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5 Dec 2017

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lions house venice carnival 1762
Lion's House or the Venice Carnival, 1762
christ woman taken adultery c 1520
Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery, c. 1520
portrait georg spalatin 1509
Portrait of Georg Spalatin, 1509
opera singer felia litvinne 1860 1936 brunnhilde
The opera singer Felia Litvinne (1860-1936) as Brunnhilde in Die Walkure (The Valkyrie) by R
louis xv visiting peter i great hotel lesdiguieres
Louis XV Visiting Peter I the Great at the Hotel de Lesdiguieres, 10th May 1717, First
allegory law grace 1529
Allegory of Law and Grace, after 1529
portrait michelangelo buonarroti 1475 1564 c
Portrait of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), c. 1544
moses aaron prophets 1532
Moses and Aaron with two Prophets, 1532
portrait philip melanchthon 1497 1560 1532
Portrait of Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560), 1532
portrait chancellor gregor bruck 1483 1557
Portrait of the Chancellor Gregor Bruck (1483-1557), 1533
christ man sorrows flanked angels c1540
Christ as the Man of Sorrows flanked by Angels, c.1540
stigmatization saint francis ca 1510 1515
Stigmatization of Saint Francis, ca 1510-1515
saint leopold 1515
Saint Leopold, 1515
portrait hans melber 1526
Portrait of Hans Melber, 1526
death holofernes 1531
The death of Holofernes, 1531
christ man sorrows flanked virgin st john angels
Christ as the Man of Sorrows flanked by the Virgin and St John with Angels, after 1537
lucretia 1530
Lucretia, 1530
portrait johannes scheyring 1454 1516 1529
Portrait of Johannes Scheyring (1454-1516), 1529
judgment winged altar hieronymus bosch ca
The Last Judgment. Winged Altar after Hieronymus Bosch, ca 1521-1525
christ man sorrows 1537
Christ as the Man of Sorrows, after 1537
portrait anna cuspinian 1502
Portrait of Anna Cuspinian, 1502
virgin child bunch grapes c 1525
The Virgin and Child with a Bunch of Grapes, c. 1525
john frederick i elector saxony 1503 1554 c
John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (1503-1554), c.1535
nymph spring 1518
The Nymph of the spring, 1518
cardinal albrecht brandenburg 1490 1545 saint jerome
Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg (1490-1545) as Saint Jerome, 1527
portrait christoph scheurl 1481 1542 1509
Portrait of Christoph Scheurl (1481-1542), 1509
portrait count palatine philipp rhein bishop
Portrait of Count Palatine Philipp of the Rhein, Bishop of Naumburg and Bishop of Freising
saint barbara c 1516
Saint Barbara, c. 1516
abrahams sacrifice isaac 1530
Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac, 1530
altarpiece virgin so called princes altarpiece
Altarpiece of the Virgin, or so-called Princes' Altarpiece (left wing), c. 1510
arrest christ 1538
The Arrest of Christ, 1538
holy trinity ca 1515
The Holy Trinity, ca 1515
venus cupid honey thief 1531
Venus with Cupid the Honey Thief, 1531
portrait princess sibylle cleves 1512 1554
Portrait of Princess Sibylle of Cleves (1512-1554), 1535
holy trinity ca 1516 1518
The Holy Trinity, ca 1516-1518
virgin child bunch grapes 1537
The Virgin and Child with a Bunch of Grapes, after 1537
virgin child 1529
The Virgin and Child, 1529
christ mary ca 1516 1520
Christ and Mary, ca 1516-1520
scene opera lakme leo delibes act i 1899
Scene from the Opera Lakme by Leo Delibes. Act I, 1899
cardinal albrecht brandenburg kneeling christ cross
Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg kneeling before Christ on the cross, ca 1521-1525
crucifixion 1503
The Crucifixion, 1503
portrait luther 1483 1546 junker jorg 1521
Portrait of Luther (1483-1546) as Junker Jorg, 1521
hercules omphale ca 1537
Hercules with Omphale, ca 1537
portrait lord schleinitz 1526
Portrait of the Lord of Schleinitz, 1526
education virgin mary altarpiece virgin right wing
The Education of the Virgin Mary. Altarpiece of the Virgin (right wing), 1510-1515
holy family surrounded angels altarpiece virgin
The Holy Family surrounded by Angels. Altarpiece of the Virgin (left wing), 1510-1515
