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18 Jun 2013

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open window 1921 artist gris juan 1887 1927
The Open Window, 1921. Artist: Gris, Juan (1887-1927)
treasure tutankhamen jewel funerary trousseau
Treasure of Tutankhamen, jewel in the funerary trousseau in which the Pharaoh appears
tutankhamun death mask solid gold encrusted precious
Tutankhamun death mask made of solid gold encrusted with precious stones, found by H
model baths caracalla
Model of the Baths of Caracalla
apoxyomenos roman copy greek original lysippus
Apoxyomenos, Roman copy of a Greek original by Lysippus
galata roman copy greek original 3rd 2nd century bc
The Galata, a Roman copy of a Greek original of the 3rd - 2nd century BC, detail
galata dying gaul roman copy greek original pergamum
The Galata, Dying Gaul, a Roman copy of a Greek original from Pergamum, 3rd-2nd century
reconstruction library noble roman house
Reconstruction of the library of a noble Roman house
reception senate fragment arch trajan
Reception at the Senate, fragment in the Arch of Trajan
scene sacrifice bull god mars relief altar domitius
Scene of the sacrifice of a bull to the god Mars, relief on the altar of Domitius
scene census relief altar domitius aenobarbus
Scene of a census, relief on the altar of Domitius Aenobarbus
hercule farnese roman copy greek work lysippus
Hercule Farnese, Roman copy of a Greek work by Lysippus
apollo belvedere
Apollo Belvedere
satyr embracing nymph fresco house epigram
Satyr embracing a nymph, fresco from the house of Epigram at Pompeii
laocoon work agesander polydorus athenodorus 50 d
Laocoon, work by Agesander, Polydorus and Athenodorus, 50 d
satyr maenad mosaic house faun
Satyr and Maenad. Mosaic from the House of the Faun
silenus donkey mosaic
Silenus on a donkey, mosaic
magician customers mosaic pompeiis villa cicero c
Magician and her customers. Mosaic from Pompeii's Villa of Cicero, c. 100 a.C
diana huntress fresco house stabia pompeii
Diana the Huntress, fresco from the house Stabia at Pompeii
sappho fresh herculaneum
Sappho, fresh from the Herculaneum
actor mask fresco house tragic poet pompeii
Actor and mask, fresco from the house of the Tragic Poet at Pompeii
jason presented uncle pelio daughters fresco
Jason presented before his uncle Pelio and his daughters, fresco from Pompeii
frescoes house livia tablinum palatine
Frescoes in the House of Livia Tablinum in the Palatine
frescoes house livia palatine
Frescoes in the House of Livia on the Palatine
frescoes walls house vettii pompeii
Frescoes on the walls of the House of Vettii in Pompeii
ara pacis augustae relief depicting earth fertilized
Ara Pacis Augustae, relief depicting Earth fertilized, 9 b.C
young man prayer 1470s artist memling hans
A Young Man at Prayer, 1470s. Artist: Memling, Hans (1433/40-1494)
adoration kings 1525 artist mostaert jan
The Adoration of the Kings, 1525. Artist: Mostaert, Jan (1472/73-1555/56)
portrait man 1529 artist heemskerck maarten
Portrait of a man, 1529. Artist: Heemskerck, Maarten Jacobsz, van (1498-1574)
saint john baptist ca 1478 artist memling hans
Saint John the Baptist, ca 1478. Artist: Memling, Hans (1433/40-1494)
view neva artist anonymous
View of the Neva. Artist: Anonymous
saint martin sharing cloak c 1440 artist blasco
Saint Martin Sharing his Cloak, c. 1440. Artist: Blasco de Granen (?-1459)
adoration shepherds the portinari triptych ca 1478
The Adoration of the Shepherds (The Portinari Triptych), ca 1478. Artist: Goes, Hugo
holy kinship 1493 artist geertgen tot sint
The Holy Kinship, 1493. Artist: Geertgen tot Sint, Jans (ca. 1460-ca. 1490)
adoration magi 1490 artist geertgen tot sint
The Adoration of the Magi, 1490. Artist: Geertgen tot Sint, Jans (ca. 1460-ca. 1490)
portrait man self portrait 1433 artist eyck
Portrait of a Man (Self Portrait), 1433. Artist: Eyck, Jan van (1390-1441)
marriage feast cana ca 1550 1565 artist bosch
The Marriage Feast At Cana, ca 1550-1565. Artist: Bosch, Hieronymus, (School)
