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13 Jul 2018

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chryselephantine statue zeus built year 471 bc
Chryselephantine statue of Zeus, built in year 471 BC, in the temple of Olympia, by
polychromed sculpture maiestas domini santa
Polychromed sculpture with 'Maiestas Domini', front from Santa Maria de Taüll
altar dedicated saints peter paul barruera pallars
Front of the altar dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, from Barruera in Pallars Jussà
fragment paintings sant quirze pedret bergueda
Fragment of the Paintings of Sant Quirze Pedret (Berguedà), 12th century mural
hand god apse church sant climent taull
Detail with the hand of God in the apse of the church of Sant Climent de Taüll
ceiling supposedly oros pallars subira figure st
Ceiling supposedly from Orós (Pallars Subirà), with the figure of St. Peter
fragment fresco paintings apostles orcau castle
Fragment of fresco paintings of the apostles of the Orcau Castle in the first half
apse church monastery sant pere burgal pallars jussa
Apse of the church of the Monastery of Sant Pere de Burgal, Pallars Jussà, 12th
pyramids egypt german engraving 1886 seven wonders
Pyramids of Egypt, German engraving from 1886, is one of the seven wonders of the world
apse church sant climent taull vall boi boi valley
Apse of the church of Sant Climent de Taüll in Vall de Boi (Boi Valley), Alta
planes ripolles painting wood
Front of Planés in Ripollés, painting on wood
wall paintings church san vincente cardona
Wall Paintings of the Church of San Vincente de Cardona
symbols evangelists apostles esterri cardos
Front with the symbols of the evangelists and the apostles, from Esterri de Cardós
destruction numancia roman troops publio cornelio
Destruction of Numancia by Roman troops of Publio Cornelio Scipio Emiliano, 133 a
lighthouse alexandria port city german engraving
The Lighthouse of Alexandria in the port of the city, German engraving from 1886
apse church santa maria daneu pallars sobira
Apse of the church Santa Maria d'Aneu, Pallars Sobirá, 12th century mural
soriguerola painting wood urtx cerdanya
Front of Soriguerola. Painting on wood from Urtx, Cerdanya
lloyds new building underwriting room 1928
'Lloyd's New Building: The Underwriting Room', 1928. Artist: Unknown
the east india house east c late 18th century
'The East India House from the East', c late 18th century, (1928). Artist
lloyds new building entrance leadenhall street
'Lloyd's New Building: Entrance in Leadenhall Street', 1928. Artist: Unknown
the titanic slip c1910s 1928 artist
'The Titanic Slip', c1910s, (1928). Artist: Unknown
the king mason may 23rd 1925 1928 artist
'The King and the Mason May 23rd 1925', (1928). Artist: Unknown
lloyds room 1927 seen punch artist 1928
'Lloyd's Room. 1927 - As Seen by a Punch Artist', (1928). Artist: Unknown
lloyds war memorial 1928 artist unknown
'Lloyd's War Memorial', 1928. Artist: Unknown
the second royal exchange south front 1788 1928
'The Second Royal Exchange, South Front, in 1788', (1928). Artist: Unknown
page arrival loss book lloyds 1774 1928
'Page of Arrival and Loss Book at Lloyd's, 1774', (1928). Artist: Unknown
label arrival loss book 1774 1928 artist
'Label of Arrival and Loss Book, 1774', (1928). Artist: Unknown
policy life napoleon 1813 1928 artist
'Policy on Life of Napoleon, 1813', (1928). Artist: Unknown
facsimile earliest extant copy lloyds list
'Facsimile of the Earliest Extant Copy of Lloyd's List', c1740s, (1928)
page register book 1764 5 6 1928 artist
'Page of Register Book 1764-5-6', (1928). Artist: Unknown
facsimile earliest extant copy lloyds list
'Facsimile of the Earliest Extant Copy of Lloyd's List', c1740s, (1928)
military demonstration streets moscow c1935
'Military Demonstration in the Streets of Moscow', c1935. Artist: FA Mackenzie
immense eruption solar prominence 140 000 miles
'Immense Eruption of a Solar Prominence 140, 000 Miles High', c1935. Artist
