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13 Jun 2013

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girl costume design ballet rite spring le sacre
The Girl. Costume design for the ballet The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps) by I
buddha deathbed surrounded disciples animals expressing
Buddha on his deathbed surrounded by his disciples and animals expressing their pain
miniature gospel book 10th century charles ii
Miniature in a Gospel book from 10th century, Charles II 'The Bald' (823-877)
electronic microscope siemens transmission st100f
Electronic microscope of Siemens transmission ST100F
galileo telescope late 1700
Galileo Telescope, from late 1700
adjustable manual microtome
Adjustable Manual Microtome
portrait vasily sergeyevich naryshkin 1740 1800
Portrait of Vasily Sergeyevich Naryshkin (1740-1800), 1770s. Artist: Rokotov, Fyodor Stepanovich
grenadier regiment zoge von manteuffel 1762 artist
Grenadier of the Regiment Zoge von Manteuffel, 1762. Artist: Anonymous
portrait grand duke pavel petrovich 1754 1801 1776
Portrait of Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich (1754-1801), 1776. Artist: Roslin, Alexander
portrait countess kh obolenskaya ca 1776 artist
Portrait of Countess Kh. Obolenskaya, ca 1776. Artist: Roslin, Alexander (1718-1793)
portrait artemy petrovich volynsky 16891740
Portrait of Artemy Petrovich Volynsky (1689?1740). Artist: Gsell, Georg (1673-1740)
portrait tsarina natalia naryshkina 1651 1694
Portrait of the Tsarina Natalia Naryshkina (1651-1694), wife of tsar Alexis I of Russia
portrait countess yelizaveta christoforovna abamelik lazareva
Portrait of Countess Yelizaveta Christoforovna Abamelik-Lazareva, 1854. Artist: Zaryanko
portrait alexander dmitrievich ponomarev poruchik
Portrait of Alexander Dmitrievich Ponomarev, Poruchik of His Majesty's Life-Guards
portrait count arseny andreyevich zakrevsky 17831865
Portrait of Count Arseny Andreyevich Zakrevsky (1783?1865), after 1848. Artist: Zaryanko
portrait historian konstantin nikolayevich bestuzhev ryumin
Portrait of the historian Konstantin Nikolayevich Bestuzhev-Ryumin (1829-1897), 1889
portrait maria petrovna buyalskaya 1824 artist
Portrait of Maria Petrovna Buyalskaya, 1824
monte carlo artist yakulov georgi bogdanovich
Monte Carlo. Artist: Yakulov, Georgi Bogdanovich (1884-1928)
portrait panna paskevich artist yakulov georgi
Portrait of Panna Paskevich. Artist: Yakulov, Georgi Bogdanovich (1884-1928)
portrait konstantin dmitryevich artsybushev 1849 1901
Portrait of Konstantin Dmitryevich Artsybushev (1849-1901), 1897
portrait nastenka khavskaya 1826 artist venetsianov
Portrait of Nastenka Khavskaya, 1826. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
peter great founding saint petersburg 1838 artist
Peter the Great. The founding of Saint Petersburg, 1838. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich
portrait prince pavel alexeyevich dolgoruky 1763 1829
Portrait of Prince Pavel Alexeyevich Dolgoruky (1763-1829)
portrait nikolai khristianovich bunge 1823 1895
Portrait of Nikolai Khristianovich Bunge (1823-1895), 1887. Artist: Tyurin, Ivan Alexeevich
portrait count alexander nikolayevich mordvinov
Portrait of Count Alexander Nikolayevich Mordvinov (1799-1858). Artist: Tyurin, Ivan Alexeevich
portrait writer stepan dmitrievich nechaev 1792 1860
Portrait of the writer Stepan Dmitrievich Nechaev (1792-1860), 1830. Artist: Tropinin
portrait painter lyubov borozdna stromilova 1813 1894
Portrait of the painter Lyubov Borozdna-Stromilova (1813-1894), 1831. Artist: Tropinin
portrait painter karl pavlovich bryullov 1799 1852
Portrait of the painter Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (1799-1852), 1836. Artist: Tropinin
portrait painter pyotr fyodorovich sokolov 1791 1848
Portrait of the painter Pyotr Fyodorovich Sokolov (1791-1848), 1833. Artist: Tropinin
bishop mitrophan voronezh donating peter i azov
Bishop Mitrophan of Voronezh donating to Peter I for the Azov fleet construction on 1696, 1857
alexander suvorov horseback 1897 1898 artist
Alexander Suvorov on horseback, 1897-1898. Artist: Surikov, Vasili Ivanovich (1848-1916)
portrait emperor alexander i 1777 1825 1809
