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21 Jun 2011

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count ivan ivanovich diebitsch zabalkansky german born
Count Ivan Ivanovich Diebitsch-Zabalkansky, German-born Russian soldier, 19th century
portrait peter great mid 19th century artist
'Portrait of Peter the Great', mid 19th century. Artist: Enrico Belli
portrait peter great first half 19th century
'Portrait of Peter the Great', first half of 19th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait peter ii c1728 artist unknown
'Portrait of Peter II', c1728. Artist: Unknown
portrait empress anna ioannovna 18th century
'Portrait of the Empress Anna Ioannovna', 18th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait empress catherine great 1762 artist
'Portrait of the Empress Catherine the Great', after 1762
portrait empress elizabeth petrovna 1758 artist
'Portrait of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna', 1758. Artist: Louis Tocque
portrait grand duchess elizabeth alexeyevna 1795
'Portrait of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeyevna', 1795
portrait grand duchess maria feodorovna 1777
'Portrait of the Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna', 1777. Artist: Alexander Roslin
portrait grand duke nicholas pavlovich 1820s
'Portrait of the Grand Duke Nicholas Pavlovich', 1820s. Artist: George Dawe
portrait emperor nicholas i mid 19th century
'Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I', mid 19th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait tsesarevich alexander nikolaevich horseback
'Portrait of the Tsesarevich Alexander Nikolaevich on Horseback', 1850s. Artist
portrait emperor nicholas ii 1895 artist
'Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II', 1895. Artist: Unknown
portrait empress alexandra feodorovna 1907
'Portrait of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna', 1907. Artist: Nikolai Bodarevsky
portrait emperor nicholas ii 1915 1916 artist
'Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II', 1915-1916. Artist: Unknown
portrait grand duke konstantin nikolaevich 1859
'Portrait of the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich', 1859
portrait grand duchess olga nikolaevna 1841
'Portrait of the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna', 1841
portrait grand duchess anna pavlovna 1849 artist
'Portrait of the Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna', 1849. Artist: Nicaise de Keyser
portrait grand duchess alexandra nikolaevna 1840
'Portrait of the Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna', 1840
portrait grand duchess maria pavlovna c1822
'Portrait of the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna', c1822(?). Artist: George Dawe
portrait empress maria feodorovna late 18th century
'Portrait of Empress Maria Feodorovna', late 18th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait tsesarevna anna petrovna 1740s artist
'Portrait of the Tsesarevna Anna Petrovna', 1740s. Artist: Ivan Adolsky
portrait regent sofia alexeyevna first half
'Portrait of the Regent Sofia Alexeyevna', first half of 19th century. Artist
portrait tsar aleksey mikhailovich first half
'Portrait of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich, first half of 19th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait tsar feodor alexeyevich first half
'Portrait of Tsar Feodor Alexeyevich, first half of 19th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait feodor nikitich patriarch filaret
'Portrait of Feodor Nikitich, (Patriarch Filaret)', first half of 19th century
portrait tsar michael feodorovich first half
'Portrait of Tsar Michael Feodorovich', first half of 19th century. Artist
stepanida stepanovna yakovleva c1757 c1761
'Stepanida Stepanovna Yakovleva', c1757-c1761. Artist: Ivan Vishnyakov
nude 1907 artist charles guerin
'Nude', 1907. Artist: Charles Guerin
figures spring landscape sacred grove 1897
'Figures in a Spring Landscape (Sacred Grove)', 1897. Artist: Maurice Denis
young woman black hat 1908 artist felix
'Young Woman in a Black Hat', 1908. Artist: Felix Vallotton
port marseilles 1906 1907 artist paul signac
'Port of Marseilles', 1906-1907. Artist: Paul Signac
landscapes/view church santa maria degli angeli near assisi
'View of the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli near Assisi', 1909. Artist
the arena arles 1888 artist vincent van gogh
'The Arena at Arles', 1888. Artist: Vincent van Gogh
popular art/memory garden etten ladies arles 1888 artist
'Memory of the Garden at Etten (Ladies of Arles)', 1888. Artist: Vincent van Gogh
pastorales tahitiennes 1892 artist paul
'Pastorales Tahitiennes', 1892. Artist: Paul Gauguin
be nativity 1896 artist paul gauguin
'Be Be (Nativity)', 1896. Artist: Paul Gauguin
eu haere ia oe woman holding fruit going 1893
'Eu haere ia oe (Woman Holding a Fruit. Where Are You Going?)', 1893. Artist
sacred spring sweet dreams nave nave moe 1894
'Sacred Spring: Sweet Dreams (Nave Nave Moe)', 1894. Artist: Paul Gauguin
game billiards 1807 artist louis leopold
'Game of Billiards', 1807. Artist: Louis Leopold Boilly
a painter c1785 artist louis leopold boilly
'A Painter', c1785. Artist: Louis Leopold Boilly
portrait general pyotr chicherin 1814 artist
'Portrait of General Pyotr Chicherin', 1814. Artist: Robert Lefevre
girl birds nest late 1860s artist charles
'Girl with a Birds Nest', late 1860s. Artist: Charles Chaplin
napoleon hunt compiegne forest 1811 artist
'Napoleon at a Hunt in the Compiegne Forest', 1811. Artist: Carle Vernet
portrait empress maria alexandrovna 1857 artist
'Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna', 1857. Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
young girl flowers 1843 artist camille joseph
'Young Girl with Flowers', 1843. Artist: Camille Joseph Etienne Roqueplan
departure market autumn morning 1859 artist
'Departure for the Market (Autumn Morning)', 1859. Artist: Constant Troyon
boating seine 1875 1876 artist ferdinand
