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12 Nov 2015

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portrait john wilmot 2nd earl rochester 1647 1680
Portrait of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-1680). Artist: Huysmans, Jacob (c
portrait smeralda bandinelli ca 1475 artist
Portrait of Smeralda Bandinelli, ca 1475. Artist: Botticelli, Sandro (1445-1510)
program opera life tsar m glinka artist ropet
Program for the opera A Life for the Tsar by M. Glinka. Artist: Ropet, Ivan Pavlovich
seated woman legs drawn up 1917 artist schiele
Seated Woman with Legs Drawn Up, 1917. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890-1918)
seated nude 1917 artist schiele egon
Seated Nude, 1917. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890-1918)
female nude orange red cloth 1914 artist schiele
Female nude with orange-red cloth, 1914. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890-1918)
self portrait 1913 artist schiele egon
Self-portrait, 1913. Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890-1918)
portrait anna borisovna bakunina 1802 1835 1832
Portrait of Anna Borisovna Bakunina (1802-1835), 1832
portrait ivan ivanovich molnar 1802 1872 1840
Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Molnar (1802-1872), 1840. Artist: Khlobystayev, Sergey Ivanovich
portrait natalia nikolaevna korsakova ca 1849
Portrait of Natalia Nikolaevna Korsakova, ca. 1849. Artist: Anonymous
portrait nikolai semyonovich korsakov 1819 1889 ca
Portrait of Nikolai Semyonovich Korsakov (1819-1889), ca. 1849. Artist: Anonymous
portrait vasily yuryevich poznansky 1828 1900 1860s
Portrait of Vasily Yuryevich Poznansky (1828-1900), 1860s. Artist: Anonymous
portrait baron yegor fyodorovich tiesenhausen
Portrait of Baron Yegor Fyodorovich Tiesenhausen (1800-1850), 1830s. Artist: Pokrovsky, A
portrait baroness alexandra benediktovna tiesenhausen
Portrait of Baroness Alexandra Benediktovna Tiesenhausen (1814-1866), 1830s. Artist: Pokrovsky, A
portrait count viktor pavlovich kochubey 1768 1834
Portrait of Count Viktor Pavlovich Kochubey (1768-1834), Imperial Chancellor of Russia, c
portrait alexander pavlovich bakunin 1799 1862 1832
Portrait of Alexander Pavlovich Bakunin (1799-1862), 1832. Artist: Streshnev, Yakov
portrait staff captain 3rd elisavetgrad hussar
Portrait of a staff captain of 3rd Elisavetgrad Hussar Regiment, 1837. Artist: Anonymous
portrait vasily pavlovich golovin 1805 1846 1827
Portrait of Vasily Pavlovich Golovin (1805-1846), 1827. Artist: Mylnikov, Nikolai Dmitrievich
portrait prince alexander pavlovich stroganov
Portrait of Prince Alexander Pavlovich Stroganov (1795-1814), ca 1812. Artist: Svintsov, S
podpraporshchik drummer hornist finliandsky guard
Podpraporshchik, Drummer and Hornist of the Finliandsky Guard Regiment, 1829. Artist: Belousov
porte epee praporshchik hornist guards garrison
Porte-epee-Praporshchik and Hornist of the Guards Garrison Battalion, 1829. Artist: Belousov
soldier guards supply train brigade 1829 artist
Soldier of the Guards Supply Train Brigade, 1829. Artist: Belousov, Lev Alexandrovich
junker life guards caucasian mountain squadron 1829
Junker of the Life-Guards Caucasian-Mountain squadron, 1829. Artist: Belousov, Lev Alexandrovich
guards equipage artillery company guards cargo company
The Guards Equipage Artillery Company and Guards Cargo Company, 1829. Artist: Belousov
portrait young woman catherine howard ca 1540 1545
Portrait of a Young Woman (Catherine Howard), ca. 1540-1545. Artist: Holbein, Hans
prince nicholas wilhelm nassau 1832 1905 1854
Prince Nicholas Wilhelm of Nassau (1832-1905), 1854. Artist: Fenton, Roger (1819-1869)
armour bearer life guards caucasian mountain squadron
Armour-bearer of the Life-Guards Caucasian-Mountain squadron, 1829. Artist: Belousov
architectural project church 1883 artist shestakov
Architectural Project of a Church, 1883. Artist: Shestakov, Nikolai Danilovich (1822-?)
