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19 Jun 2013

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capture prussian fortress kolberg 16 december 1761
The capture of the Prussian fortress of Kolberg on 16 December 1761, 1761. Artist
treasure tutankhamun canopic reliquary goddesses
Treasure of Tutankhamun, canopic reliquary with four goddesses protecting the content
sarcophagus spouses etruscan terracotta feet
Sarcophagus of the Spouses, made in Etruscan terracotta, detail of feet and footwear
apples wicker basket pomegranate silver plate
Apples in a wicker basket, an pomegranate on a silver plate and flowers in a glass vase
milan cathedral 1860s artist anonymous
The Milan Cathedral, 1860s. Artist: Anonymous
saint nicholas zaraysk early 18th cen artist
Saint Nicholas of Zaraysk, Early 18th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
nativity virgin 1715 artist ulanov cornili
The Nativity of the Virgin, 1715. Artist: Ulanov, Cornili (Kirill) (?-1731)
christ majesty saviour world 17th century artist
Christ in Majesty (Saviour of the World), 17th century. Artist: Russian icon
lady sign early 18th cen artist russian icon
Our Lady of the Sign, Early 18th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
saint john forerunner second half 17th cen artist
Saint John the Forerunner, Second Half of the 17th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
trompe loeil board partition letter rack music book
Trompe l'oeil. Board Partition with Letter Rack and Music Book, 1668. Artist: Gijsbrechts
exchange bridge vasilievsky island 1799 artist
The Exchange Bridge at the Vasilievsky Island, 1799. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin
le coucher des ouvrieres en modes 1788 artist
Le Coucher des Ouvrieres en Modes, 1788. Artist: Lafrensen, Niclas (1737-1807)
sacrifice isaac c 1615 artist orrente pedro
The Sacrifice of Isaac, c. 1615. Artist: Orrente, Pedro (1588-1645)
roman landscape 1852 artist bocklin arnold
Roman Landscape, 1852. Artist: Bocklin, Arnold (1827-1901)
raising lazarus 1660s artist russian icon
The Raising of Lazarus, 1660s. Artist: Russian icon
beheading saint john baptist feodorovskaya mother god
The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist with the Feodorovskaya Mother of God, Early 17th cen
epiphanius salamis 1645 artist fomin terenty
Epiphanius of Salamis, 1645. Artist: Fomin, Terenty (active 1646?1670)
life 1920s artist waliszewski zygmunt
Still Life, 1920s. Artist: Waliszewski, Zygmunt (1897-1936)
morning hangover end 19th cen artist zhuravlev
Morning Hangover, End of 19th cen.. Artist: Zhuravlev, Firs Sergeevich (1836-1901)
fire salt trade rows artist timm vasily george
Fire in the salt trade rows. Artist: Timm, Vasily (George Wilhelm) (1820-1895)
battle scene russian history 1900 1910 artist
A Battle. A scene from Russian history, 1900-1910. Artist: Shavrin, Fyodor Vladimirovich
lady korsun korsunskaya early 19th cen artist
Our Lady of Korsun (Korsunskaya), Early 19th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
saviour enthroned 18th century artist russian
The Saviour Enthroned, 18th century. Artist: Russian icon
christ pilate early 20th cen artist russian
Christ before Pilate, Early 20th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
lady kursk early 19th cen artist russian icon
Our Lady of Kursk, Early 19th cen.. Artist: Russian icon
mother god passion strastnaya 17th century
The Mother of God of the Passion (Strastnaya), 17th century. Artist: Russian icon
view perm 1832 artist razmakhnin pavel emelyanovich
View of Perm, 1832. Artist: Razmakhnin, Pavel Emelyanovich (1796-1835)
viewof kazan university bolaq 1842 artist rakovich
Viewof the Kazan University from the Bolaq, 1842. Artist: Rakovich, Andrei Nikolayevich
1882 artist polenova elena dmitryevna
1882. Artist: Polenova, Elena Dmitryevna (1850-1898)
old mill 1893 artist polenov vasili dmitrievich
Old mill, 1893. Artist: Polenov, Vasili Dmitrievich (1844-1927)
ussr construction cover design 1933 1934 artist
USSR in Construction. Cover Design, 1933-1934. Artist: Lissitzky, El (1890-1941)
interior house chegodayevo village 1900s artist
Interior in the House in Chegodayevo Village, 1900s. Artist: Korovina, Olga Nikolayevna
king woods ca 1887 artist klever juli julievich
The King of the woods, ca 1887. Artist: Klever, Juli Julievich (Julius), von (1850-1924)
main house urban estate count alexei kirillovich
Main house of the Urban Estate of Count Alexei Kirillovich Razumovsky in Moscow, Early 1800s
archangel gabriel strike zacharias dumb end 1840s
Archangel Gabriel strike Zacharias dumb, End 1840s. Artist: Ivanov, Alexander Andreyevich
portrait nm schwarz 1839 artist hintz andrei
Portrait of N.M. Schwarz, 1839. Artist: Hintz, Andrei Joseph (active 1830s)
persons comedy government inspector n gogol
Persons of the comedy The Government Inspector by N. Gogol, 1933-1934. Artist: Grigoriev
