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bathers asnieres baigneurs asnieres 1884 artist
Bathers at Asnieres (Baigneurs a Asnieres), 1884
saint john baptist 1513 1516 artist leonardo
Saint John the Baptist, 1513-1516. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
virgin child saint anne c1508 artist leonardo
The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, c.1508. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
study la grande jatte 1884 1885 artist seurat
Study for La Grande Jatte, 1884-1885. Artist: Seurat, George Pierre (1859-1891)
people israel heading jordan carrying ark covenant
The people of Israel is heading to the Jordan carrying the Ark of the Covenant
ship santa ana spanish boat fleet battle trafalgar
The ship Santa Ana, the Spanish boat fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar (21 - 10-1805)
vessels rayo santa ana insignia flag admiral
Vessels 'Rayo' and 'Santa Ana' with the insignia flag of Admiral Gravina
participants rally barcelona sitges period dressed
Participants in the rally Barcelona Sitges, period dressed in a car with wood gas
benjamin britten 1913 1976 english composer
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), English composer
roldan promising loyalty charlemagne miniature
Roldan promising loyalty to Charlemagne, miniature in a page of the manuscript of
moses saved waters pharaohs daughter
Moses saved from the waters by the Pharaoh's daughter
pedro fernandez castro andrade 1524 1590
Pedro Fernandez de Castro and Andrade (1524-1590)
cesar vallejo 1892 1938 peruvian writer
César Vallejo (1892-1938), Peruvian writer
sultan selim iii emperor ottomans 1761 1808
Sultan Selim III, Emperor of the Ottomans (1761-1808), son of Mustafa II, etching, 1870
william iii 1817 1890 king netherlands 1856
William III (1817-1890), King of the Netherlands, 1856. Artist: Pieneman, Nicolaas
execution joachim murat firing squad pizzo calabro
Execution of Joachim Murat by firing squad in Pizzo Calabro, October 13, 1815, ca 1820
poppies 1888 artist vonnoh robert william
Poppies, 1888. Artist: Vonnoh, Robert William (1858-1933)
elizabeth york 1465 1503 ca 1502 artist
Elizabeth of York (1465-1503), ca 1502. Artist: Anonymous
late afternoon new york winter 1900 artist hassam
Late Afternoon, New York, Winter, 1900. Artist: Hassam, Childe (1859-1935)
south france 1908 artist korovin konstantin
South France, 1908. Artist: Korovin, Konstantin Alexeyevich (1861-1939)
interrogation 1855 artist timm vasily george
The Interrogation, 1855. Artist: Timm, Vasily (George Wilhelm) (1820-1895)
cafe paris 1890s artist korovin konstantin
Cafe in Paris, 1890s. Artist: Korovin, Konstantin Alexeyevich (1861-1939)
evening ukraine 1878 artist kuindzhi arkhip
Evening at the Ukraine, 1878. Artist: Kuindzhi, Arkhip Ivanovich (1842-1910)
banner lenin poster 1931 artist klutsis gustav
Under the banner of Lenin (Poster), 1931. Artist: Klutsis, Gustav (1895-1938)
reality program real people its poster 1931
The Reality of our Program is Real People: It's You and Me (Poster), 1931. Artist: Klutsis
naples night 1850 artist aivazovsky ivan konstantinovich
Naples by night, 1850. Artist: Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich (1817-1900)
fjord norway artist borisov alexander alexeyevich
A Fjord in Norway. Artist: Borisov, Alexander Alexeyevich (1866-1934)
autumn a vase 1906 artist bakst leon
Autumn (A Vase), 1906. Artist: Bakst, Leon (1866-1924)
punishment ananias sapphira 1865 artist harlamov
The Punishment of Ananias and Sapphira, 1865. Artist: Harlamov, Alexei Alexeyevich
landscape trinity sergius monastery 1920 artist
Landscape with the Trinity-Sergius-Monastery, 1920. Artist: Lentulov, Aristarkh Vasilyevich
leib guard izmailovo regiment 1846 artist ladurner
The Leib Guard Izmailovo Regiment, 1846. Artist: Ladurner, Adolphe (1798-1856)
christmas/christmas market 1918 artist kustodiev boris
Christmas Market, 1918. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
