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24 Jun 2013

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easter procession artist malinin ivan semenovich
Easter procession. Artist: Malinin, Ivan Semenovich (1866-1952)
musician 18th century artist anonymous 18th
A Musician, 18th century. Artist: Anonymous, 18th century
drawing room house count josef august ilinsky romaniv
The Drawing Room in the House of Count Josef August Ilinsky in Romaniv, 1834. Artist
trying jabot c 1815 artist anonymous
Trying on Jabot, c. 1815. Artist: Anonymous
alexander palace tsarskoye selo 1831 artist reutern
The Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo, 1831. Artist: Reutern, Gerhard Wilhelm, von
pushkin ball artist glukhov mikhail nikolayevich
Pushkin at the Ball. Artist: Glukhov, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1898-?)
zaporozhian cossacks ataman vasily grigoryevich
The Zaporozhian Cossacks Ataman Vasily Grigoryevich Gamaleya, ca 1760. Artist: Anonymous
allegory peace justice artist vos maerten
Allegory of Peace and Justice. Artist: Vos, Maerten, de (1532-1603)
landscape leto peasants lykia artist coninxloo
Landscape with Leto and Peasants of Lykia. Artist: Coninxloo, Gillis, van (1544-1606)
ages artist backer jacob 1540 45 ca 1600
The Three Ages. Artist: Backer, Jacob, de (1540/45-ca. 1600)
nevka river near yelagin bridge 1829 artist
Nevka River near the Yelagin Bridge, 1829. Artist: Vorobyev, Maxim Nikiphorovich
country estate kachanovka 1849 artist voloskov
The country estate Kachanovka, 1849. Artist: Voloskov, Alexei Yakovlevich (1822-1882)
poisoned eleanor 1782 artist kauffmann angelika
Poisoned Eleanor, 1782. Artist: Kauffmann, Angelika (1741-1807)
fisherman artist zakharov chechenets pyotr
Fisherman. Artist: Zakharov (Chechenets), Pyotr Zakharovich (1816-1846)
susanna bath 1813 artist yegorov alexei yegorovich
Susanna at her Bath, 1813. Artist: Yegorov, Alexei Yegorovich (1776-1851)
life everywhere 1888 artist yaroshenko nikolai
Life Is Everywhere, 1888. Artist: Yaroshenko, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1846-1898)
self portrait 1895 artist yaroshenko nikolai
Self-Portrait, 1895. Artist: Yaroshenko, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1846-1898)
grenadier pavlovsky lifeguards regiment 1840s
Grenadier of the Pavlovsky Lifeguards Regiment, 1840s. Artist: Willewalde, Gottfried
juno triptych judgment paris 1893 artist vrubel
Juno (Triptych The Judgment of Paris), 1893. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich
minerva triptych judgment paris 1893 artist
Minerva (Triptych The Judgment of Paris), 1893. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich
venus amor paris triptych judgment paris central
Venus, Amor and Paris (Triptych The Judgment of Paris, central part), 1893. Artist: Vrubel
prophet 1898 artist vrubel mikhail alexandrovich
Prophet, 1898. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
sadko 1899 1900 artist vrubel mikhail alexandrovich
Sadko, 1899-1900. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
sadko 1899 artist vrubel mikhail alexandrovich
Sadko, 1899. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
hunting borzois 1907 artist vinogradov sergei
Hunting with Borzois, 1907. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
dacha near moscow artist vinogradov sergei
Dacha near Moscow. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
spring 1911 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
Spring, 1911. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
near st george monastery crimea artist vereshchagin
Near the St. George Monastery. Crimea. Artist: Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilyevich
chusovaya river artist vereshchagin pyotr petrovich
Chusovaya River. Artist: Vereshchagin, Pyotr Petrovich (1836-1886)
bolshoy kamenny bridge moscow artist vereshchagin
Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge in Moscow. Artist: Vereshchagin, Pyotr Petrovich (1836-1886)
view nizhny novgorod 1867 artist vereshchagin
View of Nizhny Novgorod, 1867. Artist: Vereshchagin, Pyotr Petrovich (1836-1886)
astrakhan 1879 artist vereshchagin pyotr petrovich
Astrakhan, 1879. Artist: Vereshchagin, Pyotr Petrovich (1836-1886)
