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20 Jun 2013

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collectivization 1933 artist krueger prachova
The Collectivization, 1933. Artist: Krueger (Prachova), Anna Avgustovna (1876-1962)
sunrise neva st petersburg 1830 artist vorobyev
Sunrise over the Neva in St. Petersburg, 1830. Artist: Vorobyev, Maxim Nikiphorovich
music composition 1920 artist zuperman ll
Music. Composition, 1920. Artist: Zuperman, L.L
summer day artist volkov yefim yefimovich
A summer day. Artist: Volkov, Yefim Yefimovich (1844-1920)
deliverance saint peter 1806 artist vitberg
The Deliverance of Saint Peter, 1806. Artist: Vitberg, Alexander Lavrentievich (1787-1855)
autumn night st petersburg 1835 artist vorobyev
Autumn night in St. Petersburg, 1835. Artist: Vorobyev, Maxim Nikiphorovich (1787-1855)
farewell dead 1878 artist volkov iosif petrovich
A farewell to the Dead, 1878. Artist: Volkov, Iosif Petrovich (1854-after 1897)
justice peace 1888 artist zoshchenko mikhail
Justice of the Peace, 1888. Artist: Zoshchenko, Mikhail Ivanovich (1857-1907)
marriage 1874 artist zhuravlev firs sergeevich
After the marriage, 1874. Artist: Zhuravlev, Firs Sergeevich (1836-1901)
eve of the wedding party bath 1885 artist zhuravlev
Eve-of-the-wedding Party in a Bath, 1885. Artist: Zhuravlev, Firs Sergeevich (1836-1901)
fashion lady preparation ball 1872 artist
A fashion lady. Preparation for a Ball, 1872. Artist: Zhuravlev, Firs Sergeevich
jerusalem 1849 artist vorobyev maxim nikiphorovich
Jerusalem, 1849. Artist: Vorobyev, Maxim Nikiphorovich (1787-1855)
morgen tailor 1855 artist volokhov dmitri
Morgen of a tailor, 1855. Artist: Volokhov, Dmitri Petrovich (1826-?)
portrait composer alexander dargomyzhsky 1813 1869
Portrait of the composer Alexander Dargomyzhsky (1813-1869), 1869. Artist: Volkov
refreshment stall st petersburg 1858 artist volkov
Refreshment Stall in St. Petersburg, 1858. Artist: Volkov, Adrian Markovich (1827-1873)
costume design series oriental dancers 1900s
Costume design from the Series Oriental dancers, 1900s. Artist: Vladimirov, Vasili Vasilyevich
search lenins apartment shushenskoye 1958 artist
The Search at the Lenin's apartment in Shushenskoye, 1958. Artist: Volkov, Vasili Romanovich
floris van egmond 1469 1539 count buren 1536
Floris van Egmond (1469-1539), count of Buren, 1536
madonna child milk soup 1510 1515 artist david
Madonna and Child with the Milk Soup, 1510-1515. Artist: David, Gerard (ca. 1460-1523)
memorial tablet lord raas haamstede 1452 1465
Memorial tablet of Lord Raas of Haamstede, Between 1452 and 1465. Artist: Anonymous
proposal the rivals artist kulle axel
Proposal (The Rivals). Artist: Kulle, Axel (1846-1908)
portrait anna austria 15491580 queen consort spain
Portrait of Anna of Austria (1549?1580), Queen consort of Spain, 1571. Artist: Coello
view acropolis pnyx 1863 artist muller rudolf
View of the Acropolis from the Pnyx, 1863. Artist: Muller, Rudolf (1802-1885)
entry christ jerusalem 1497 artist russian
The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, 1497. Artist: Russian icon
baptism christ 1497 artist russian icon
The Baptism of Christ, 1497. Artist: Russian icon
transfiguration jesus 1497 artist russian icon
The Transfiguration of Jesus, 1497. Artist: Russian icon
ascension christ 1497 artist russian icon
The Ascension of Christ, 1497. Artist: Russian icon
descent holy spirit 1497 artist russian icon
The Descent of the Holy Spirit, 1497. Artist: Russian icon
virgin tikhvin 16th century artist russian
The Virgin of Tikhvin, 16th century. Artist: Russian icon
annunciation 1497 artist russian icon
The Annunciation, 1497. Artist: Russian icon
saints peter fevronia murom ecclesiastical embroidery
Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom (Ecclesiastical embroidery), 1594
rest hay harvest 1887 artist zhuravlev firs
Rest at the Hay Harvest, 1887. Artist: Zhuravlev, Firs Sergeevich (1836-1901)
self portrait artist zhuravlev firs sergeevich
Self-portrait. Artist: Zhuravlev, Firs Sergeevich (1836-1901)
religious controversy 1867 artist zhukov dmitri
Religious controversy, 1867. Artist: Zhukov, Dmitri Yegorovich (1841-1903)
life porcelain flowers 1913 artist zaytsev
Still life with porcelain and flowers, 1913. Artist: Zaytsev, Nikolai Semyonovich
balcony 1912 artist zaytsev matvei markovich
On the balcony, 1912. Artist: Zaytsev, Matvei Markovich (1880-1940)
heavenly space 1911 artist zarubin viktor
Heavenly space, 1911. Artist: Zarubin, Viktor Ivanovich (1866-1928)
assumption blessed virgin cathedral rostov 1862
In the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Cathedral in Rostov, 1862
self portrait 1934 artist yermolayeva vera
Self-portrait, 1934. Artist: Yermolayeva, Vera Mikhailovna (1893-1938)
swing 1888 artist yaroshenko nikolai alexandrovich
On the Swing, 1888. Artist: Yaroshenko, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1846-1898)
terrorist artist yaroshenko nikolai alexandrovich
A terrorist. Artist: Yaroshenko, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1846-1898)
park portrait artists wife artist yaroshenko
In a park. (Portrait of the artist's wife). Artist: Yaroshenko, Nikolai Alexandrovich
costume design operetta girofle giroflia ch lecocq
Costume design for the operetta Girofle-Giroflia by Ch. Lecocq, 1922. Artist: Yakulov
stage design operetta girofle giroflia ch lecocq
Stage design for the operetta Girofle-Giroflia by Ch. Lecocq, 1922. Artist: Yakulov
fantasy 1910s artist yakulov georgi bogdanovich
Fantasy, 1910s. Artist: Yakulov, Georgi Bogdanovich (1884-1928)
cafe artist yakulov georgi bogdanovich
Cafe. Artist: Yakulov, Georgi Bogdanovich (1884-1928)
bar artist yakulov georgi bogdanovich
A Bar. Artist: Yakulov, Georgi Bogdanovich (1884-1928)
moscow artist yakovlev viktor jakovlevich
Moscow. Artist: Yakovlev, Viktor Jakovlevich (1844-?)