governorates russian empire 1831 1829 artist
Governorates of the Russian Empire in 1831, 1829. Artist: Anonymous
vonlyarlyarsky salon vonlyarovo 1855 artist
Vonlyarlyarsky' Salon in Vonlyarovo, 1855. Artist: Mikeshin, Mikhail Osipovitsch
salon avdotya petrovna yelagina 1840s artist
The Salon of Avdotya Petrovna Yelagina, 1840s. Artist: Dmitriev-Mamonov, Emmanuil Alexandrovich
boy alphabet book first quarter 19th century
Boy with an Alphabet book, First quarter of 19th century. Artist: Anonymous
library academy sciences kunstkammer early 19th
Library of the Academy of Sciences in the Kunstkammer, Early 19th century. Artist
funeral procession author fyodor m dostoevsky
Funeral procession of the author Fyodor M. Dostoevsky on February 12, 1881, 1881. Artist
prince pavel petrovich vyazemsky study constantinople
Prince Pavel Petrovich Vyazemsky in his study in Constantinople, 1850. Artist: Preziosi
german warsaw poster 1914 artist mayakovsky
A German over Warsaw (Poster), 1914. Artist: Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich
oh german poster 1914 artist mayakovsky
Oh, you German!... (Poster), 1914. Artist: Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893-1930)
russian language lesson empress catherine ii 1894
Russian language lesson of Empress Catherine II, 1894. Artist: Klodt, Mikhail Petrovich
imperial public library saint petersburg 1840s
The Imperial Public Library in Saint Petersburg, 1840s. Artist: Borel, Pyotr Fyodorovich
funeral service ivan turgenev verzhbolovo september 23
Funeral service for Ivan Turgenev at Verzhbolovo on September 23, 1883, 1883. Artist
study author alexander sukhovo kobylin moscow 1850s
The Study of the author Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin in Moscow, 1850s. Artist: Sukhovo-Kobylina
portrait sara anna von miltitz 1774 1819 artist
Portrait of Sara Anna von Miltitz (1774-1819). Artist: Tischbein, Johann Friedrich August
portrait 1933 artist klutsis gustav
Portrait, 1933. Artist: Klutsis, Gustav (1895-1938)
catholic church st catherine saint petersburg
The Catholic Church of St. Catherine in Saint Petersburg, First half of the 19th cent
public merry making admiralty square saint petersburg
Public merry-making on the Admiralty Square in Saint Petersburg, First half of the 19th cent
smolny convent resurrection st petersburg first
The Smolny Convent of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg, First half of the 19th cent
stock exchange admirality st petersburg first
Stock exchange and Admirality in St. Petersburg, First half of the 19th cent.. Artist: Beggrov
cafe summer garden st petersburg first half
Cafe at the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg, First half of the 19th cent.. Artist: Beggrov
mikhailovskaya street view michael palace st
The Mikhailovskaya Street with view of the Michael Palace in St
millionnaya street kotomin house saint petersburg
Millionnaya Street and Kotomin House in Saint Petersburg, First half of the 19th cent
lady boudoir 1929 artist apsit alexander petrovich
Lady in Her Boudoir, 1929. Artist: Apsit, Alexander Petrovich (1880-1944)
portrait gebhard leberecht von blucher prince
Portrait of Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher, Prince of Wahlstatt (1742-1819). Artist: Strohling
portrait friedrich wilhelm ernst count schaumburg lippe
Portrait of Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst, Count of Schaumburg-Lippe (1724-1777), 1763. Artist
fancy free type series types physiognomic study women
The Fancy-Free Type, from the series Ten Types in the Physiognomic Study of Women, c
faithful wives weinsberg artist swanenburg
The faithful wives of Weinsberg. Artist: Swanenburg, Isaac Claesz. van (1537-1614)
portrait comte vaudreuil 1740 1817 artist drouais
Portrait of the Comte de Vaudreuil (1740-1817). Artist: Drouais, Francois-Hubert
saint quentin 1517 artist pontormo 1494 1557
Saint Quentin, 1517. Artist: Pontormo (1494-1557)
glass mosaics wat xieng thong luang prabang laos
Glass Mosaics in the Wat Xieng Thong, Luang Prabang, Laos, 1950s
portrait greta garbo 1927 artist ball russell
Portrait of Greta Garbo, 1927. Artist: Ball, Russell (1896-1942)
illustration voyage round world years 1803 06
Illustration from A Voyage Round the World In the Years 1803-06, in the Ship Neva, 1814
duchess helene mecklenburg schwerin 1814 1858
Duchess Helene of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1814-1858), later Duchess of Orleans, ca 1835
song skomorokhs 1910 artist subbotin permyak
The Song of the skomorokhs, 1910. Artist: Subbotin (Permyak), Pyotr Ivanovich (1886-1923)
portrait vsevolod meyerhold 1874 1940 1913
Portrait of Vsevolod Meyerhold (1874-1940), 1913. Artist: Kulbin, Nikolai Ivanovich