illustration poem tambov treasurers wife m lermontov
Illustration to the poem The Tambov Treasurer's Wife after M. Lermontov, 1862
music lesson artist ter borch gerard circle
The Music Lesson. Artist: Ter Borch, Gerard, (Circle of)
worlds artist lebedev klavdi vasilyevich
Two Worlds. Artist: Lebedev, Klavdi Vasilyevich (1852-1916)
train way 1890s artist levitan isaak ilyich
A train on the way, 1890s. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
wedding feast 1917 artist kustodiev boris
The Wedding Feast, 1917. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
elegy 1911 artist kalinichenko jakov jakovlevich
Elegy, 1911. Artist: Kalinichenko, Jakov Jakovlevich (1869-1938)
self immolation member terrorist organization
Self-immolation of a member of the terrorist organization People?s Will, 1928. Artist: Chupyatov
healing blind man jericho 1888 artist surikov
The Healing of the Blind Man of Jericho, 1888. Artist: Surikov, Vasili Ivanovich
self portrait wife horseback 1915 artist kustodiev
Self-portrait with the wife on horseback, 1915. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich
nymph echo costume design ballet narcisse n
Nymph Echo. Costume design for the ballet Narcisse by N. Tcherepnin, 1911. Artist: Bakst
apple trees blooming c 1895 artist levitan
Apple trees blooming, c. 1895. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
country house autumn 1902 artist kalinichenko
A Country house in autumn, 1902. Artist: Kalinichenko, Jakov Jakovlevich (1869-1938)
landscape tobias angel 1663 artist lorrain
Landscape with Tobias and the Angel, 1663. Artist: Lorrain, Claude (1600-1682)
stage design opera ruslan ludmila m glinka 1907
Stage design the opera Ruslan and Ludmila by M
spring landscape 1888 artist kuvshinnikova
Spring landscape, 1888. Artist: Kuvshinnikova, Sophia Petrovna (1847-1907)
stage design opera tale tsar saltan n rimsky korsakov
Stage design for the opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan by N. Rimsky-Korsakov, 1913. Artist: Korovin
snowstorm 1901 artist karasin nikolai nikolayevich
Snowstorm, 1901. Artist: Karasin, Nikolai Nikolayevich (1842-1908)
view main gatchina palace 1821 artist martynov
View of the Main Gatchina palace, 1821. Artist: Martynov, Andrei Yefimovich (1768-1826)
evening lilies 1901 artist kalinichenko jakov
Evening of the lilies, 1901. Artist: Kalinichenko, Jakov Jakovlevich (1869-1938)
samovar 1899 artist kalinichenko jakov jakovlevich
At the samovar, 1899. Artist: Kalinichenko, Jakov Jakovlevich (1869-1938)
ferns 1894 artist levitan isaak ilyich
Ferns, 1894. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
storm 1882 artist karyakin mikhail alexandrovich
Before a storm, 1882. Artist: Karyakin, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1831-after 1884)
lake autumn 1890s artist levitan isaak ilyich
At a lake. Autumn, 1890s. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
country house twilight 1890s artist levitan
Country house at the twilight, 1890s. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
transfiguration jesus 1490s artist russian
The Transfiguration of Jesus, 1490s. Artist: Russian icon
sunshines lake 1898 1899 artist levitan isaak
Last sunshines. A lake, 1898-1899. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
bath house beach artist kuznetsov nikolai dmitrievich
A bath house at the beach. Artist: Kuznetsov, Nikolai Dmitrievich (1850-1929)
nut tree 1905 artist borisov musatov viktor
Nut-tree, 1905. Artist: Borisov-Musatov, Viktor Elpidiforovich (1870-1905)
wild violets forget me nots 1889 artist levitan
Wild violets and forget-me-nots, 1889. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
hay making 1900 artist levitan isaak ilyich
Hay-making, 1900. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
moon night village 1897 artist levitan isaak
Moon night. A village, 1897. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
autumn 1918 artist kustodiev boris michaylovich
Autumn, 1918. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