holy countenance c 1500 artist bouts aelbrecht
The Holy Countenance, c. 1500. Artist: Bouts, Aelbrecht, (Circle)
getting ready game 1901 artist larsson carl
Getting Ready for a Game, 1901. Artist: Larsson, Carl (1853-1919)
portrait madame josette gris 1916 artist gris
Portrait de Madame Josette Gris, 1916. Artist: Gris, Juan (1887-1927)
coffee grinder 1920 artist gris juan
Coffee Grinder, 1920. Artist: Gris, Juan (1887-1927)
fathers day/wine jug glass 1916 artist gris juan
Wine Jug and Glass, 1916. Artist: Gris, Juan (1887-1927)
slave market 1910 artist pilny otto
The Slave Market, 1910. Artist: Pilny, Otto (1866-1936)
slave market artist pilny otto 1866 1936
The Slave Market. Artist: Pilny, Otto (1866-1936)
portrait maurice saxe 16961750 marshal france
Portrait of Maurice de Saxe (1696?1750), Marshal of France, 18th century. Artist: Liotard
second winter palace canal bridge book 50th anniversary
The second Winter Palace with Canal and Bridge (Book to the 50th anniversary of the founding of St
embroidery country girl 1843 artist venetsianov
Embroidery Country Girl, 1843. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
holy trinity otechestvo 1907 artist vasnetsov
The Holy Trinity (Otechestvo), 1907. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
newly built chambers opposite anichkov gates
The Newly-Built Chambers Opposite the Anichkov gates (Book to the 50th anniversary
canary bird lilac branchlet 1819 artist tolstoy
Canary Bird on a Lilac Branchlet, 1819. Artist: Tolstoy, Fyodor Petrovich (1783-1873)
troika winter road end 1860s early 1870s artist
Troika on a Winter Road, End 1860s-Early 1870s. Artist: Sverchkov, Nikolai Yegorovich
step artist svedomsky pavel alexandrovich
The Last Step. Artist: Svedomsky, Pavel Alexandrovich (1849-1904)
lovers 1920 artist somov konstantin andreyevich
The Lovers, 1920. Artist: Somov, Konstantin Andreyevich (1869-1939)
tavern 1886 artist solomatkin leonid ivanovich
At the Tavern, 1886. Artist: Solomatkin, Leonid Ivanovich (1837-1883)
peasant meal 1774 artist shibanov mikhail
Peasant Meal, 1774. Artist: Shibanov, Mikhail (?-after 1789)
portrait poet count dmitry khvostov 1810 1889
Portrait of the Poet Count Dmitry Khvostov (1810-1889), ca 1808. Artist: Shchukin
cathedral square moscow kremlin night 1878 artist
The Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin at Night, 1878. Artist: Savrasov, Alexei Kondratyevich
cottage woods artist savrasov alexei kondratyevich
Cottage in the Woods. Artist: Savrasov, Alexei Kondratyevich (1830-1897)
recruit farewell 1879 artist repin ilya yefimovich
The Recruit Farewell, 1879. Artist: Repin, Ilya Yefimovich (1844-1930)
portrait yury repin artists son 1882 artist repin
Portrait of Yury Repin, the Artist's Son, 1882. Artist: Repin, Ilya Yefimovich
arrant knave arrested person 1873 artist perov
An Arrant Knave (Arrested person), 1873. Artist: Perov, Vasili Grigoryevich (1834-1882)
firstling 1888 artist pelevin ivan andreyevich
Firstling, 1888. Artist: Pelevin, Ivan Andreyevich (1840-1917)
sailing boat beach 1891 artist meshchersky
A Sailing boat by the beach, 1891. Artist: Meshchersky, Arseni Ivanovich (1834-1902)
modern buildings 1923 1924 artist malevich
Modern buildings, 1923-1924. Artist: Malevich, Kasimir Severinovich (1878-1935)
father in law 1888 artist makovsky vladimir
Father-in-law, 1888. Artist: Makovsky, Vladimir Yegorovich (1846-1920)
young urchin 1883 artist makovsky vladimir
The Young Urchin, 1883. Artist: Makovsky, Vladimir Yegorovich (1846-1920)
interior mother daughter 1884 artist makovsky
Interior with Mother and Daughter, 1884. Artist: Makovsky, Konstantin Yegorovich
portrait stasovs children early 1870s artist
Portrait of the Stasov's Children, Early 1870s. Artist: Makovsky, Konstantin Yegorovich
blessing home guardsman 1812 1812 artist luchaninov
The Blessing of the Home Guardsman in 1812, 1812. Artist: Luchaninov, Ivan Vasilyevich
crossing frozen neva river 1935 artist lapshin
Crossing the frozen Neva River, 1935. Artist: Lapshin, Nikolay Fyodorovich (1888-1942)
