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11 Feb 2011

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peace negotiators 1873
Peace Negotiators', 1873
night watch detail 1642 artist rembrandt
The Night Watch (Detail), 1642. Artist: Rembrandt van Rhijn (1606-1669)
merchant georg gisze detail 1532 artist holbein
The Merchant Georg Gisze (Detail), 1532. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
merchant georg gisze 1532 artist holbein hans
The Merchant Georg Gisze, 1532. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
ambassadors detail 1533 artist holbein hans
The Ambassadors (Detail), 1533. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
count alexey grigoryevich orlov chesma 17371808
Count Alexey Grigoryevich Orlov of Chesma', (1737?1808), 1779
victory joshua amalekites 1625 1626
Victory of Joshua over the Amalekites', 1625-1626
turkish fleet bombed town feodosiya 1878 1878
The Turkish Fleet bombed the town of Feodosiya in 1878', 1878
religious feast
Before a religious feast'
self immolation hercules 1782
The Self-immolation of Hercules', 1782
eugene beauharnais 17811824 1815
Eugene de Beauharnais', (1781?1824), 1815
battle hemmingstedt 20th century
The Battle of Hemmingstedt', 20th century
composing bouquet 1880s
Composing a Bouquet', 1880s
portrait emperor alexander i 1777 1825 19th
Portrait of the Emperor Alexander I', (1777-1825), 19th century
portrait chancellor otto von bismarck uniform
Portrait of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in Uniform', (1815-1898), 19th century
crown prince maximilian riding hohenschwangau
The Crown Prince Maximilian riding in Hohenschwangau', 1838-1839
ruth boazs field 19th century
Ruth in Boaz's Field', 19th century
emperor maximilian receives venetian ambassadors
The Emperor Maximilian receives the Venetian Ambassadors in Verona', 1879
holy family john baptist
The Holy Family with John the Baptist'
old soldier black beret 17th century
An Old Soldier in a Black Beret', 17th century
allegory peace 17th century
Allegory of Peace', 17th century
husband deceived wine love 1765
A Husband Deceived (Wine and Love)', 1765
christ samaritan woman jacobs well
Christ and Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well'
rape europe 1621
The Rape of Europe', 1621
expulsion hagar 18th century
The Expulsion of Hagar', 18th century
card game 18th century
Card game', 18th century
diana actaeon 1743
Diana and Actaeon', 1743
parable wedding feast 1737
The Parable of the Wedding Feast', 1737
equestrian portrait empress maria theresia austria
Equestrian portrait of Empress Maria Theresia of Austria (1717-1780), 18th century
saint cunibert bishop cologne early16th century
Saint Cunibert, Bishop of Cologne', early16th century
pope saint cornelius early16th century
Pope Saint Cornelius', early16th century
annunciation 15th century
The Annunciation', 15th century
resurrection 15th century
The Resurrection', 15th century
holy kinship c1520
Holy Kinship', c1520
annunciation c1520
The Annunciation', c1520
adoration magi magi early 16th century
The Adoration of the Magi. Two Magi', early 16th century
incredulity saint thomas c1500
The Incredulity of Saint Thomas', c1500
allegory justice 16th century
Allegory of Justice', 16th century
judgment paris middle 16th century
The Judgment of Paris', middle of 16th century
saint giles king wamba royal hunt c1470 1480
Saint Giles and King Wamba at the royal hunt', c1470-1480
saint giles distributing property poor
Saint Giles distributing his property among the poor', c1470-1480
adoration magi c1440
The Adoration of the Magi', c1440
crucifixion donors 16th century
Crucifixion with Donors', 16th century
angel 1519
Angel', 1519
The Entombment'
agony garden
The Agony in the Garden'
portrait young girl 1584
Portrait of a young girl', 1584
peasants meal
The Peasant's Meal'
family portrait
Family Portrait'
christ 1530
Christ', 1530
merrymeeting 17th century
Merrymeeting', 17th century
enoch family 16th century
Enoch Family', 16th century
self portrait 17th century
Self-portrait, 17th century
healing blind man jericho
The Healing of Blind Man of Jericho'
portrait sculptor ivan p vitali 1794 1855
Portrait of the sculptor Ivan P. Vitali (1794-1855), 19th century
portrait henry frederick prince prussia margrave
Portrait of Henry Frederick, Prince in Prussia, Margrave of Brandenburg Schwedt (1771?1788)
lets berlin 1944
Let's go to Berlin!', 1944
red army soldier save us 1942
Red Army Soldier, Save Us!', 1942
motherland 1943
For Motherland!', 1943
people army invincible 1941
The people and the Army are invincible!', 1941
soviet political agitation poster 1943
Soviet political agitation poster, 1943
napoleon bonaparte moscow 1840
Napoleon Bonaparte in Moscow', 1840
victory day 1974
The Victory Day', 1974
sorcerer comes peasant wedding 1875
A Sorcerer comes to a peasant wedding', 1875
merchant georg gisze detail 1532 artist holbein
The Merchant Georg Gisze (Detail), 1532. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
ambassadors detail 1533 artist holbein hans
The Ambassadors (Detail), 1533. Artist: Holbein, Hans, the Younger (1497-1543)
portrait woman
Portrait of a Woman'
angel 1519
Angel', 1519
virgin child john baptist boy
Virgin and child with John the Baptist as a Boy'
virgin child
Virgin and Child'