mechanical hands c1935 artist pacific
'Mechanical Hands', c1935. Artist: Pacific and Atlantic
the tower flanked mass karstadthaus built working class
'The Tower-Flanked Mass of the Karstadthaus Built in a Working-Class District'
going short notice british diver preparing seek
'Going Down at Short Notice: A British Diver Preparing To Seek a Submarine at Sea Bottom'
the eternal fight sea armoured casing deep sea
'The Eternal Fight Against the Sea: Armoured Casing for the Deep-Sea Diver'
men nerve surpasses mountaineer precipice c1935
'Men Whose Nerve Surpasses That of a Mountaineer on a Precipice', c1935. Artist
oldest known examples goldsmiths art masterpieces
'Oldest Known Examples of the Goldsmith's Art: Masterpieces of Sumerian Culture'
the transformation scene coxs cave cheddar c1935
'The 'Transformation Scene' in Cox's Cave at Cheddar', c1935. Artist
oldest known examples goldsmiths art masterpieces
'Oldest Known Examples of the Goldsmith's Art: Masterpieces of Sumerian Culture'
jewels lady court great days ur c1935 artist
'Jewels of a Lady of the Court in the Great Days of Ur', c1935
marvels ancient babylon outclassed modern new york
'Marvels of Ancient Babylon Outclassed in Modern New York', c1935. Artist: ENA
comfort passengers cabin marvellous central control
'Comfort for Passengers and the Cabin of a Marvellous Central Control', c1935
massed miracles american achievement architecture
'Massed Miracles of American Achievement in Architecture', c1935
poised vast hall birthplace ready wing c1935
'Poised in the Vast Hall of Her Birthplace, Ready To Take Wing', c1935. Artist
intricacies framework cylinder r101 making c1935
'Intricacies of Framework and Cylinder: R101 in the Making', c1935. Artist
funerary chamber egyptian mummies awaited resurrection
'Funerary Chamber Where Egyptian Mummies Awaited Resurrection', c1935. Artist
floating mast head mighty envelope invisible power
'Floating at the Mast Head, A Mighty Envelope of Invisible Power', c1935. Artist
artemidorus greek fayyum ad 200 corruptible
'Artemidorus, a Greek, from the Fayyum, about AD 200 - From Corruptible to Incorruption'
porcelain bottle ku yueh hsuan style chien
'Porcelain Bottle in the Ku Yueh Hsuan Style. Ch'Ien Long Period, 1736-1796'
chinese hand painted wall paper 1928 artist
'Chinese Hand-Painted Wall-Paper', 1928. Artist: Unknown
hepplewhite mahogany dining room furniture
'Hepplewhite Mahogany Dining-Room Furniture', (1760-1770)', 1928. Artist
the venetian ambassadors rom knole bedstead james i
'The Venetian Ambassador's Rom at Knole. The Bedstead Made for James I, The Chair
the kings bedroom knole bedstead james i 1928
'The King's Bedroom at Knole. Bedstead Made for James I', 1928. Artist
a corner leicester gallery knole portrait james i
'A Corner of the Leicester Gallery, Knole. With Portrait of James I', 1928
mine wealth escaped discovery 3 000 years c1935
'Mine of Wealth That Escaped Discovery for 3, 000 Years', c1935. Artist: Unknown
wings protecting goddess c1935 artist unknown
'Wings of the Protecting Goddess', c1935. Artist: Unknown
the dead pharoahs golden coffin c1935 artist
'The Dead Pharoah's Golden Coffin', c1935. Artist: Unknown
the ba bird pectoral c1935 artist unknown
'The Ba-bird pectoral', c1935. Artist: Unknown
hunting elusive geoduck puget sound c1935 artist
'Hunting the Elusive Geoduck on Puget Sound', c1935. Artist: Unknown
triple nest golden caskets preserve poor human clay
'Triple Nest of Golden Caskets to Preserve Poor Human Clay', c1935. Artist
skeleton dome house astronomical mammoth c1935
'Skeleton Dome to House an Astronomical Mammoth', c1935. Artist: Unknown
frocks strips wood c1935 artist unknown
'Frocks of Strips of Wood', c1935. Artist: Unknown
girt grey embattled walls towers oldest home
'Girt with Grey Embattled Walls and Towers, The Oldest Home of British Majesty'
laying lines bridge seven seas c1935 artist
'Laying the Lines That Bridge The Seven Seas', c1935. Artist: Siemens Brothers