'Boating on the Seine', 1875-1876. Artist: Ferdinand Heilbuth
duel masquerade 1857 artist jean leon gerome
'Duel after a Masquerade', 1857. Artist: Jean-Leon Gerome
odalisque 1880s artist ferdinand roybet
'Odalisque', 1880s. Artist: Ferdinand Roybet
general bonaparte military staff egypt 1863
'General Bonaparte with His Military Staff in Egypt', 1863
portrait actress jeanne samary 1878 artist
'Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary', 1878. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
young woman fan 1880 artist pierre auguste
'Young Woman with a Fan', 1880. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
lady black 1876 artist pierre auguste renoir
'Lady in Black', 1876. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
head woman c1876 artist pierre auguste renoir
'Head of a Woman', c1876. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
lute player c1595 artist michelangelo
'Lute-Player', c1595. Artist: Michelangelo Caravaggio
portrait man self portrait 1512 artist
'Portrait of a Man, (Self-portrait)', 1512. Artist: Domenico Capriolo
portrait poet alonso ercilla y zuniga c1576 c1578
'Portrait of the Poet de Alonso Ercilla y Zuniga', c1576-c1578. Artist: El Greco
portrait lady son mid 1530s artist paris
'Portrait of a Lady with her Son', mid-1530s. Artist: Paris Bordone
love scene 16th century artist giulio romano
'Love Scene', 16th century. Artist: Giulio Romano
madonna child 1490 artist bartolomeo vivarini
'Madonna and Child', 1490. Artist: Bartolomeo Vivarini
lapis lazuli gilt bronze vase ekaterinburg faceting
Lapis lazuli and gilt-bronze vase, Ekaterinburg faceting factory, Russia, 1845. Artist
madonna child mary magdalene st catherine saints
Detail from 'Madonna and Child with Mary Magdalene, St Catherine, and two Saints', 1504
descent cross 1634 artist rembrandt harmensz
'Descent from the Cross', 1634. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
vase ekaterinburg faceting factory russia 1808
Vase, Ekaterinburg faceting factory, Russia, 1808. Artist: Ekaterinburg faceting factory
smoker c1890 c1892 artist paul cezanne
'Smoker', c1890-c1892. Artist: Paul Cezanne
lute player 1624 artist gerrit van honthorst
'Lute Player', 1624. Artist: Gerrit van Honthorst
portrait woman c1518 artist correggio
'Portrait of a Woman', c1518. Artist: Correggio
napoleon bonaparte bridge arcole c1796 c1797
'Napoleon Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole', c1796-c1797
judith c1504 artist giorgione
'Judith', c1504. Artist: Giorgione
saints peter paul c1587 c1592 artist el greco
'Saints Peter and Paul', c1587-c1592. Artist: El Greco
lady garden 1867 artist claude monet
'Lady in the Garden', 1867. Artist: Claude Monet
poppy field 1887 artist claude monet
'Poppy Field', 1887. Artist: Claude Monet
entombment christ c1490 c1500 artist unknown
The Entombment of Christ, c1490-c1500. Artist: Unknown
child whip 1885 artist pierre auguste renoir
'Child with Whip', 1885. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
reception french ambassador venice 1726 1727
'Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice', 1726-1727. Artist: Canaletto
portrait philip iv spain c1656 c1660 artist
'Portrait of Philip IV of Spain', c1656-c1660. Artist: Diego Velasquez
medallion portrait roman emperor domitian 16th
Medallion with a portrait of the Roman Emperor Domitian, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait josephine 1801 artist francois pascal
'Portrait of Josephine', 1801. Artist: Francois Pascal Simon Gerard
portrait actress antonia zarate c1810 c1811
'Portrait of the Actress Antonia Zarate', c1810-c1811. Artist: Francisco Goya
haystack giverny 1886 artist claude monet
'Haystack at Giverny', 1886. Artist: Claude Monet
the return prodigal son c1665 c1669 artist
'The Return of the Prodigal Son', c1665-c1669
childhood christ c1620 artist gerrit van
'Childhood of Christ', c1620. Artist: Gerrit van Honthorst
danae c1554 artist titian
'Danae', c1554. Artist: Titian
portrait infanta catalina michaela austria
'Portrait of the Infanta Catalina Michaela of Austria', c1582-c1585. Artist
raphael loggias hermitage museum st petersburg
The Raphael Loggias, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia
bacchus ariadne 1664 artist ferdinand bol
'Bacchus and Ariadne', 1664. Artist: Ferdinand Bol
portrait old man red 17th century artist
'Portrait of an Old Man in Red', 17th century
floor mosaic pavilion hall state hermitage museum
Floor mosaic in the Pavilion Hall, State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia, 1847-1851
portrait possibly catherine great russia 18th
Portrait, possibly Catherine the Great of Russia, 18th century(?). Artist: Unknown
mikhail kutuzov russian soldier 1833 1834
Mikhail Kutuzov, Russian soldier, (1833-1834). Artist: Pyotr Basin
alexander suvorov russian general 1833 artist
Alexander Suvorov, Russian general, (1833). Artist: Nicolas-Sebastien Froste
statue interior taleon imperial hotel st petersburg
Statue, interior of the Taleon Imperial Hotel, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011. Artist
interior taleon imperial hotel st petersburg
Interior, Taleon Imperial Hotel, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011. Artist: Sheldon Marshall
entrance taleon imperial hotel st petersburg
Entrance of the Taleon Imperial Hotel, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011
peter paul fortress st petersburg russia 2011
Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011. Artist: Sheldon Marshall
quadriga general staff building palace square
Quadriga on the General Staff Building, Palace Square, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011
winter palace hermitage museum st petersburg
Winter Palace, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011. Artist: Sheldon Marshall
palace square st petersburg russia 2011 artist
Palace Square, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011. Artist: Sheldon Marshall


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