Portrait of Emperor Alexander I (1777-1825), 1809. Artist: Shchukin, Stepan Semyonovich
portrait count pyotr zavadovsky 17391812 artist
Portrait of Count Pyotr Zavadovsky (1739?1812). Artist: Shchukin, Stepan Semyonovich
portrait countess el kochubei 1888 artist
Portrait of Countess E.L. Kochubei, 1888. Artist: Shcherbatov, Mikhail Lazarevich
portrait composer alexander serov 1820 1871 1889
Portrait of the composer Alexander Serov (1820-1871), 1889. Artist: Serov, Valentin Alexandrovich
portrait mara oliv 1870 1963 1895 artist serov
Portrait of Mara Oliv (1870-1963), 1895. Artist: Serov, Valentin Alexandrovich (1865-1911)
portrait grand duke paul alexandrovich russia
Portrait of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia (1860-1919), 1897. Artist: Serov
portrait opera singer francisco dandrade 1859 1921
Portrait of the opera singer Francisco d?Andrade (1859-1921), 1885. Artist: Serov
woman kursk traditional russian clothing 1871
Woman from Kursk in traditional Russian clothing, 1871. Artist: Sedov, Grigori Semyonovich
vasilisa melentyevna tsar ivan terrible 1875
Vasilisa Melentyevna and Tsar Ivan the Terrible, 1875. Artist: Sedov, Grigori Semyonovich
tsar alexei mikhailovich choosing bride 1882
Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Choosing a Bride, 1882. Artist: Sedov, Grigori Semyonovich
tsars nicholas i life guards second quarter 19th cen
Tsar's Nicholas I Life Guards, Second quarter of the 19th cen. Artist: Sauerweid
design opera carmen g bizet c 1905 artist sapunov
Design for the opera Carmen by G. Bizet, c. 1905. Artist: Sapunov, Nikolai Nikolayevich
meeting maharaja sher singh punjab british ambassador
Meeting of Maharaja Sher Singh of Punjab and British Ambassador Clark in 1842, 1842
maharaja sher singh punjab court 1846 artist
Maharaja Sher Singh of Punjab and His Court, 1846. Artist: Saltykov, Alexei Dmitriyevich
portrait empress catherine ii 1729 1796 1779
Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), 1779. Artist: Rokotov, Fyodor Stepanovich
portrait count mikhail mikhaylovich golitsyn
Portrait of Count Mikhail Mikhaylovich Golitsyn (1731-1806), 1774. Artist: Rokotov
portrait general alexei nikolayevich kuropatkin
Portrait of General Alexei Nikolayevich Kuropatkin (1848-1925), c.1901-1902. Artist: Repin
nicholas ii receiving rural district elders may 18
Nicholas II receiving rural district elders on May 18, 1896 in the yard of Petrovsky
portrait opera singer alexandra molas 1845 1929
Portrait of the opera singer Alexandra Molas (1845-1929), 1883. Artist: Repin, Ilya Yefimovich
sadko portrait artist viktor vasnetsov 1848 1926
Sadko. Portrait of the artist Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926), 1875. Artist: Repin, Ilya Yefimovich
colonel zaporizhian host 1880 artist repin
Colonel of the Zaporizhian Host, 1880. Artist: Repin, Ilya Yefimovich (1844-1930)
portrait pavel viktorovich delarov 1851 1913 1910
Portrait of Pavel Viktorovich Delarov (1851-1913), 1910. Artist: Repin, Ilya Yefimovich
portrait natalia alekseevna tuchkova ogareva
Portrait of Natalia Alekseevna Tuchkova-Ogareva (1829-1913), 1842. Artist: Reichel
ivan terrible 1897 artist pelevin ivan andreyevich
Ivan the Terrible, 1897. Artist: Pelevin, Ivan Andreyevich (1840-1917)
portrait decembrist sergey krivtsov 1802 1864
Portrait of the Decembrist Sergey Krivtsov (1802-1864). Artist: Oznobishin, Dmitri Petrovich
portrait anna lermontova 1776 artist ostrovsky
Portrait of Anna Lermontova, 1776. Artist: Ostrovsky, Grigory (active 1760-1780)
portrait princess lina gagarina 1847 artist orlov
Portrait of Princess Lina Gagarina, 1847. Artist: Orlov, Pimen Nikitich (1812-1863)
tsar ivan iv terrible artist novoskoltsev alexander
Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. Artist: Novoskoltsev, Alexander Nikanorovich (1853-1919)
portrait painter nikolai alexandrovich yaroshenko
Portrait of the painter Nikolai Alexandrovich Yaroshenko (1846-1898), 1897. Artist: Nesterov
portrait tsarevich peter petrovich russia 1715 1719
Portrait of Tsarevich Peter Petrovich of Russia (1715-1719) as Cupid, 1772. Artist: Molchanov
portrait countess sl stroganova 1864 artist