grand caprice pavilion catherine park tsarskoye selo
The Grand Caprice pavilion in the Catherine Park of Tsarskoye Selo, ca 1820. Artist: Langer
hay making 1917 artist kustodiev boris michaylovich
Hay Making, 1917. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
merchants wife drinking tea 1923 artist kustodiev
The Merchant's Wife Drinking Tea, 1923. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich
kramskoy painting portrait daughter 1884 artist
Kramskoy Painting a Portrait of his Daughter, 1884. Artist: Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich
view palace embankment st petersburg first quarter
View of the Palace Embankment in St. Petersburg, First quarter of 19th cen.. Artist: Kolmann
moskau spartakiada 1928 1928 artist klutsis
Moskau Spartakiada, 1928, 1928. Artist: Klutsis, Gustav (1895-1938)
neapolitan girl fruits 1831 artist kiprensky
Neapolitan Girl with Fruits, 1831. Artist: Kiprensky, Orest Adamovich (1782-1836)
nevsky prospekt stroganov palace book 50th anniversary
Nevsky Prospekt with the Stroganov Palace (Book to the 50th anniversary of the founding of St
nevsky prospekt admirality view book 50th anniversary
Nevsky Prospekt with the Admirality view (Book to the 50th anniversary of the founding of St
peasant land from series visages russie 1917
Peasant Land (From the series Visages de Russie), 1917. Artist: Grigoriev, Boris Dmitryevich
summer palace st petersburg book 50th anniversary
The Summer Palace in St. Petersburg (Book to the 50th anniversary of the founding of St
portrait artist nicholas roerich 1874 1947 1907
Portrait of the artist Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), 1907. Artist: Golovin, Alexander Yakovlevich
portrait georg thomas von asch 1729 1807 1780
Portrait of Georg Thomas von Asch (1729-1807), 1780. Artist: Golovachevsky, Kirill Ivanovich
winter evening 1895 artist dubovskoy nikolai
Winter Evening, 1895. Artist: Dubovskoy, Nikolai Nikanorovich (1859-1918)
saint macarius unzha c 1910 artist dikaryov
Saint Macarius of Unzha, c. 1910. Artist: Dikaryov, Mikhail Ivanovich (?-nach 1917)
portrait pm kunitsky hussar hussars regiment
Portrait of P.M. Kunitsky, Hussar of the Hussars Regiment William, prince of Nassau, 1832
title design russian music publisher 1909 artist
Title design for the Russian Music Publisher, 1909. Artist: Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich
portrait yelizaveta petrovna naryshkina 1801 1867
Portrait of Yelizaveta Petrovna Naryshkina (1801-1867), 1832
portrait decembrist mikhail alexandrovich bestuzhev
Portrait of Decembrist Mikhail Alexandrovich Bestuzhev (1800-1871), 1837-1839. Artist: Bestuzhev
steam frigate svetlana 1878 artist beggrov
The Steam Frigate Svetlana, 1878. Artist: Beggrov, Alexander Karlovich (1841-1914)
officers uhlan regiment 1887 artist balashov
Officers from Uhlan Regiment, 1887. Artist: Balashov, Pyotr Ivanovich (?-1888)
coronation oath michail romanov 17th century
The coronation oath of Michail Romanov, 17th century. Artist: Anonymous
portrait iona iii sysoevich metropolitan rostov
Portrait of Iona III Sysoevich, Metropolitan of Rostov, Builder of the Rostov Kremlin
rage elements artist aivazovsky ivan konstantinovich
Rage Of Elements. Artist: Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich (1817-1900)
ancient greek poets waters edge moonlight 1886
Ancient Greek poets by the water's edge in the Moonlight, 1886. Artist: Aivazovsky
crossing dnepr river moonlit night 1897 artist
Crossing the Dnepr River at Moonlit Night, 1897. Artist: Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich
street sale central asia 1902 artist sommer
Street sale in Central Asia, 1902. Artist: Sommer, Richard Karl (1866-1939)
vasilisa kozhina 1813 artist smirnov alexander f
Vasilisa Kozhina, 1813. Artist: Smirnov, Alexander F. (Early 19th cen.)
northern lights norway 1902 artist korovin
The northern lights in Norway, 1902. Artist: Korovin, Konstantin Alexeyevich (1861-1939)


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