peasant girl calf end 1820s artist venetsianov
A Peasant Girl with a Calf, End 1820s. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
zakharka 1825 artist venetsianov alexei gavrilovich
Zakharka, 1825. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
haymaking 1827 artist venetsianov alexei gavrilovich
Haymaking, before 1827. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
spinner 1830s artist venetsianov alexei gavrilovich
The spinner, 1830s. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
allegory months year 1808 artist venetsianov
Allegory of the twelve months of the year, 1808. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich
girl hay mattress artist venetsianov alexei
Girl on a hay mattress. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
tsarevna window the princess who smiled 1920
Tsarevna at the window (The Princess Who Never Smiled), 1920
underwater kingdom stage design opera rusalka a
Underwater Kingdom. Stage design for the opera Rusalka by A. Dargomyzhsky, 1884. Artist: Vasnetsov
stone age feast 1883 artist vasnetsov viktor
The Stone Age. A Feast, 1883. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
skomorokh dress 1882 artist vasnetsov viktor
In skomorokh dress, 1882. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
knight artist vasnetsov viktor mikhaylovich
A Knight. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
boyars wife 1884 artist vasnetsov viktor
Boyar's Wife, 1884. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
alyonushka study 1881 artist vasnetsov viktor
Alyonushka (Study), 1881. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
akhtyrka estate 1880 artist vasnetsov appolinari
The Akhtyrka estate, 1880. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich (1856-1933)
reading edict artist vasnetsov appolinari mikhaylovich
Reading an edict. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich (1856-1933)
clouds golden domes simonov monastery 1927 artist
Clouds and Golden Domes. The Simonov Monastery, 1927. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich
old park all past 1926 artist vasnetsov
In the old park. (All in the Past), 1926. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich
fountain sukharevskaya square 19th century 1921
The Fountain on the Sukharevskaya Square in the 19th century, 1921. Artist: Vasnetsov
boyars mansions sleeping 1918 artist vasnetsov
The boyars' mansions sleeping, 1918. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich
cathedral vyatka 1916 artist vasnetsov appolinari
Cathedral in Vyatka, 1916. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich (1856-1933)
banya winter 1919 artist vasnetsov appolinari
Banya in Winter, 1919. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich (1856-1933)
iphigenia tauris 1889 1890 artist vasnetsov
Iphigenia in Tauris, 1889-1890. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich (1856-1933)
fountain bahcesaray 1925 artist vasnetsov
The Fountain of Bahcesaray, 1925. Artist: Vasnetsov, Appolinari Mikhaylovich (1856-1933)
russian army captured izmail fortress artist
Russian army captured Izmail fortress. Artist: Usypenko, Fyodor Pavlovich (1917-?)
trial strength yan usmar 1796 artist ugryumov
The Trial of Strength of Yan Usmar, 1796. Artist: Ugryumov, Grigori Ivanovich (1764-1823)
peasant funeral artist tvorozhnikov ivan ivanovich
A Peasant Funeral. Artist: Tvorozhnikov, Ivan Ivanovich (1848-1919)
icons seller 1889 artist tvorozhnikov ivan
Icons seller, 1889. Artist: Tvorozhnikov, Ivan Ivanovich (1848-1919)
beggars church 1889 artist tvorozhnikov ivan
Beggars at the church, 1889. Artist: Tvorozhnikov, Ivan Ivanovich (1848-1919)
tavern artist trutovsky konstantin alexandrovich
Before a Tavern. Artist: Trutovsky, Konstantin Alexandrovich (1826-1893)
curtain serf theatre artist trutovsky konstantin
Behind the curtain in the serf theatre. Artist: Trutovsky, Konstantin Alexandrovich
spinner 1821 artist tropinin vasili andreyevich
Spinner, 1821. Artist: Tropinin, Vasili Andreyevich (1776-1857)
girl podillia artist tropinin vasili andreyevich
Girl from Podillia. Artist: Tropinin, Vasili Andreyevich (1776-1857)
family portrait 1848 artist toropov foma gavrilovich
