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16 Jan 2015

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auto da fe valladolid religious court created
Auto da fe in Valladolid, religious court created at the request of the Catholic
mario 1810 1883 italian lyrical singer
Mario (1810-1883), Italian lyrical singer
jose martin recuerda 1926 2007 spanish writer
José Martin Recuerda (1926-2007), Spanish writer and dramatist
carmen martinez gaite 1925 2000 spanish writer
Carmen Martínez Gaite /1925-2000), Spanish writer
carmen laforet diaz 1921 2004 spanish writer
Carmen Laforet Diaz (1921-2004), Spanish writer
antonio machin 1901 1977 cuban singer
Antonio Machin (1901-1977), Cuban singer
pilar miro 1940 1998 spanish director cinema
Pilar Miró (1940-1998), Spanish director of cinema
carlos lleras restrepo 1908 1994 colombian
Carlos Lleras Restrepo (1908-1994), Colombian politician, he was president from 1966-1970
karl marx 1818 1883 german philosopher
Karl Marx (1818-1883), German philosopher
pilar lopez julve 1912 2008 spanish dancer
Pilar López Julve (1912-2008), Spanish dancer and choreographer
encarnacion lopez la argentinita 1895 1945
Encarnación López 'La Argentinita' (1895-1945), Spanish dancer
maria guerrero 1863 1928 spanish theater
Maria Guerrero (1863-1928), Spanish theater actress
maria sverreri 1869 1928 spanish theater actress
Maria Sverreri (1869-1928), Spanish theater actress, characterized as 'Dona
pablo olavide 1725 1803 spanish politician
Pablo Olavide (1725-1803), Spanish politician, engraving by Moreno de Texada
manuel portela valladares 1868 1952 spanish
Manuel Portela Valladares (1868-1952), Spanish politician and president of government
leopoldo odonnell 1809 1867 spanish politician
Leopoldo O'Donnell (1809-1867) Spanish politician and military
gaspar nunez arce 1834 1903 spanish writer
Gaspar Núñez de Arce (1834-1903), Spanish writer
salvador segui rubinad 1886 1923 known noi
Salvador Segui Rubinad (1886-1923), known as 'Noi del sucre' Spanish anarchist
alfred nobel 1833 1896 swedish chemist
Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), Swedish chemist
robert georges nivelle 1856 1924 french military
Robert Georges Nivelle (1856-1924), French military, General of the First World War
angel nieto roldan 1947 spanish motorcyclist
Angel Nieto Roldán (1947-), Spanish motorcyclist
edgar neville romree 1899 1924 spanish writer
Edgar Neville Romrée (1899-1924), Spanish writer and film director
juan negrin lopez 1892 1956 spanish republican
Juan Negrin López (1892-1956), Spanish Republican politician, he was president
napoleon iii 1808 1870 emperor france
Napoleón III (1808-1870), Emperor of France
diego munoz torrero 1761 1829 spanish priest
Diego Muñoz Torrero (1761-1829), Spanish priest and politician
pedro munoz seca 1871 1936 spanish playwright
Pedro Muñoz Seca (1871-1936), Spanish playwright
jose munoz romeu 1908 1988 spanish writer
José Muñoz Romeu (1908-1988), Spanish writer
samuel fidney morse 1791 1872 american inventor
Samuel Fidney Morse (1791-1872), American inventor, he invented the telegraphy, engraving
pablo morillo y morillo 1778 1837 spanish military
Pablo Morillo y Morillo (1778-1837), Spanish military and sailor man
tomas morales castellano 1885 1924 spanish
Tomás Morales Castellano (1885-1924), Spanish poet
fernando moran lopez 1926 spanish politician
Fernando Moran López (1926-), Spanish politician
joseph michel montgolfier 1780 1810 french
Joseph Michel Montgolfier (1780-1810), French inventor
antoine marie philip louis orleans duke montpensier
Antoine Marie Philip Louis of Orleans, duke of Montpensier (1824-1890), French prince
emilio mola vidal 1887 1937 spanish military
Emilio Mola Vidal (1887-1937), Spanish military
emilio mola vidal 1887 1937 spanish military
Emilio Mola Vidal (1887-1937), Spanish military
juan moles ormella 1871 1945 spanish lawyer
Juan Moles Ormella (1871-1945), Spanish lawyer and Republican politician
bartolome mitre martinez 1821 1906 argentinian
Bartolomé Mitre Martinez (1821-1906), Argentinian military and politician, he
enrique mesa rosales 1878 1929 spanish writer
Enrique de Mesa Rosales (1878-1929), Spanish writer
thomas mann 1875 1955 german writer nobel
Thomas Mann (1875-1955), German writer, Nobel Prize in Literature 1929
jose antonio primo rivera 1903 1936 spanish
José Antonio Primo de Rivera (1903-1936), Spanish politician founder of the Falange
manuel portela valladares 1868 1952 spanish
Manuel Portela Valladares (1868-1952, Spanish politician and president of government