator unknown
'Shore Lark', late 19th century. Creator: Unknown
the great emperor akbar enters city state 1572
'The Great Emperor Akbar Enters His City in State', 1572, (1590-1595), (c1930)
winnipeg to day looking main street rapid
'Winnipeg To-Day; Looking Up Main Street. - The Rapid Growth of Modern Canada'
the embarkation william orange holland england
'The Embarkation of William of Orange from Holland for England, 1688', c1930
the sun king louis xiv france brilliant court
'The "Sun" King Louis XIV, Of France, With His Brilliant Court'
the great nobles hungary oath loyalty maria theresa
'The Great Nobles of Hungary Take the Oath of Loyalty to Maria 1740'
a sea fight admiral blake dutch c1930 creator
'A Sea-Fight Between Admiral Blake and the Dutch', c1930. Creator: Unknown
philip ii spain netherlands c1930 creator
'Philip II. Of Spain and the Netherlands', c1930. Creator: Unknown
king henry viii meetingfrancis the
'King Henry VIII. Meeting...Francis at the...Field of the Cloth of Gold', 1520
cosmo medici wise men c1930 creator unknown
'Cosmo De Medici as One of the Wise Men', c1930. Creator: Unknown
a great church renaissance st peters rome
'A Great Church of the Renaissance: St. Peter's, Rome...', c1930. Creator
sir francis drake c1930 creator unknown
Sir Francis Drake, c1930. Creator: Unknown
joan arc comes court french king c1930 creator
'Joan of Arc Comes to the Court of the French King', c1930. Creator: Unknown
methods warfare years war c1400 c1930 creator
'Methods of Warfare During The Hundred Years' War', c1400, (c1930). Creator
john huss condemned led execution c1930 creator
'John Huss Condemned and Led To Execution', c1930. Creator: Unknown
an early printers office c1930 creator
'An Early Printer's Office', c1930. Creator: Unknown
martin luther 1529 c1930 creator unknown
Martin Luther, 1529, (c1930). Creator: Unknown
dante purgatory sees vision beatrice c1930
'Dante in Purgatory Sees The Vision of Beatrice', c1930. Creator: Unknown
st francis assisi takes lady poverty bride c1930
'St. Francis of Assisi Takes the 'Lady Poverty' To Be His Bride', c1930
st louis king france crosses sea holy land
'St. Louis, King of France, Crosses the Sea to the Holy Land', 13th century
a pilgrimage great mohammedan shrine mecca c1930
'A Pilgrimage to the Great Mohammedan Shrine at Mecca', c1930. Creator: Unknown
crusaders saracens battle c1930 creator
'Crusaders and Saracens in Battle', c1930. Creator: Unknown
charles great c1930 creator unknown
'Charles the Great', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the church st ambrose milan c1930 creator
'The Church of St. Ambrose at Milan', c1930. Creator: Unknown
soldiers famous praetorian guard rome c1930
'Soldiers of the Famous Praetorian Guard at Rome', c1930. Creator: Unknown
a portion great wall built tyne solway firth
'A Portion of the Great Wall Built from the Tyne to Solway Firth by the Emperor
the roman empire augustus c1930 creator
'The Roman Empire Under Augustus', c1930. Creator: Unknown
a view appian way to day c1930 creator
'A View on the Appian Way As It Is To-Day', c1930. Creator: Unknown
the temple greek colony agrigentum sicily c1930
'The Temple of the Greek Colony at Agrigentum in Sicily', c1930. Creator: Unknown
how ancient egyptian painted coming israelites egypt
'How An Ancient Egyptian Painted The Coming Of The Israelites Into Egypt', c1930
how ancient egyptian painted coming israelites egypt
'How An Ancient Egyptian Painted The Coming Of The Israelites Into Egypt', c1930
the pyramid tomb king khufu great sphinx gizeh
'The Pyramid Tomb of King Khufu and the Great Sphinx at Gizeh, Egypt', c1930
the agony garden gethsemane 1590s 1946 creator
'The Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane', 1590s, (1946)
saint michael triumphs devil 1468 1946 creator
Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil, 1468, (1946). Creator: Bartolome Bermejo
the lady fan c1640 1946 creator diego
'The Lady with a Fan', c1640, (1946). Creator: Diego Velasquez
the execution charles i whitehall 30th january
'The Execution of Charles I. in Whitehall, 30th January 1649', c1930. Creator
the spaniards capture antwerp long struggle dutch
'The Spaniards Capture Antwerp In Their Long Struggle With The Dutch', 1576
receipt hubbards department store 1921 creator