Family portrait, 1848. Artist: Toropov, Foma Gavrilovich (1821-1898)
beetle rose branch artist tolstoy fyodor petrovich
Beetle at the rose branch. Artist: Tolstoy, Fyodor Petrovich (1783-1873)
flies waterdrops artist tolstoy fyodor petrovich
The flies at the waterdrops. Artist: Tolstoy, Fyodor Petrovich (1783-1873)
campfire 1806 artist tolstoy fyodor petrovich
At Campfire, 1806. Artist: Tolstoy, Fyodor Petrovich (1783-1873)
duck hunting 1905 artist tichmenev evgeny
Duck Hunting, 1905. Artist: Tichmenev, Evgeny Alexandrovich (1869-1934)
peasants merry making 1779 artist tankov tonkov
Peasants merry-making, 1779. Artist: Tankov (Tonkov), Ivan Michailovich (1740-1799)
early spring artist svetoslavsky sergei ivanovich
Early Spring. Artist: Svetoslavsky, Sergei Ivanovich (1857-1931)
hunting 1870s artist sverchkov nikolai yegorovich
On the Hunting, 1870s. Artist: Sverchkov, Nikolai Yegorovich (1817-1898)
winter islands saint petersburg 1912 artist
Winter on the islands of Saint Petersburg, 1912. Artist: Stolitsa, Evgeni Ivanovich
autumn 1905 artist stolitsa evgeni ivanovich
Autumn, 1905. Artist: Stolitsa, Evgeni Ivanovich (1870-1929)
winter 1902 artist stolitsa evgeni ivanovich
Winter, 1902. Artist: Stolitsa, Evgeni Ivanovich (1870-1929)
gazebo naydenov estate 1923 artist stolitsa
Gazebo at the Naydenov Estate, 1923. Artist: Stolitsa, Evgeni Ivanovich (1870-1929)
trial strength yan usmovets 1849 artist sorokin
The Trial of Strength of Yan Usmovets, 1849. Artist: Sorokin, Yevgraf Semyonovich
christ pilate 1844 artist sorokin yevgraf
Christ Before Pilate, 1844. Artist: Sorokin, Yevgraf Semyonovich (1821-1892)
studio painter count vasily maksutov 1858 artist
Studio of the painter Count Vasily Maksutov, 1858. Artist: Sorokin, Yevgraf Semyonovich
sleeping woman park 1922 artist somov konstantin
Sleeping Woman in a Park, 1922. Artist: Somov, Konstantin Andreyevich (1869-1939)
harlequins 1913 artist somov konstantin andreyevich
Harlequins, 1913. Artist: Somov, Konstantin Andreyevich (1869-1939)
monks wrongly stranded 1870s artist solovyev
Monks. Wrongly stranded, 1870s. Artist: Solovyev, Lev Grigoryevich (1837-1919)
tavern night scene 1860s 1870s artist solomatkin
Before a Tavern. Night scene, 1860s-1870s
troika 1866 artist sokolov pyotr petrovich
Troika, 1866. Artist: Sokolov, Pyotr Petrovich (1821-1899)
troika winter 1880s artist sokolov pyotr petrovich
Troika in Winter, 1880s. Artist: Sokolov, Pyotr Petrovich (1821-1899)
general toptygin 1875 artist sokolov pyotr
General Toptygin, 1875. Artist: Sokolov, Pyotr Petrovich (1821-1899)
portrait lanskoy children 1839 artist sokolov
Portrait of the Lanskoy Children, 1839. Artist: Sokolov, Pyotr Fyodorovich (1791-1848)
work pavel nashchokin house 1824 artist sokolov
At work. In the Pavel Nashchokin House, 1824. Artist: Sokolov, Pyotr Fyodorovich
wedding feast 1860 artist sokolov ivan ivanovich
The Wedding Feast, 1860. Artist: Sokolov, Ivan Ivanovich (1823-1918)
recruits farewell 1860 artist sokolov ivan
The Recruits Farewell, 1860. Artist: Sokolov, Ivan Ivanovich (1823-1918)
cherry harvest landowners fruit garden ukraine 1858
Cherry harvest in a landowner's fruit garden in the Ukraine, 1858. Artist: Sokolov
kiev 1839 artist shternberg vasili ivanovich
Kiev, 1839. Artist: Shternberg, Vasili Ivanovich (1818-1845)
mans mind kingdom artist shmelkov pyotr michaylovich
A man's mind is his kingdom. Artist: Shmelkov, Pyotr Michaylovich (1819-1890)
pinewood 1885 artist shishkin ivan ivanovich
Pinewood, 1885. Artist: Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich (1832-1898)
portrait count andrey mikhaylovich golitsyn artist
Portrait of Count Andrey Mikhaylovich Golitsyn. Artist: Shinbarev (Shimbarev), Pavel
self portrait artist shchukin stepan semyonovich
Self-Portrait. Artist: Shchukin, Stepan Semyonovich (1762-1828)
landscape hunters artist shchedrovsky ignati
Landscape with hunters. Artist: Shchedrovsky, Ignati Stepanovich (1815-1870)
huntsmen 1839 artist shchedrovsky ignati stepanovich
Huntsmen, 1839. Artist: Shchedrovsky, Ignati Stepanovich (1815-1870)
girl student 1890s artist savitsky konstantin
A Girl Student, 1890s. Artist: Savitsky, Konstantin Apollonovich (1844-1905)


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