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16 Feb 2011

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steam concert 1844
Steam Concert, 1844
inferno 1861
Inferno, 1861
illustration book gargantua pantagruel rabelais
Illustration to the book Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais, 1854
paris commune 1 1871
Paris Commune (1), 1871
portrait novelist playwright henry fielding 1707 1754
Portrait of the novelist and playwright Henry Fielding (1707-1754), 1762
david garrick richard iii 1746
David Garrick as Richard III, 1746
bench 1758
The Bench, 1758
novgorod marketplace end 19th early 20th
Novgorod Marketplace', end of 19th - early 20th century
lovers c1750
Two Lovers, c1750
founding moscow kremlin 1156 1917
The Founding of the Moscow Kremlin, 1156', 1917
pieta tubadzin c1450
Pieta from Tubadzin', c1450
arrival charon 1857
Arrival of Charon, 1857
bonjour monsieur gauguin 1889
Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin, 1889
raid pogrom 1907
The Raid (Pogrom)', 1907
deluge 1866
The Deluge, 1866
portrait ludwig van beethoven composing missa
Portrait Ludwig van Beethoven when composing the Missa Solemnis', 1820
death stanislaw zolkiewski battle cecora 1620
Death of Stanislaw Zolkiewski in a Battle of Cecora 1620', 1877
return guards crimea july 1856
The Return of the Guards from the Crimea, July 1856
true cross kiy island 1670s
The True Cross from the Kiy Island, 1670s
reading letter c1750
Reading the Letter, c1750
girl way shinto shrine stormy night 18th century
Girl on Her Way to the Shinto Shrine on a Stormy Night, 18th century
series beauties tokaido 1830 1835
From the series The Beauties of Tokaido, 1830-1835
nihonbashi edo 1852
Nihonbashi in Edo, 1852
oiso station 1830 1835
Oiso Station, 1830-1835
contest beauties geisha eastern capital c1830
Contest of Beauties: A Geisha from the Eastern Capital, c1830
womens freedom dress 1840s
Women's Freedom of Dress, 1840s
instrumental vocal phenomenal concert 1844
Instrumental Vocal and Phenomenal Concert, 1844
revelations ballet 1840s
The revelations of Ballet, 1840s
new icarus 1840s
The New Icarus, 1840s
berlin shadowplay 1840s
The Berlin Shadowplay, 1840s
warrior kengoro
The Warrior Kengoro
shore sumida river
At the shore of the Sumida river
sunset ryogoku bridge bank sumida river onmayagashi
Sunset across the Ryogoku bridge from the bank of the Sumida River at Onmayagashi
ichikobu bridge 1858
Ichikobu Bridge, 1858
series views ryukyu islands mid 19th century
From the series Eight views of the Ryukyu Islands, mid 19th century
sparrows camellias snow 1830s
Sparrows and Camellias in the Snow, 1830s
lilies c1830
Lilies, c1830
snowscape sumida river c1832
Snowscape by the Sumida River, c1832
yatsuhashi mikawa province c1835
Yatsuhashi in Mikawa Province, c1835
sketch mitsui shop suruga edo 1830 1833
A sketch of the Mitsui shop in Suruga in Edo, 1830-1833
lake suwa shinano province 1830 1833
Lake Suwa in the Shinano province', 1830-1833
fuji mountains totomi 1830 1833
The Fuji from the mountains of Totomi, 1830-1833
tsukuda island musashi province 1830 1833
Tsukuda Island in Musashi Province, 1830-1833
shall destroy nationalist defile 1940
We shall destroy nationalist defile.., 1940
advocate who evidently fully convinced 1845
An advocate who is evidently fully convinced?, 1845
dear fainted admirably really lasting impression
My dear! You fainted... admirably. It really made a lasting impression!, 1838
main stair case palace justice 1848
Main Stair case of the Palace of Justice, 1848
colleagues 1845 1848
Under Colleagues, 1845-1848
lawyer chabotard reading legal journal eulogy himself
Lawyer Chabotard while reading in a legal journal a eulogy on himself, 1846
ratapoil staff long live emperor 1851
Ratapoil and his staff: Long live the Emperor!, 1851
dante alighieri 1265 1321 1860
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), 1860
doctors 19th century
The Doctors, 19th century
illustration book don quixote la mancha m cervantes
Illustration to the book Don Quixote de la Mancha by M. de Cervantes, 1863
jean la fontaine 1621 1695 19th century
Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695), 19th century
series beauties tokaido 1830 1835
From the series The Beauties of Tokaido, 1830-1835
illustration book don quixote la mancha m cervantes
Illustration to the book Don Quixote de la Mancha by M. de Cervantes, 1863