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7 Dec 2017

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portrait field marshal count friedrich wilhelm
Portrait of the Field Marshal Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Berg (1794-1874)
sea dunes zoutelande 1907
Sea and dunes at Zoutelande, 1907
senju kannon kannon thousand arms mid 17th cen
Senju Kannon (Kannon of a thousand arms), Mid of 17th cen
portrait jasper schade 1645
Portrait of Jasper Schade, 1645
martyrdom saint thomas ca 1637
The Martyrdom of Saint Thomas, ca 1637
nativity christ ca 1515 1520
The Nativity of Christ, ca 1515-1520
portrait lady schleinitz 1526
Portrait of the Lady of Schleinitz (?), 1526
portrait young woman princess emilie saxony
Portrait of a young woman. (Princess Emilie of Saxony?), ca 1537
chateau choisy 1770s
Chateau de Choisy, 1770s
praying christ ca 1595 1597
Praying Christ, ca 1595-1597
eve 1533
Eve, 1533
entombment christ ca 1538
The Entombment of Christ, ca 1538
mater dolorosa ca 1580 1582
Mater Dolorosa, ca 1580-1582
la folle ca 1919
La Folle, ca 1919
red head 1915
The Red Head, 1915
crescent houses krumau the small city v 1915
Crescent of Houses, Krumau (The Small City V), 1915
death adonis venus mourning adonis ca 1614
The Death of Adonis (Venus Mourning Adonis), ca 1614
naval battle christians turks 1657
A naval battle between Christians and Turks, 1657
louis charles armand fouquet chevalier belle isle
Louis Charles Armand Fouquet, Chevalier de Belle-Isle (1693 -1747), 1740
battle segesvar 31 july 1849 mid 19th cen
The Battle of Segesvar on 31 July 1849, Mid of the 19th cen
arrival polish regiments warsaw 1831
Arrival of the Polish regiments to Warsaw, 1831
fire warsaw arsenal 1831
Fire of the Warsaw Arsenal, 1831
self portrait insurgent dress 1842
Self-Portrait in insurgent dress, 1842
polonia allegory november uprising 1831
Polonia. Allegory of the November Uprising, 1831
portrait countess alexandra potocka 1818 1892
Portrait of Countess Alexandra Potocka (1818-1892), 1839
portrait venetian admiral second half the16th
Portrait of a Venetian Admiral, Second half of the16th cen
blessed soul anima beata 1641 1642
The Blessed Soul (Anima Beata), 1641-1642
o grave thy victory 1892
O Grave, where is thy Victory?, 1892
trio fleuri 1885
Trio fleuri, 1885
willows november sun 1889
Two Willows (November Sun), 1889
fatalism 1893
Fatalism, 1893
head old man c 1621
Head of an Old Man, c. 1621
firemen running blaze 1851
Firemen running to a blaze, 1851
battle olszynka grochowska february 25 1831
The battle of Olszynka Grochowska, February 25, 1831, 1886
jupiter semele 1894 1895
Jupiter and Semele, 1894-1895
jupiter semele 1890s
Jupiter and Semele, 1890s
portrait gustave moreau 1826 1898 1876
Portrait of Gustave Moreau (1826-1898), 1876
truth pulling science spreading light mankind
Truth pulling Science, which is spreading its light to mankind, 1890
workers leaving maison paquin rue la paix c
Workers leaving the Maison Paquin, in the Rue de La Paix, c. 1912
place vendome rue castiglione ruins church feuillants
The Place Vendome and Rue de Castiglione with the Ruins of the Church of the Feuillants
entry imperial guard paris barriere pantin 25
Entry of the Imperial Guard into Paris at the Barriere de Pantin, 25 November 1807
la fontaine du palmier place du chatelet 1810
La Fontaine du Palmier on the Place du Chatelet, 1810
imaginary recollection maschio angioino first
Imaginary Recollection of Maschio Angioino, First third of 17th cen
portrait federico confalonieri 1785 1846 first
Portrait of Federico Confalonieri (1785-1846), First quarter of 19th cen
portrait vincenzo giustiniani 1564 1637
Portrait of Vincenzo Giustiniani (1564-1637)
tobias angel
Tobias and the Angel
model bastille oath children c 1793
Model of the Bastille. Oath of Children, c. 1793
triumph marat april 24 1793 c 1793
The triumph of Marat, April 24, 1793, c. 1793
family going tavern c 1793
Family going to the tavern, c. 1793
portrait composer jean ancot 1799 1829
Portrait of the composer Jean Ancot (1799-1829)
portrait composer eugene dalbert 1864 1932
Portrait of the composer Eugene d'Albert (1864-1932)
fantastic vision triumph venice
Fantastic Vision of the Triumph of Venice
portrait johan ii mauregnault second half the16th