view park pavlovsk artist lebedev mikhail ivanovich
View of the Park in Pavlovsk. Artist: Lebedev, Mikhail Ivanovich (1811-1837)
sea iat crimea artist kuindzhi arkhip ivanovich
The sea iat the Crimea. Artist: Kuindzhi, Arkhip Ivanovich (1842-1910)
impressionism/ballet class 1871 1874 artist degas edgar
The Ballet Class, Between 1871 and 1874. Artist: Degas, Edgar (1834-1917)
pseudonym antonym libraries 1895 artist beardsley
The Pseudonym and Antonym Libraries, 1895. Artist: Beardsley, Aubrey (1872?1898)
railway station 1866 artist frith william powell
The Railway Station, 1866. Artist: Frith, William Powell (1819-1909)
folies bergeres 1900 artist cappiello leonetto
Folies Bergeres, 1900. Artist: Cappiello, Leonetto (1875-1942)
battle bautzen 1813 artist anonymous
The Battle of Bautzen, 1813. Artist: Anonymous
portrait catherine aragon pet monkey copy lucas
Portrait of Catherine of Aragon, with her pet monkey (Copy After Lucas Horenbout), ca 1530
portrait juan luis vives 1492 1540 1791 artist
Portrait of Juan Luis Vives (1492-1540), 1791. Artist: Lopez Enguidanos, Jose (1751-1812)
siege beijing miniature jami al tawarikh universal
The siege of Beijing. Miniature from Jami' al-tawarikh (Universal History), ca 1430
congress vienna artist campe august friedrich
The Congress of Vienna. Artist: Campe, August Friedrich Andreas (1777-1846)
portrait johann christoph wagenseil 1633 1705
Portrait of Johann Christoph Wagenseil (1633-1705), End of 17th cen.. Artist: Fenitzer (Fennitzer)
portrait opera singer anna davia bernucci 1782
Portrait of the opera singer Anna Davia Bernucci, 1782. Artist: Levitsky, Dmitri Grigorievich
self portrait 1867 artist kramskoi ivan nikolayevich
Self-portrait, 1867. Artist: Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887)
portrait prince ivan baryatinsky 1800 artist
Portrait of Prince Ivan Baryatinsky, 1800. Artist: Vigee-Lebrun, Marie Louise Elisabeth
portrait ursula mniszeck 1782 artist levitsky
Portrait of Ursula Mniszeck, 1782. Artist: Levitsky, Dmitri Grigorievich (1735-1822)
golden autumn 1895 artist levitan isaak ilyich
Golden autumn, 1895. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
fresh wind volga 1895 artist levitan isaak
Fresh wind. Volga, 1895. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
autumn day sokolniki 1879 artist levitan
Autumn day. Sokolniki, 1879. Artist: Levitan, Isaak Ilyich (1860-1900)
virgin orans c 1037 artist byzantine master
The Virgin Orans, c. 1037. Artist: Byzantine Master
ornament chancel 1037 1050 artist byzantine
Ornament of the chancel, 1037-1050. Artist: Byzantine Master
hippodrome 11th century artist ancient russian
In the Hippodrome, 11th century. Artist: Ancient Russian frescos
fight scene hippodrom 11th century artist ancient
Fight scene in Hippodrom, 11th century. Artist: Ancient Russian frescos
bear hunt 11th century artist ancient russian
Bear Hunt, 11th century. Artist: Ancient Russian frescos
holy gates the royal doors late 16th cen artist
The Holy Gates (The Royal Doors), Late 16th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
annunciation ustyug 1130 1140 artist russian
The Annunciation of Ustyug, 1130-1140. Artist: Russian icon
saint symeon stylite scenes life 16th century
Saint Symeon the Stylite with Scenes from His Life, 16th century. Artist: Russian icon
bunch flowers phloxes 1884 artist kramskoi
Bunch of flowers. Phloxes, 1884. Artist: Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887)
landscape 1905 artist guro yelena genrichovna
Landscape, 1905. Artist: Guro, Yelena Genrichovna (1877-1913)
jehovah dome painting archangel michael cathedral
Jehovah. Dome painting in the Archangel Michael Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, 1652-1666
holy face dome painting archangel michael cathedral
The Holy Face (Dome painting in the Archangel Michael Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin), 1652-1666


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