Receipt from Hubbard's department store, 1921. Creator: Unknown
butchers receipt 1940 creator unknown
Butcher's receipt, 1940. Creator: Unknown
old blacksmiths shop marriage room gretna green
Old Blacksmith's Shop and Marriage Room, Gretna Green, Scotland, 1940s? Creator
london new york telephone service c1930 creator
'London-New York Telephone Service', c1930. Creator: Unknown
an electric suspension mono rail system 1930
'An Electric Suspension Mono-Rail System', 1930. Creator: ENA
dining car london midland scottish railway 1930
'Dining-Car, London Midland and Scottish Railway', 1930. Creator: Unknown
alloa swing bridge 1930 creator unknown
'Alloa Swing Bridge', 1930. Creator: Unknown
the forth bridge 1930 creator valentine
'The Forth Bridge', 1930. Creator: Valentine & Sons
rotary snow plough blue canyon california southern
'Rotary Snow Plough at Blue Canyon, California (Southern Pacific Railway)', 1930
victoria station bombay 1930 creator unknown
'Victoria Station, Bombay', 1930. Creator: Unknown
a canadian pacific transcontinental express 1930
'A Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Express', 1930. Creator: Unknown
central hall pennsylvania station new york
'Central Hall, Pennsylvania Station, New York (Pennsylvania Railroad Company)'
cranes work accident 1930 creator unknown
'Cranes At Work After An Accident', 1930. Creator: Unknown
diagram new tube station oxford circus 1930
'Diagram of New Tube Station at Oxford Circus', 1930. Creator: Unknown
a model post office tube railway 1930 creator
'A Model of the Post Office Tube Railway', 1930. Creator: Unknown
dynamos great underground generating station
'Dynamos at the Great Underground Generating Station at Lots Road, Chelsea', 1930
under underground beneath district railway electric
'Under the Underground: Beneath a District Railway Electric Car', 1930. Creator
the new piccadilly circus tube station 1930
'The New Piccadilly Circus Tube Station', 1930. Creator: Unknown
on arth rigi railway 1930 creator ag werthi
'On the Arth-Rigi Railway', 1930. Creator: A.G Werthi
traffic controllers office london underground
'Traffic Controller's Office, London Underground Railways', 1930. Creator
a contractors engine swung canyon rio grande river
'A Contractor's Engine Being Swung Across A Canyon, Rio Grande River, New Mexico'
a gigantic goods train fifty four vans drawn engine
'A Gigantic Goods Train of Fifty-Four Vans Drawn By One Engine, Chicago and North
interior great western booking office 1930
'Interior of a Great Western Booking-Office', 1930. Creator: Unknown
old new 1930 creator unknown
'Old and New', 1930. Creator: Unknown
electrically equipped train kitchen london north
'Electrically Equipped Train Kitchen, London and North Eastern Railway', 1930
a steel car new york underground elevated electric
'A Steel Car, New York Underground and Elevated Electric Railways', 1930. Creator
interior pullman car marjorie southern railway
'Interior of Pullman Car, "Marjorie", Southern Railway', 1930. Creator
restaurant car long distance train south african
'Restaurant Car on a Long-Distance Train, South African Railways', 1930. Creator
the southern belle southern railway 1930
'The "Southern Belle" (Southern Railway)', 1930. Creator: Unknown
train movement diagram signal box metropolitan
'Train Movement Diagram in Signal-Box, Metropolitan Railway', 1930. Creator
electric lamp signals shades day use baker
'Electric Lamp Signals, with Shades for Day Use, at Baker Street Station, Metropolitan
recording daily time signal liverpool street station
'Recording Daily Time Signal at Liverpool Street Station, London and North Eastern
overhead electric parcel carrier victoria station
'Overhead Electric Parcel Carrier, Victoria Station, Manchester', 1930. Creator
a early railway station 1930 creator unknown
'A Very Early Railway Station', 1930. Creator: Unknown
passengers luggage talbot road station blackpool
'Passengers' Luggage at Talbot Road Station, Blackpool, in the Holiday Season'
piles luggage charing cross station 1930 creator
'Piles of Luggage at Charing Cross Station', 1930. Creator: Unknown
a new york chicago express 1930 creator
'A New York-Chicago Express', 1930. Creator: Unknown


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