gathering apples 1917 artist yakovlev valentin
Gathering Apples, 1917. Artist: Yakovlev, Valentin Alexandrovich (1887-1919)
doll 1907 artist yakovlev mikhail nikolayevich
A Doll, 1907. Artist: Yakovlev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1880-1942)
august carpet 1909 artist yakovlev mikhail
August carpet, 1909. Artist: Yakovlev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1880-1942)
evening homecoming 1906 artist yakovlev mikhail
Evening homecoming, 1906. Artist: Yakovlev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1880-1942)
flowers doll 1916 artist yakovlev mikhail
Flowers and a doll, 1916. Artist: Yakovlev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1880-1942)
garden arbour 1907 artist yakovlev mikhail
An Garden Arbour, 1907. Artist: Yakovlev, Mikhail Nikolayevich (1880-1942)
musiciants srinagar 1932 artist yakovlev alexander
Musiciants in Srinagar, 1932. Artist: Yakovlev, Alexander Yevgenyevich (1887-1938)
portrait artists wife c 1917 artist yakovlev
Portrait of the artist's wife, c. 1917. Artist: Yakovlev, Alexander Yevgenyevich
boulevard 1921 artist witberg sigizmund yanovich
On the Boulevard, 1921. Artist: Witberg, Sigizmund Yanovich (1890-?)
scene well 1890 artist willewalde gottfried
Scene at the Well, 1890. Artist: Willewalde, Gottfried (Bogdan Pavlovich) (1818-1903)
mile stone 1859 artist willewalde gottfried
At the Mile Stone, 1859. Artist: Willewalde, Gottfried (Bogdan Pavlovich) (1818-1903)
water lilies artist vrubel mikhail alexandrovich
Water Lilies. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
costume design opera mazepa pi tschaikovski
Costume design for the opera Mazepa by P.I. Tschaikovski. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich
playing naiads tritons 1899 artist vrubel
Playing naiads and tritons, 1899. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
beer tankard 1883 artist vrubel mikhail alexandrovich
Over a Beer Tankard, 1883. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
peasant feast artist vishnekov al first half
Peasant Feast. Artist: Vishnekov, Al. (First Half of 18th cen.)
sunny day lady balustrade 1908 artist vinogradov
Sunny day. A lady at the balustrade, 1908. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich
summer 1909 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
In summer, 1909. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
country estate 1910 artist vinogradov sergei
In a country estate, 1910. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
house 1913 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
In a house, 1913. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
alupka 1917 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
Alupka, 1917. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
lady balcony 1916 artist vinogradov sergei
A lady on the balcony, 1916. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
little one 1910 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
A little one, 1910. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
blooming may 1915 1918 artist vinogradov sergei
Blooming May, 1915-1918. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
southern night 1915 artist vinogradov sergei
Southern night, 1915. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
garden 1910 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
A garden, 1910. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
stubblefield 1896 artist vinogradov sergei
On the Stubblefield, 1896. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
dancer 1903 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
A dancer, 1903. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
spring landscape 1915 artist vinogradov sergei
Spring landscape, 1915. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
study artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
In a study. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
work 1895 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
To the work, 1895. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
threshing 1916 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
The Threshing, 1916. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
house 1914 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
In a house, 1914. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
spring coming 1911 artist vinogradov sergei
Spring is coming, 1911. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
house 1910 artist vinogradov sergei arsenyevich
In a house, 1910. Artist: Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenyevich (1869-1938)
evening 1897 artist villiam yelena nikolayevna
Towards evening, 1897. Artist: Villiam, Yelena Nikolayevna (1860-1919)
rajasthan lake udaipur 1874 artist vereshchagin
Rajasthan. At the Lake in Udaipur, 1874. Artist: Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilyevich
turkestan 1870s artist vereshchagin vasili
In Turkestan, 1870s. Artist: Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilyevich (1842-1904)
fakir 1874 1876 artist vereshchagin vasili
A Fakir, 1874-1876. Artist: Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilyevich (1842-1904)
military hospital 1901 artist vereshchagin
In a Military Hospital, 1901. Artist: Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilyevich (1842-1904)
india snow himalayas 1874 1876 artist vereshchagin
India. Snow on the Himalayas, 1874-1876. Artist: Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilyevich


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