agony garden c1540
The Agony in the Garden, c.1540
portrait young woman bonnet ca 1525 1550
Portrait of a Young Woman with a Bonnet, ca 1525-1550
beheading saint catherine ca 1515
The Beheading of Saint Catherine, ca 1515
amor ca 1530
Amor, ca 1530
saint jerome ca 1516 1518
Saint Jerome, ca 1516-1518
young boy peeling pear
Young Boy Peeling a Pear
walpurgis night bergslagen grangarde dalarna
Walpurgis Night in Bergslagen, Grangarde in Dalarna, 1896
vision scene visby 1894
Vision. Scene from Visby, 1894
myths legends/vill vallareman 1910
Vill-Vallareman, 1910
view sveaborg
View of Sveaborg
ride valkyries
The Ride of the Valkyries
valkyrie dying hero
Valkyrie and a Dying Hero
portrait ulrich iii 1527 1603 duke mecklenburg
Portrait of Ulrich III (1527-1603), Duke of Mecklenburg and Elizabeth of Denmark (1524-1586)
peasant girls listening playing water sprite
Two Peasant Girls listening to the Playing of the Water Sprite, 1860
Two Dancers
totila king ostrogoths
Totila, King of the Ostrogoths
russian dancers end 1890s
Three Russian Dancers, End 1890s
neck daughters aegir 1850
Neck and the Daughters of AEgir, 1850
portrait christine nilsson 1843 1921
Portrait of Christine Nilsson (1843-1921)
siege magdeburg 1631 1650
The Siege of Magdeburg, 1631, 1650
rope dancer
The Rope Dancer
tithing 1514
The Tithing, 1514
milliner 1746
The Milliner, 1746
lion hunt 1855
The Lion Hunt, 1855
italian serenade
The Italian Serenade
ill matched couple 1566
The Ill-matched Couple, 1566
ill matched couple 1532
The Ill-matched Couple, 1532
girl door interior artists home alvangen 1908
The Girl at the Door. Interior of the Artist's home, Alvangen, 1908
entry sten sture elder stockholm 1864
The Entry of Sten Sture the Elder into Stockholm, 1864
jacobs departure
Jacob's Departure
israelites crossing red sea
The Israelites crossing of the Red Sea
coast greville
Coast at Greville
fire troy aeneas carrying anchises
The Fire of Troy with Aeneas Carrying Anchises
The Ark
portrait architect ventura rodriguez 1717 1785
Portrait of the Architect Ventura Rodriguez (1717-1785), 1784
portrait architect lorenz gedon 1844 1883
Portrait of the Architect Lorenz Gedon (1844-1883)
angel lord visits gideon 1640
The Angel of the Lord Visits Gideon, 1640
tavern scene smokers
Tavern Scene with Smokers
talking twilight
Talking in the Twilight
tavern scene 1639
Tavern Scene, 1639
swedish troops assaulting town gate leipzig october
Swedish Troops Assaulting the Town Gate of Leipzig, October 19, 1813, 1853
frederic william henry myers 1843 1901 1870s
Frederic William Henry Myers (1843-1901), 1870s
emperor alexander iii 1845 1894 deathbed 1894
Emperor Alexander III (1845-1894) on His Deathbed, 1894
grand duchess maria fyodorovna son nicholas alexandrovich
Grand Duchess Maria Fyodorovna with son, Nicholas Alexandrovich, 1872
anichkov palace saint petersburg 1874
The Anichkov Palace in Saint Petersburg, 1874
portrait grand duchess alexandra petrovna russia
Portrait of Grand Duchess Alexandra Petrovna of Russia (1838-1900), Princess of Oldenburg
portrait grand duke vyacheslav constantinovich russia
Portrait of Grand Duke Vyacheslav Constantinovich of Russia (1862-1879), 1874
portrait grand duke sergei alexandrovich russia
Portrait of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia (1857-1905), 1874
portrait emperor alexander ii 1818 1881 1873
Portrait of Emperor Alexander II (1818-1881), 1873
portrait grand duke nicholas constantinovich russia
Portrait of Grand Duke Nicholas Constantinovich of Russia (1850-1918), 1874
tsesarevna maria feodorovna 1847 1928 later
Tsesarevna Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928), later Empress of Russia, and the Princess of Wales
portrait grand duke nicholas nikolaevich the
Portrait of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich (the Elder) of Russia (1831-1891), c. 1874
portrait grand duchess olga feodorovna russia
Portrait of Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna of Russia (1839-1891), 1874


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