Portrait of Johan II de Mauregnault, Second half of the16th cen
portrait composer louis diemer 1843 1919 1908
Portrait of the composer Louis Diemer (1843-1919), 1908
portrait violin maker nicolas lupot 1758 1824
Portrait of the violin maker Nicolas Lupot (1758-1824), 1805
portrait composer ambroise thomas 1811 1896
Portrait of the composer Ambroise Thomas (1811-1896), 1890s
portrait venetian jewish lady attributes jael c
Portrait of a Venetian Jewish lady with the attributes of Jael, c. 1500
destruction temple jerusalem
The Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem
walking strength joy ca 1938
Walking with Strength through Joy, ca 1938
prima ballerina nadezhda bogdanova 1836 1897
Prima ballerina Nadezhda Bogdanova (1836-1897) as Esmeralda in the Ballet La Esmeralda by C
allegory happiness 1564
Allegory of Happiness, 1564
portrait anna jagiellon 1523 1596 queen poland c
Portrait of Anna Jagiellon (1523-1596), Queen of Poland, c. 1565
portrait sophia jagiellon 1522 1575 duchess
Portrait of Sophia Jagiellon (1522-1575), Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, c. 1565
portrait catherine jagiellon 1526 1583 c 1565
Portrait Catherine Jagiellon (1526-1583), c. 1565
portrait isabella jagiellon 1519 1559 c 1565
Portrait Isabella Jagiellon (1519-1559), c. 1565
portrait catherine austria 1533 1572 queen poland
Portrait of Catherine of Austria (1533-1572), Queen of Poland, c. 1565
portrait elizabeth austria 1526 1545 queen poland
Portrait of Elizabeth of Austria (1526-1545), Queen of Poland, c. 1565
portrait sigismund ii augustus 1520 1572 king
Portrait of Sigismund II Augustus (1520-1572), King of Poland, c. 1565
portrait sigismund i poland 1467 1548 c 1565
Portrait of Sigismund I of Poland (1467-1548), c. 1565
portrait juan gris 1887 1927 1915
Portrait of Juan Gris (1887-1927), 1915
self portrait peacock vest standing 1911
Self-Portrait with Peacock Vest Standing, 1911
virgin nursing child 1530s
The Virgin nursing the Child, 1530s
altarpiece holy kinship left wing 1509
The Altarpiece of the Holy Kinship (left wing), 1509
melancholy 1532
The Melancholy, 1532
portrait jurist dr johann stephan reuss
Portrait of a Jurist (Dr. Johann Stephan Reuss (?), 1503
saint catherine c 1516
Saint Catherine, c. 1516
mystic marriage saint catherine alexandria saints
The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria with Saints Dorothy, Margaret and Barbara
finely dressed young lady ca 1530
A finely dressed young Lady, ca 1530
portrait prince anhalt portrait prince john iv
Portrait of a Prince of Anhalt (Portrait of Prince John IV of Anhalt-Zerbst (1504-1551)
portrait rudolphus agricola ca 1532
Portrait of Rudolphus Agricola, ca 1532
lucretia 1525 1550
Lucretia, 1525-1550
dying man ca 1518
The Dying Man, ca 1518
adoration magi ca 1515
The Adoration of the Magi, ca 1515
portrait bride ca 1502 1504
Portrait of a bride, ca 1502-1504
portrait conte mario capra 16th century
Portrait of Conte Mario Capra, 16th century
french machine gunner champagne front 1915
French machine-gunner on the Champagne Front, 1915
pyramus thisbe ca 1515 1520
Pyramus and Thisbe, ca 1515-1520
wounded warrior snow 1880
Wounded Warrior in the Snow, 1880
childhood/family portrait c 1890
Family Portrait, c. 1890
play queen spades a pushkin la chauve souris theatre
The play Queen of spades by A. Pushkin in the La Chauve-Souris Theatre, 1918
portrait aleksandr ivanovich herzen 1812 1870
Portrait of Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen (1812-1870), 1858
portrait nikolay platonovich ogarev 1813 1877
Portrait of Nikolay Platonovich Ogarev (1813-1877), 1858
view kitay gorod moscow ca 1770 1790
View of the Kitay-gorod in Moscow, ca 1770-1790
merchants wife kaluga summer dress ca 1770 1790
Merchant's Wife from Kaluga in Summer Dress, ca 1770-1790
minoritenkirche vienna ca 1911 1912
Minoritenkirche, Vienna, ca 1911-1912
portrait king christian ii denmark 1481 1559
Portrait of the King Christian II of Denmark (1481-1559), 1523
girolamo savonarolas execution piazza della signoria
Girolamo Savonarola's execution on the Piazza della Signoria in Florence in 1498
grand duchess elizabeth mikhailovna russia 1826 1845
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia (1826-1845), Duchess of Nassau, ca 1844-1850


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