vase tulips 1927 artist valadon suzanne
Vase with Tulips, 1927. Artist: Valadon, Suzanne (1865-1938)
imperial bath house 1848 artist aivazovsky
Imperial bath-house, 1848. Artist: Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich (1817-1900)
port arthur trial 1909 artist dubovskoy nikolai
The Port Arthur Trial, 1909. Artist: Dubovskoy, Nikolai Nikanorovich (1859-1918)
yaroslavnas lament 1880 artist perov vasili
Yaroslavna's Lament, 1880. Artist: Perov, Vasili Grigoryevich (1834-1882)
saint helena 1890s artist vasnetsov viktor
Saint Helena, 1890s. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
village house 1841 artist kolmann karl ivanovich
In a village house, 1841. Artist: Kolmann, Karl Ivanovich (1786-1846)
life portrait emperor peter i great 1672 1725
Life Portrait of Emperor Peter I the Great (1672-1725)
family idyll artist lemoch kirill vikentievich
Family Idyll. Artist: Lemoch, Kirill Vikentievich (1841-1910)
courtroom 1877 artist novoskoltsev alexander
In a Courtroom, 1877. Artist: Novoskoltsev, Alexander Nikanorovich (1853-1919)
road tooth puller 1873 artist sverchkov nikolai
On the road to the tooth puller, 1873. Artist: Sverchkov, Nikolai Yegorovich (1817-1898)
oath temperance temperance society 1860 artist
An Oath Of Temperance. The Temperance Society, 1860. Artist: Karneev, Akim Yegorovich
portrait violinist composer jan kubelik 1880 1940
Portrait of the violinist and composer Jan Kubelik (1880-1940), 1908. Artist: Makovsky
alexandrinsky theatre saint petersburg 1870s
The Alexandrinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, 1870s. Artist: Vereshchagin, Pyotr Petrovich
ladscape sailing boat end 1890s artist levitan
Ladscape with a Sailing Boat, End 1890s. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
little pauls christmas 1881 artist anonymous
Little Paul's Christmas, 1881. Artist: Anonymous
arrival portuguese ship nanban screen detail
Arrival of a Portuguese ship. Nanban screen. Detail: Japanese Christians, ca. 1600
coronation ceremony nicholas ii eucharist 1899
The Coronation Ceremony of Nicholas II. The Eucharist, 1899. Artist: Lebedev, Klavdi Vasilyevich
alexandra fyorodovna nicholas ii ceremonial reception
Alexandra Fyorodovna and Nicholas II during the ceremonial reception at the French Embassy, 1899
manifestation revolutionary troops state duma
Manifestation of revolutionary troops in front of the State Duma during the February Revolution
anton chekhov actors play seagull 1899 artist
Anton Chekhov between actors of the play The Seagull, 1899. Artist: Pavlov, Pyotr Petrovich
allegory treaty jassy 1792 artist stephanoff
Allegory of the Treaty of Jassy, 1792. Artist: Stephanoff (Fileter Stefanof), Stepan
portrait countess anna sergeievna golitsyna nee
Portrait of Countess Anna Sergeievna Golitsyna, nee Vsevolzhskaya (1779-1837), 1820s
portrait armand emmanuel du plessis duc richelieu
Portrait of Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, duc de Richelieu, 1820s
view manor estate armand emmanuel du plessis
View of the Manor Estate of Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, duc de Richelieu in Gursuf, 1810s
portrait guillaume rouvier 1760 1815 1815 artist
Portrait of Guillaume Rouvier (1760-1815), 1815. Artist: Hattenberger, Jean Francois Xavier
portrait count mikhail semyonovich vorontsov
Portrait of Count Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov (1782-1856) and Countess Ekaterina
portrait countess yelizaveta ksaweryevna vorontsova
Portrait of Countess Yelizaveta Ksaweryevna Vorontsova (1792-1880). Artist: Robertson
naryshkins estate miskhor 1842 artist bossoli
Naryshkin's Estate in Miskhor, 1842. Artist: Bossoli, Carlo (1815-1884)
view taraktash mountain range crimean mountains 1810s
View of the Taraktash Mountain Range In Crimean Mountains, 1810s. Artist: Geissler
anton chekhov yalta 1899 1900 artist anonymous
Anton Chekhov in Yalta, 1899-1900. Artist: Anonymous
maria pavlovna chekhova 1899 1900 artist
Maria Pavlovna Chekhova, 1899-1900. Artist: Anonymous
crimean tatar life guard squadron 1840s artist
The Crimean Tatar Life Guard Squadron, 1840s. Artist: Eckert, Heinrich Ambros (1807-1840)
crimean tatar life guard squadron c 1850 artist
The Crimean Tatar Life Guard Squadron, c. 1850. Artist: Ladurner, Adolphe (1798-1856)
british french squadron sevastopol ca 1855 artist
The British-French squadron in Sevastopol, ca 1855. Artist: Anonymous
nurses krestovozdvizhenskaya commune nurses 1854
The nurses of the Krestovozdvizhenskaya Commune of Nurses, 1854. Artist: Timm, Vasily
storm balaklava bay 14th november 1854 1855 artist
Storm in the Balaklava Bay on 14th of November 1854, 1855. Artist: Simpson, William


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