instruments power rushing waters niagara river
'Instruments of Power for the Rushing Waters of Niagara River', c1935. Artist
the red planet studied modern telescope c1935
'The Red Planet Studied Through The Modern Telescope', c1935. Artist: Unknown
mercurys eternal night c1935 artist unknown
'Mercury's Eternal Night', c1935. Artist: Unknown
chimney piece audley end 1927 artist unknown
'Chimney-Piece at Audley End', 1927. Artist: Unknown
chimney piece king william drawing room castle
'Chimney-Piece in the King William Drawing room, Castle Ashby', 1927. Artist
panelled room old palace bromley by bow 1927
'Panelled Room from the Old Palace, Bromley-By-Bow', 1927. Artist: Unknown
the state bedstead georges jacob 1927 artist
'The State Bedstead, by Georges Jacob', 1927. Artist: Unknown
chimney piece dining room haddon hall derbyshire
'Chimney-Piece in the Dining Room, Haddon Hall, Derbyshire', 1927. Artist
chimney piece great hall castle ashby northampton
'Chimney-Piece in the Great Hall, Castle Ashby, Northampton', 1927. Artist
the fame tea service lloyds c1804 1928
'The Fame Tea Service at Lloyd's', c1804, (1928). Artist: Unknown
chimney piece tattershall castle lincolnshire 1927
'Chimney-Piece at Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire', 1927. Artist: Unknown
portrait charles ii c1660 1685 1928 artist
'Portrait of Charles II', c1660-1685, (1928). Artist: William Sherwin
portrait charles ii c1660 1685 1928 artist
'Portrait of Charles II', c1660-1685, (1928). Artist: William Sherwin
chippendale mahogany arm chair needlework upholstery
'Chippendale Mahogany Arm-Chair with Needlework Upholstery', mid 18th century
chinese chippendale elbow chair seat contemporary
'Chinese Chippendale Elbow-Chair with Seat in Contemporary Needlework', mid 18th century
chinese wine jar ming period 1368 1644 1928
'Chinese Wine-Jar. Ming Period', 1368-1644, (1928). Artist: Unknown
chinese club shaped vase kang hsi period
'Chinese Club-Shaped Vase. K'Ang Hsi Period', 1661-1722, (1928). Artist
opening royal exchange 1844 banquet subscription
'Opening of the Third Royal Exchange, 1844. Banquet in Subscription Room', (1928)
vase carved red lacquer olive green ground stand
'Vase of Carved Red Lacquer on Olive Green Ground with Stand of Flat Lacquer'
lloyds committee room seen punch artist 1927
'Lloyd's Committee Room - As Seen By A Punch Artist, 1927', (1928). Artists
titanic entry index lloyds list 1912 1928
Titanic Entry in Index to Lloyd's List of 1912', (1928). Artist: Unknown
times memorial lloyds c1800s 1928 artist
The Times Memorial at Lloyd's, c1800s, (1928). Artist: Unknown
john bennett secretary lloyds 1804 1834 1928
'John Bennett, Secretary of Lloyds 1804-1834', 1928. Artist: Unknown
part page original index lloyds list c1800s 1928
'Part Page of Original Index to Lloyd's List, c1800s, (1928). Artist: Unknown
the second royal exchange fire 1838 1928
'The Second Royal Exchange After The Fire in 1838', (1928). Artist: Unknown
the nelson plate lloyds c1800 1928 artist
'The Nelson Plate at Lloyd's', c1800, (1928). Artist: Unknown
sir brook watson bart chairman lloyds 1796 1806
'Sir Brook Watson, Bart. Chairman of Lloyd's 1796-1806', c1803, (1928)
risk book mr john janson 1804 1928 artist
'Risk Book of Mr. John Janson, 1804', (1928). Artist: Unknown
urn presented thomas backhouse committee american
'Urn presented to Thomas Backhouse by Committee on American Captures 1806', 1928
caricature ansell showing doorway lloyds 1808
'Caricature by Ansell, Showing Doorway of Lloyd's in 1808', 1928. Artists: Ansell
thomas tayler master lloyds coffee house 1774 1796
'Thomas Tayler, Master of Lloyd's Coffee House, 1774-1796', (1928). Artist
the coffee room lloyds 1798 1928 artist
'The Coffee Room at Lloyd's, 1798', (1928). Artist: Unknown
the south sea house 1754 mid 18th century 1928
'The South Sea House in 1754', mid 18th century, (1928). Artist: Unknown


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