vasili kachalov tsar fyodor ioannovich 1923 artist
Vasili Kachalov as Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich, 1923. Artist: Grigoriev, Boris Dmitryevich
cabaret black cat 1913 artist grigoriev boris
Cabaret Black Cat, 1913. Artist: Grigoriev, Boris Dmitryevich (1886-1939)
christ nicodemus study 1889 artist ge nikolai
Christ and Nicodemus (Study), 1889. Artist: Ge, Nikolai Nikolayevich (1831-1894)
mourning death michail vrubel 1910 1911 artist
Mourning the Death of Michail Vrubel, 1910-1911. Artist: Denisov, Vasily Ivanovich
poster play bribery 1920s artist bulanov dmitry
Poster for the play The Bribery, 1920s. Artist: Bulanov, Dmitry Anatolyevich (1898-1942)
sailing boats 1897 artist bergholz richard
Sailing boats, 1897. Artist: Bergholz, Richard (1865-1920)
russian screw clipper razboynik 1888 artist
Russian screw clipper Razboynik, 1888. Artist: Bogolyubov, Alexei Petrovich (1824-1896)
mirror mirror wall artist bilibin ivan
Mirror, mirror on the wall.... Artist: Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich (1876-1942)
children telega 1882 artist bem elizaveta
Children in a telega, 1882. Artist: Bem, Elizaveta Merkuryevna (1843-1914)
self portrait brother 1814 artist basin pyotr
Self-Portrait with brother, 1814. Artist: Basin, Pyotr Vasilyevich (1793-1877)
souls just donor c 1520 artist mostaert jan
The Souls of the Just and Donor, c. 1520. Artist: Mostaert, Jan (1472/73-1555/56)
ecclesiastes vanity vanities vanity 1899 artist
Ecclesiastes (Vanity of vanities, all is vanity), 1899. Artist: Asknazy, Isaac Lvovich
interior 1924 artist anonymous
Interior, 1924. Artist: Anonymous
dormitory cadet corps artist anonymous
Dormitory in the Cadet Corps. Artist: Anonymous
children early 19th cen artist anonymous
Children, Early 19th cen.. Artist: Anonymous
stormy sea artist aivazovsky ivan konstantinovich
Stormy Sea. Artist: Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich (1817-1900)
morning prayer 1908 artist utkin pyotr savvich
Morning Prayer, 1908. Artist: Utkin, Pyotr Savvich (1877-1934)
night wind 1907 artist utkin pyotr savvich
Night. Wind, 1907. Artist: Utkin, Pyotr Savvich (1877-1934)
falling star 1910s artist kotarbinsky vasilii
Falling Star, 1910s. Artist: Kotarbinsky, Vasilii (Wilhelm) Alexandrovich (1849-1921)
christmas eve 1910s artist pershin alexander
Christmas Eve, 1910s. Artist: Pershin, Alexander Stepanovich (1882-?)
winter 1825 artist orlowski alexander osipovich
Winter, 1825. Artist: Orlowski, Alexander Osipovich (1777-1832)
false dmitry i adam wisniowiecki house 1876 artist
False Dmitry I in the Adam Wisniowiecki House, 1876. Artist: Nevrev, Nikolai Vasilyevich
field 1911 artist nesterov mikhail vasilyevich
At the field, 1911. Artist: Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich (1862-1942)
apostles head 1843 1847 artist briullov karl
Apostle's Head, 1843-1847. Artist: Briullov, Karl Pavlovich (1799-1852)
bamboo quay kyobashi bridge one famous views edo c
Bamboo Quay by Kyobashi Bridge. (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo), c. 1858. Artist: Hiroshige
samson delilah 1635 artist lievens jan
Samson and Delilah, 1635. Artist: Lievens, Jan (1607-1674)
ceiling orphans chamber 1656 artist holsteijn
Ceiling Orphans' Chamber, 1656. Artist: Holsteijn, Cornelis (1618-1658)
russian maiden red headscarf artist malyavin
Russian Maiden in a Red Headscarf. Artist: Malyavin, Filipp Andreyevich (1869-1940)
cossacks artist chichagov konstantin nikolayevich
Cossacks. Artist: Chichagov, Konstantin Nikolayevich (1849-1903)
scipio paying homage mars artist pittoni giovan
Scipio paying homage to Mars. Artist: Pittoni, Giovan Battista (1687-1767)
views london thames looking st pauls artist joli
Four views of London: The Thames looking towards St. Pauls. Artist: Joli, Antonio
views london privy garden whitehall artist joli
Four views of London: The Privy Garden, Whitehall. Artist: Joli, Antonio (1700-1777)
views london covent garden artist joli antonio
Four views of London: The Covent Garden. Artist: Joli, Antonio (1700-1777)
views london thames looking westminster artist joli
Four views of London: The Thames looking towards Westminster. Artist: Joli, Antonio
argonauts leaving colchis c 1480 artist de
The Argonauts leaving Colchis, c. 1480. Artist: De' Roberti, Ercole (c. 1450-1496)
capriccio figures roman ruins including arch constantine
A capriccio with figures among Roman ruins including the Arch of Constantine and the Pantheon
capriccio roman ruins scene life belisarius artist
A capriccio with Roman ruins and a scene from the Life of Belisarius. Artist: Panini
portrait alessandro richao 1491 artist mazzola
Portrait of Alessandro de Richao, after 1491. Artist: Mazzola, Filippo (1460-1505)
triumphs love chastity death c 1450 artist
The Triumphs of Love, Chastity, and Death, c. 1450. Artist: Pesellino, Francesco di Stefano


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