Portrait of Countess S.L. Stroganova, 1864. Artist: Makovsky, Konstantin Yegorovich
portrait general konstantin petrovich von kaufman
Portrait of General Konstantin Petrovich von Kaufman (1818-1882), 1866. Artist: Makovsky
portrait emperor nicholas ii 1868 1918 1908
Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II (1868-1918), 1908. Artist: Makovsky, Alexander Vladimirovich
portrait maria alexandrovna 1824 1880 empress
Portrait of Maria Alexandrovna (1824-1880), Empress of Russia. Artist: Makarov, Ivan Kosmich
portrait actor yakov danilovich shumsky 1732 1812
Portrait of the actor Yakov Danilovich Shumsky (1732-1812), 1760. Artist: Losenko
portrait natalia ivanovna melgunova 1779 artist
Portrait of Natalia Ivanovna Melgunova, 1779. Artist: Levitsky, Dmitri Grigorievich
portrait countess ekaterina alexandrovna shakhovskaya
Portrait of Countess Ekaterina Alexandrovna Shakhovskaya (1777-1846) with Daughter, 1807
portrait countess anna stepanovna protasova 17451826
Portrait of Countess Anna Stepanovna Protasova (1745?1826), c. 1800. Artist: Levitsky
portrait ivan kharitonovich bilibin the great 1801
Portrait of Ivan Kharitonovich Bilibin (the Great), 1801. Artist: Levitsky, Dmitri Grigorievich
portrait countess praskovya vorontsova 1749 1797
Portrait of Countess Praskovya Vorontsova (1749-1797), Early 1790s. Artist: Levitsky
catherine ii legislator temple goddess justice 1783
Catherine II as Legislator in the Temple of the Goddess of Justice, 1783. Artist: Levitsky
young peter i falcon 1900s artist lebedev
Young Peter I. and his falcon, 1900s. Artist: Lebedev, Klavdi Vasilyevich (1852-1916)
nikita zotov teaches young peter i 1902 artist
Nikita Zotov teaches young Peter I, 1902. Artist: Lebedev, Klavdi Vasilyevich (1852-1916)
portrait valeryan zhadovsky 1843 artist lavrov
Portrait of Valeryan Zhadovsky, 1843. Artist: Lavrov, Nikolai Andreevich (1820-1875)
portrait ivan alexeyevich bartolomey 18131870
Portrait of Ivan Alexeyevich Bartolomey (1813?1870), 1860s. Artist: Ksenofontov, Ivan Stepanovich
portrait count vladimir stepanovich apraksin
Portrait of Count Vladimir Stepanovich Apraksin (1796-1833), 1829. Artist: Krylov
portrait prince pyotr volkonsky 1776 1852 1850
Portrait of Prince Pyotr Volkonsky (1776-1852), 1850. Artist: Kruger, Franz (1797-1857)
little red riding hood 1887 artist klever
Little Red Riding Hood, 1887. Artist: Klever, Juli Julievich (Julius), von (1850-1924)
emperor nicholas i awards blue riband order st
Emperor Nicholas I awards the blue riband of the Order of St. Andrew to Count Michail Speransky
portrait count nikita petrovich trubetskoy 1804 1886
Portrait of Count Nikita Petrovich Trubetskoy (1804-1886), 1826. Artist: Kiprensky
portrait count fyodor vasilyevich rostopchin
Portrait of Count Fyodor Vasilyevich Rostopchin (1763-1826), 1809. Artist: Kiprensky
portrait vasily semyonovich khvostov 1756 1832 1814
Portrait of Vasily Semyonovich Khvostov (1756-1832), 1814. Artist: Kiprensky, Orest Adamovich
portrait olimpiada ryumina 1826 artist kiprensky
Portrait of Olimpiada Ryumina, 1826. Artist: Kiprensky, Orest Adamovich (1782-1836)
portrait count vasily alekseevich perovsky 1794 1857
Portrait of Count Vasily Alekseevich Perovsky (1794-1857) in Spanish Costume of the 17th century
peter i lefort the fleet peter i lake pleshcheyevo
Peter I and Lefort. (The Fleet of Peter I on Lake Pleshcheyevo), 1927. Artist: Kardovsky
portrait vasily ivanovich likhachev 1791 artist
Portrait of Vasily Ivanovich Likhachev, 1791. Artist: Kamezhenkov, Ermolay Dementyevich
anichkov palace saint petersburg 1814 artist ivanov
The Anichkov Palace in Saint Petersburg, 1814
peter i bank neva river 1843 artist ivanov
Peter I on the Bank of the Neva River, 1843. Artist: Ivanov, Anton Ivanovich (1818-1864)
battle yegorlykskaya 1928 1929 artist grekov
The Battle at Yegorlykskaya, 1928-1929. Artist: Grekov, Mitrofan Borisovich (1882-1934)
portrait pianist konstantin igumnov 1873 1948 1930
Portrait of the pianist Konstantin Igumnov (1873-1948), 1930. Artist: Elsner, A.K
portrait baron pyotr fyodorovich maltitz 1753 1826
Portrait of Baron Pyotr Fyodorovich Maltitz (1753-1826), 1785


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